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When does Vanguard come out???

is there a set date???? please respond and thanks


  • baphametbaphamet Member RarePosts: 3,311

    Q1 2007 is as accurate as your going to get right now. ::::19::

  • achellisachellis Member Posts: 542
    yeah q1 2007

    im thinking jan or feb


  • WarspineWarspine Member Posts: 105
    When will Vanguard: Saga of Heroes be released?

    we have internal target dates for all of our milestones, including
    launching the game, it's far too early to announce or publicly commit
    to a release date at this time. We are, however, anticipating release
    sometime in Winter 2006/2007.

    Brad's Post


    Oh, and for those of you who enjoy debating release dates, we are no
    longer saying this Winter, but First Quarter 2007. Does that mean we're
    slipping? No, it's actually more specific (not that we're in a rush --
    we *would* delay if we needed to to make a great game, but so far, so
    good). So how is it more specific? I'm not saying

    Other interesting date's here and there are:
    Gamestop has it listed at 1/27/2007, but that most likely doesn't really mean anything.

    Quote: Funkey
    considering that the game has yet to go into Beta 4 (2 betas left), I
    very much doubt that we will see Vanguard released before the end of
    February. There's still a lot of work left to do.

    Hopefully this summens up the current thoughts on release date for a while.

  • achellisachellis Member Posts: 542
    Q1 07 is not that far away anyways


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