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new 'mini patch'?

anti!imac010anti!imac010 Member Posts: 80

...So I started to play RF Online today and it seems there is a new patch? So what is this new patch? What did it do different? I was like 'ooo! New patch! I wonder if they have changed anything good at all?' ($$$, items, XP, whatever. Etc.)

So I go into the game I looked around, did a quest,kill some badies, and I did not see anything that was different? Or maybe it was one of thoes 'quick fixes'? Can someone let me know what they did in the patch? Becasue I don't see anything...

Also, I see alot of bullcrap going around about this game so far on these fourms and it doesn't help much when people argue about it. What i'm looking for is an honest opinion aboout how it is going. Good/bad? What is a great plus for the 'noobs' that what to play this game or what is a downside and/or upside to this game that experenced RFO gamers can give me? Basicially i'm just looking for someone to tell me how the game is going so far with a good answer rather than the Fanboi flaming crap that ends up on parts of these fourms.


You might me a MMORPG Fanboi if...
-You shovel over all you wasted $15 a month to SOE and gave in to there evil empire image

Games in peril: MXO (it's not Walrus's fault you guys! whan! image) and RFO.

awww, shut up and go play a free MMORPG.     

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