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Gonna Play it when it comes out?

BrotheryangBrotheryang Member UncommonPosts: 174

well ....


  • qwepoiqwepoi Member Posts: 106

    yeah i'll atleast give it a shot.

    who knows, maybe it will live upto all the hype image


  • ZorvanZorvan Member CommonPosts: 8,912


  • MrbloodworthMrbloodworth Member Posts: 5,615
    Yes, becouse i have a all acesses pass with sony.

    There are alot of things i look foward to in vanguard, but there are quite a few things that i feel will not be very enjoyable.

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  • spiritglowspiritglow Member Posts: 171
    Yeah I'll give it a shot but in all likely hood it will probably be years before I play the game in earnest if ever. Eventually they'll have to introduce faster travel and less time sinks and faster solo exp as the game matures. Of course the hardcores will complain that the game has been ruined. : ) I still remember that ole gnoll refrain "You've ruined your lands you'll not ruins ours!"

    No matter what Brad says about casuals being welcomed I think I'll pity those who try to solo and think they can keep up with groups. The solo exp will probably suck huge.


  • DurienDurien Member Posts: 2
    I will definantly be trying Vanguard.  Hopefully it lives up to the hype.

  • Originally posted by Durien
    I will definantly be trying Vanguard.  Hopefully it lives up to the hype.

    Which hype?  That its casual friendly or that it is hardcore?
  • BalisidarBalisidar Member Posts: 164

    I'll be playing if and when theres a free trial which does'nt involve just staying in one place and not experiencing the world (aka Everquest 2:The Trial of the Isle).

    After that..who knows. Impress me, Sigil. I'm waiting.


    Never be afraid of choices. More choices are always good things.

  • ShatterShatter Member Posts: 172

    I have high hopes for this game. So it's a yes..

    Shatter Soulich

  • BrotheryangBrotheryang Member UncommonPosts: 174
    well im glad some people are going to play it. then i wont be alone

  • of course!


  • twilight84twilight84 Member Posts: 9
    Yea definately gonna play it, in fact im pre-ordering it! Been looking forward to this game for years now, and I must say Im very pleased with how things are going and the way the game looks, 5 stars for Vanguard.
  • EliasThorneEliasThorne Member UncommonPosts: 338
    I'm at about 80% likely to get it, but if theres a trial or if I'm lucky enough to land a beta pass I'll definitely give it a shot.

    The thing is theres so much contrasting information (whether some if its is simply lies or Brad bashers mixing things up I have no idea).

    I guess it comes down to if I get a play for free - even for just a couple of weeks - then I can make a real decision.

    And no I won't just buy it and take it back if its no good - that in my opinion is one of the most annoying things that a thoughtless MMO player can do to another as you use the key with the box, get the free month, decide after two days you don't like it, take it back, the next player comes along and has to fight with customer services for ages just to play the game they bought!

    Bloody annoying - DONT DO IT PEOPLE!!!

    Anyway I digress!

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