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  • Crytek Filing Lawsuit Against CIG

    Phry said:
    Cryteks response by the same token didn't address most of the reasons why the case should be dismissed either, so without that 'document' the existence of which is entirely questionable, its hard to see how dismissing the case out of hand is not the most likely outcome, the judge after all isn't interested in what might be, but what is, and given facts presented so far, i don't really fancy Cryteks chances, Crytek is fast becoming a laughing stock tbh that hole they are in is only getting deeper. ;)
    This case isn't some dinky forum war.  Crytek is under no obligation whatsoever to pander to the forum peanut gallery. The qualifications for a legal case to be dismissed are much higher and harder to get than the qualifications for a case to go to court.

    This isn't even Round One of the battle. This is just the determination of whether or not there will be a battle, and it does not take that much for THAT.  As stated by Bacon, the case already meets the qualifications to go to Court.  There is no reason for Crytek to further respond to reasons why the case should be dismissed when the case already should not be dismissed.
  • Crytek Filing Lawsuit Against CIG

    They made Crysis 1 - 3 ....  so for me i hope they win the case =) .... and Lumberengine from Amazon WAS or still IS "The CryEngine".... even if you marry it with Twitch ... How you all think could they switch the project as fast as day one ?!?!? 
    Winner Winner Chickendinner ;) 
  • Darwin Project Hosting an Open Beta Weekend - Whatcha Waitin' For? - News

    Seriously?  Sounds like a stupid premise and it is hard to imagine people wasting money on such a game.  If I was going to make a survival game I can think of thousands of ways to make something much better than this garbage.
  • Camelot Unchained - EXCLUSIVE - Mark Jacobs on the Road Ahead for Camelot Unchained -

    If Mark Jacobs couldn't even figure out a reasonable place to found the studio and come up with an even remotely accurate timeline for the game's development, what makes you guys think he'll get anything else right?
  • Camelot Unchained - EXCLUSIVE - Mark Jacobs on the Road Ahead for Camelot Unchained -

    Who cares? The game doesn't look like it has anything that will keep me interested. Its not really innovative at all.
  • Free Trial Period Begins & Will Run Through January 24th - DarkFall: New Dawn -

    You have to EARN respect by proving this site has some integrity ,both when making threads on games and in giving review scores.I have not seen a very much integrity shown at all and looks even worse over at the sister site.

    Then to make a sort of snarky comment like "then why are you here",yeah that is just bad.You see that would be making the ASSUMPTION one is here JUST to read these articles.Just maybe perhaps they are here in HOPES of seeing a good article or in HOPES or reading what other users have to say?
    That does NOT mean they are here for EVERY single article nor do users have to accept EVERY article as being legit.

    Does this game deserve to be mentioned,i cannot see why not,did this site actually check out the game to see if warranted?Why did i just mention that?Well this site has shown since forever that is doesn't want the forums bogged down with rubbish or repeated threads,so in essence wanting users to show some integrity.Funny how that works huh,asking for more respect from users than what is given back,,yeah that doesn't look so good.

    So next time,don't make assumptions someone is here just for YOU or your articles,there can be other reasons that don't require being snarky back.However yes i "get it"someone here felt they were being disrespected so need to bark back,but then look at this sites trends and understand as well.
  • Darwin Project Hosting an Open Beta Weekend - Whatcha Waitin' For? - News

    "positive reviews" ??From who,this is the first time the public "who actually matter"have tried the game.

    Biased opinions don't count.
    Pretty much ALWAYS,if a game is good or looks good on paper,it gets around and i have NEVER heard of this game anywhere.So the only way this gets around is via biased advertising.
    So i set out to Seam to find out what this game is about.

    Can you say BANDWAGON,yet another battle Royale and in a genre that has already taken foothold in PubG and Fortnite and still some hanging around h1Z1,there is no room left for a sub par offering.

    This and all the other Battle Royale games are CHEAP offerings,one may like that type of gaming,seems many do,it is still a very cheapo low end game,something i don't care about because it takes very little effort to make games like this.

  • Trion Announces End of Service on March 5th - Devilian -

    Sorry for all those people who bought those $100+ founder packs for this game.

    What's the next game of theirs to go?

    If I was still playing any Trion games I'd think twice about spending money on on any of em, especially Atlas Reactor or Rift and maybe even Defiance. I think AA and Trove would probably be the last holdouts cause they have the most profitable p2w.
  • Trion Announces End of Service on March 5th - Devilian -

    I assembled a devilian esports team recently and we were going to compete in speed runs with other teams around the world, what now?
  • Trion Announces End of Service on March 5th - Devilian -

    I actually really liked this game when it first hit, but boy it didn't take long to go south.  The population decline was quicker than I had ever seen it before.  It was a fun enough game at its core, but with Trion responsible for it.....yuck.

    I liked the mobile game too, but that one is shutting down as well.  I think Gamevil had it, don't remember.