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Has about 25% chances to be still up next year if things stay the same

AnyandrellAnyandrell Member Posts: 12

When it first came in the mmorpg world, Thang was interesting. Mostly because it was one of the very few to have a close-to-3D graphic interface.

Now... the bugs that existed back in closed (and open) Beta are still there. They have been joined by hordes of other bugs and nothing has been done about them. Very small map, no quests, huge grinding feast. Only 3 races to choose and only ONE uncustomizable avatar for each race. Very low amount of skills. ATTENTION! It is NOT a free game. It's free-to-play with Item Mall and you CAN'T get too high if you don't buy the item mall stuff which is pretty expensive. That you can subsequently loose due to a bug or a hacker. But then, it's your time and your money after all.

Updates? Half of a new map that was put in more than a year after the game release... followed by the other half 5 months later. And the mobs in the new map being the same with the existing ones with changed coloring and stats. Drop rate unbelievably unbalanced (one would think if you get about 20+ pieces of armor to ONE item needed to upgrade that armor by ONE leve - max upgrading being 9).

The game SWARMS with hackers, macroers, has no hack shield, and the developers do nothing about implementing one. GM's totally ineffective at stopping abusive behaviour and hacking, you can find yourself banned out of the blue sky. Almost inexistent customer service, very poor knowledge of English - you can be sure they won't understand what you write to them and for sure you won't understand what they reply - unless it's a stereotype "this is Administration of Thang Global. Thank you for playing Thang Online. We will look into this matter".

They already had to close 3 out of 4 servers they had, and the lag issues that were bad before now are even worse. You can expect a game crash at least twice a week and maintenances announced for 2 hours to last at least 6 hours (with the game down of course).

I doubt it has more than 25% chances to be still out there next year if nothing changes. It COULD be a good game if it was bought by someone with enough brains and experience in this. Right now it's not more than a garage korean cookie-cutter-wannabe.

Where are we going and why am I in this basket?


  • fedor23fedor23 Member Posts: 17
    I played this game for a week, kind of good, but didn't find any quests? are there any quests or do you just kill people
  • AnyandrellAnyandrell Member Posts: 12
    Nope. No quests. There is something that they named "quest" in the beginning in Rian village, where you go and answer correctly some questions at an NPC. For about 500 dien. And then another serie of about 6 questions for 1500 dien more. That is all that it has as "quests". And of course, it says "fully 3D" but it's about as fully 3D as Maple Story.

    Where are we going and why am I in this basket?

  • confuzledconfuzled Member Posts: 6
    I played, bought money, got hacked (GMs told me who did it then wouldn't help me) and I quit

    darn was okay too...but when i get hacked out of 20m and GMs don't do anything about it, what am I supposed to do? Sue them?

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  • bubblegummanbubblegumman Member Posts: 6
    Originally posted by Anyandrell

    Nope. No quests. There is something that they named "quest" in the beginning in Rian village, where you go and answer correctly some questions at an NPC. For about 500 dien. And then another serie of about 6 questions for 1500 dien more. That is all that it has as "quests". And of course, it says "fully 3D" but it's about as fully 3D as Maple Story.
    Agreed, Thang Online is not one of the best games that I have played. In my opinion, RuneScape and Maple Story are better games than Thang Online.

    The "quest system" is terrible considering there are absolutely no quests whatsoever. You just go around killing stuff, and for what? So you can do the non-existent quests? Come on.

    Fully 3D, what were the developers thinking? There is no way this game could be 3D. Rotating the camera is hard, considering it only rotates about 15 degrees and then stops. There is no way to get a top view of your character either, the up and down arrows keys are for zooming in and out. But people could just use the middle button on their mouse for that.

    The questions are not that difficult either. They are the same over and over, and I was able to accomplish them as soon as I started the game. That is what made me actually try it (because I though I was rich with the 2000 Dien).

    If the developers could actually try to make it 3D, create an entirely new engine, make some quests, and fix the camera rotation, Thang Online would be a pretty cool game. Gamers everywhere would flock just to play it. I am not trying to discourage people to stop playing Thang Online, just pointing out some of the weaknesses and bugs that exist within it.

