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Project Entropia?

I played anarchy online and it was ok, kinda annoyed me with the combat system, just because it was a bit slow. lol

I was jsut wondering if Project entropia is worth the download?

can anyone give the good and bad points bout it.

Also i love to PVP, i almost just play to pvp :)


  • SnaKeySnaKey Member Posts: 3,386

    It's a RMT game. Real Money Transaction.

    It's a skill based game, but you're going to be spending about 300 hours gathering sweat from creatures before you finally get to do something else.

    Unless you buy credits.

    I'm not exaggerating on the 300hours either.
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  • Matrix3241Matrix3241 Member Posts: 2
    WoW that 300 hours is real off-puter

    and if you gotta use realy money ithink ill pass

  • LiddokunLiddokun Member UncommonPosts: 1,665
    It's not really a game it's more like some sort of scam or something... I mean.. think about it... you need to pay REAL money to do anything in this game... I don't know about you but I play games to have fun and relax, not work and sweat like a slave... I already do that in real life.
  • kaibigan34kaibigan34 Member Posts: 1,508
    Yah having to pay real money to play an MMO stinks. Any MMO that makes you pay real money to play it needs to be shut down..... Hang on I have to go to the store to buy a game time card with real money for CoX's monthly fee.....

    ....Ok back. You need about $40 to $60 to start playing without having to sweat mobs for 300 hours. Price of a standard MMO at release = $49.99. Standard MMO's first month's fee is $14.95. Around $65.

    Plus if your real smart you can get money back. They even have a card you can use at ATMs to get real money back that you made in game.

    I started playing by sweating. Have to admit that stinks. I finally gave up and dumped $50 USD into my game account. I now have around $300 USD sitting in there. I would have more but I do spend some of the money I make in game to keep playing.

    The only thing is you have to do is play smart. You cant go around paying 3 million PED for a hat that no one else has and doesnt do anything except make you look cool for all of 2 seconds.

    There are guys playing now who literally have thousands of US dollars on their characters.

    If you dont want to spend any money then dont play Entropia. But if you dont mind dropping $50-60 on it then you might find a good game. Most people drop $65+ on an MMO when it comes out. So I dont see the issue of doing it directly ingame to set yourself up.


  • Roman291Roman291 Member UncommonPosts: 100
    we'll that's a realifimage Im really not getting it now and i was thinking of it
  • TechleoTechleo Member Posts: 1,984
     Its not so bad realy. My friend plays Entropia and he just invests the standard monthly fee of 15 bucks into his account each month. The funny thing is he never spends all of his money in a money so little by little hes saving and making money. If you play it that way you have nothing to loose. In anycase I didnt like the controls one bit so I quite. I here the gui improved though.

  • AethiosAethios Member Posts: 1,527

    Originally posted by Techleo
    Its not so bad realy. My friend plays Entropia and he just invests the standard monthly fee of 15 bucks into his account each month. The funny thing is he never spends all of his money in a money so little by little hes saving and making money. If you play it that way you have nothing to loose. In anycase I didnt like the controls one bit so I quite. I here the gui improved though.

    I doubt it could have improved enough to make it worth playing.

    I downloaded and tried it, and it was absolute garbage. As one player said above, you have to gather sweat for like 300 hours to get anywhere, and that's not all. Every mob (that I could find) aggros immediately, and attacks you while you're trying to gather sweat, and you can't train combat until you get some money. It's one of those vicious circles that the game traps you in, until you either give them lots of money, or quit out of frustration.

    I chose the latter.

  • XpheyelXpheyel Member Posts: 704

    I'd just keep playing Anarchy Online. They just make money by exposing me to the same ads over and over and over again. Kind of like brainwashing but at least it has twinking and bashing stuff attached. So it's exactly like TV.

    Yeah AO's combat can get sandwich style fast. Hah, my Fixer went around soloing dynabosses but I might as well have not been watching between HOTs and waiting for my special to recycle. Play a hand-to-hand character with multiple speicals and it goes a bit faster.

    I don't really care to get into the whole item shop debate but I always though PE's way of going about it was a little too sneaky. At least when I looked at the game the free-ness of the client and subscription was loudly touted and the in game buying was underplayed. Look at the nice shiny hook attached to the free game!


  • SithosSithos Member UncommonPosts: 307
    I played PE for quite a long time. I invested 20 bucks per month. Basically there are 3 ways to "play" First is to hunt.You use various weapons (rifles,pistols,energy blades etc) to kill the local critters. As you use each type of weapon you get better at it. Your skills with the weapon will raise and you will hit more often and harder.

    This is money intensive. In order to kill the bigger badder monsters you need to buy or craft a better weapons. You also need to purchase ammo for it as you go.

    2nd way to play is to go the route of crafting. You make make various items and then sell them to make a profit. This also is money intensive as in order to craft you need various materials which you need to buy at auction or off other players.

    3rd way to play is going the mining route. You can mine minerals or matter. Both are used in crafting but to mine either you need a specific set of items in order to find and refine it. This can be relatively cheap at the start but will become quite a bit more expensive as you go.

    Also as you can se the mechanics of the game almost force you to take 2 of those routes. Want to craft? Then you better raise crafting and mining skills together, as mining gets you the needed materials to craft. Means you are paying double. Want to hunt? Well how are you going to afford that new weapon or armor? You can hunt and also mine as you go to make some extra cash. Again making you take 2 routes.

    Can you have fun in this game? Yes, you sure can. Can it be expensive? Yes, it sure can.

    As previous posters said, you cant do anything ingame without ingame cash. And in order to get that cash you need to put RL cash into it. Sweating is the only way right now of acquiring ingame money without having to put any cash ingame and it is a LONG LONG slow process.

    There are some who dump tons of cash into the game for enjoyment. Others squeeze out every penny they can. And there are a few who even make money from the game. I made usually 30-50+ a month after dumping in 20 bucks. Other have bought space stations ingame and are raking cash in hand over fist.

    Alot of this game is luck. You may craft an item worth a ton of cash. Or you may kill a monster who has lots of coins and items.  Long ago  I killed an Atrox (T-Rex looking monster ingame) and actually got a Shadow item which at the time was the best armor ingame and sold it for a TON. I didn't put any cash into the game for near a year just off that 1 drop. I was able to upgrade my weapons,buy a whole new set of armor and keep myself in ammo for that time. But by and large most folks I spoke with put 20-50 bucks in per month and just enjoyed themselves.

    The world is huge, taking 4+ hours to run across. I recommend this game for those who have a stable income and are looking for something different from your average MMO.

  • icepickiiiicepickiii Member Posts: 6
    On the topic of money ingame, I think of this game as like an individual business that you own.  In the beginning, not much to be made.  But over time, if you track costs, invest back into the assets first, be smart.  You might succeed.  Its a might, because even in real life, not all business succeed.  So yeah, people lose money.  Take it as lesson learned and move on.  Or take those lessons and try again.
  • AuktumaAuktuma Member Posts: 1

    Heya :)

    I'm dedicated crafter in this 'game' (new name --> Entropia Universe <== Project Entropia <-- old name). Crafting is most expensive form of activity. But also it is most profitable if you have gained enough experience over skills and knowledge on "how to", "when to", "where to" .... I'm playing this game ~ 4 years and I enjoy. Hard to catch fruits are sweetest, guys!

    You could have alot of fun not investing any penny. Visit your friends there, chat ppl, do organise some party with dances :P.  See how people are happy, mad, angry, sad.... Some1 lost 20$, some1 hit jackpot of 50k $ Adrenaline is arround. 

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