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Site Rating Suggestion

WarspineWarspine Member Posts: 105
Since we are talking about mmorpg's im realy missing some ratings.

Overall PVP rating

and maybe to go with it a pve rating aswell, but that's not as importent as it goes in to value content grafic and all the other stuff. But the PVP is a factor is accualy a rating of it's own.
I see mmorpg's as one game with many games in it.

You have the market / crafting / housing  part of the game
You have the PVE - Quest's, npc's and over all AI lifestyle kind of game
You have the PVP game that realy has nothing to do with pve.

If you look at the overall rating on PVE in dark age of camelot and everquest. Then you look at the same two games and the overall rating to the PVP. Well, i think you can draw youre own conclution

As a gamer i would like to know if it's a good pvp game, or a good pve game. Or both!!

Thank's for letting me put suggestions to the website! it's a great way for us all to evolve this place together.

/Daniel Sahlen

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