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  • 9dragonsfan9dragonsfan Member CommonPosts: 16

    i played thang for like 8 months i and my two brothers were very rich in the game :) and we played it that long time only because it was our first mmorpg^^

    i hate the GM team they dont understand when you try to explain anything and they can not speak english very well. they banned all our accounts lol i had best weapon set (together worth like 1.5 bilion dien) best armor set (worth like 700-800 milion dien) a supercombo (worth like 1,2 bilion dien) and a finest b mantle (worth like 600 milion dien) my avatar (kanhoa) was lvl 112 and i had alot of nice items like rian dot2 weapons tar (like 300-500 milion dien worth each) and alot of rare items like 10x piece of sun(worth 40 milion dien each) and piece of mona(forgot price ingame) and so on^^ if you know about the game you see i was very rich..... and they banned me>.< but haha i dont care because i tryed other games and i see thang is not the best but very easy to lvl and very easy to make money if you know how to do^^

    i can only laugh at the bann because it was because i found a glitch bug ^^ reported and got banned lol

    btw you can reach lvl 130+ with right equips in 5 days/24h playtime so you see with lvl 120 you can easy kill the highest monsters in the game if you dont stated wrong:D

    and now to topic :P they got a new developer and made some small updates like rotation around you character in 360° :D but still very small game lol
  • Jamer123Jamer123 Member Posts: 1

    yeah, Thang has a few problems, notably an apparent lack of caring by the GMs, the enormous numbers of hackers/macroers/glitchers etc. I guess most people who continue to play it do so just because they think of it as a 3d chat program. In any case, there are some really awesome fansites for the game. The best is probably this one it has a pretty decent list of some of the major mobs and contains some info about the game mechanics, but it also has a very comprehensive drop guide which is really useful to many players. Anyways, happy surfing

  • AdelanteAdelante Member Posts: 1

    Its been awhile since anyone has posted about thang, and I'd just like to say that it has gotten a lot better.  They had server problems but they are mostly fixed now, and the GMs are working much more efficiently than when they did in the past.  I would like to stick up for them because they get a ton of complaints and questions every day, so it is only normal that they have a few days lead time on answers.  And they don't just ban random people for random things-they do know what is going on even if those people deny it.  They make mistakes occasionally, but always try their best to fix the problem, and from my experience, they have been successful.  They get a bad reputation because in a few cases their judgement just aggravates the person responsible and they raise a big stink about it.

    It is a really good game in my opinion, and worth trying if you are a new player.  By the way, you CANNOT get to lv 120 in 5 days if you have never played before.  That is only if you have all the best equipment and the best weapons, as well as a lot of money to purchase things that increase the experience you gain and other things and stackable potions.

    In any case, I would really recommend this game to anyone who has not played it because one of the best parts is the people that play the game are all pretty nice.  Every game has a few bad eggs, but there are twice as many good people.

  • AnyandrellAnyandrell Member Posts: 12

    Sure. They fixed it. They fixed it so bad that now you get screwed only by accessing the website, not to talk about the game. And this time it's not about your in-game money, but your real-life stuff.

    Did you ever check the forums there?

    Where are we going and why am I in this basket?

  • skullquakerskullquaker Member UncommonPosts: 311

    i thought this game went down pans years ago  i  played this for months when first came out then just went on one day and gave away all my stuff and money   never logged back in since . i had a lot fun cant remember why i just stoped playing

  • AnyandrellAnyandrell Member Posts: 12

    I hope the new management will be able to keep it up. It was a nice little game until the GM's screwed it up.

    Where are we going and why am I in this basket?

  • AnyandrellAnyandrell Member Posts: 12

    .... and it's the same mess as before. Servers are unstable, item spawners, dien dupers, ghosters, speed-hackers, macroers. They cannot patch the security of the game.  You lose items/experience when servers crash. When something happens their only solution is to roll back and you again lose items and experience/levels. You are not compensated for that. Even if you bougth the in-game currency with real $$ and you lose things and money, you are not compensated.

    It's just a revival of the fat cash cow that Thang was the first time around.  I dont' see it hanging around for  too long this time either, even less that the first one was. Maybe a few months. Maybe.

    Beware. Don't waste your time and money with it. Better play something else.

    Where are we going and why am I in this basket?

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