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  • Crytek Filing Lawsuit Against CIG

    Guys, look at the name, the avatar...
    MadFrenchie is obviously fugly-hat law dude from youtube!!!
    If I were a lawyer, the last thing I would be spending my time doing is reviewing case files I'm not getting paid to review! ;)
    Well, as he thanks one of his donators for a gift of 1000 $, its seems this is also a business model, although an unusual one.

    Have fun
  • Get a Good Look at the Assassin's Powers and Effects - Crowfall Videos -

    Kyleran said:
    Some of you guys are absolute nutmegs with how you switch on/off your disgust with mainstays/tropes in the genre. Y'all are some unstable mf'ers. XD
    Naw, they are just really bored of playing the same classes for 20 years now...
    I'm cool with the general archetype, it's an RPG standard.  But at least show us something unique to their rogue.  Admittedly, the reveal doesn't go into a whole lotta depth, but instead, a whole lotta flavor text to hype the class up.  That's not really an excuse for not having a single thing that seems even somewhat unique so far (again, unless they expound on the magician phrase, but I think the staff here added that, because I didn't see the phrase on the class page).

    EDIT- compare and contrast Crowfall here to CU's class lineup.  It's like night and day in creativity.
    Considering that they didn't expand on the fantasy aspect/definition of magician at all for the assassin after mentioning it, odds are pretty good they meant the real life version of the magician.

    Magician: one who performs tricks of illusion and sleight of hand

    Which is pretty much what this assassin is doing.

    Still... you don't see someone use "Magician" with the real life definition of professional magicians in a fantasy setting very often.  With good reason (after all, real life magicians are rather mundane compared to fantasy wizards for obvious reasons).
  • Crytek Filing Lawsuit Against CIG

    Phry said:
    Cryteks response by the same token didn't address most of the reasons why the case should be dismissed either, so without that 'document' the existence of which is entirely questionable, its hard to see how dismissing the case out of hand is not the most likely outcome, the judge after all isn't interested in what might be, but what is, and given facts presented so far, i don't really fancy Cryteks chances, Crytek is fast becoming a laughing stock tbh that hole they are in is only getting deeper. ;)
    This case isn't some dinky forum war.  Crytek is under no obligation whatsoever to pander to the forum peanut gallery. The qualifications for a legal case to be dismissed are much higher and harder to get than the qualifications for a case to go to court.

    This isn't even Round One of the battle. This is just the determination of whether or not there will be a battle, and it does not take that much for THAT.  As stated by Bacon, the case already meets the qualifications to go to Court.  There is no reason for Crytek to further respond to reasons why the case should be dismissed when the case already should not be dismissed.
  • Darwin Project Hosting an Open Beta Weekend - Whatcha Waitin' For? - News

    Wizardry said:

    "positive reviews" ??From who,this is the first time the public "who actually matter"have tried the game.

    Biased opinions don't count.
    Pretty much ALWAYS,if a game is good or looks good on paper,it gets around and i have NEVER heard of this game anywhere.So the only way this gets around is via biased advertising.
    So i set out to Seam to find out what this game is about.

    Can you say BANDWAGON,yet another battle Royale and in a genre that has already taken foothold in PubG and Fortnite and still some hanging around h1Z1,there is no room left for a sub par offering.

    This and all the other Battle Royale games are CHEAP offerings,one may like that type of gaming,seems many do,it is still a very cheapo low end game,something i don't care about because it takes very little effort to make games like this.

    I played this game for 5 hours yesterday, and I had an absolute blast. It's only 10 people and nothing really like pubg or fortnite.
  • Crytek Filing Lawsuit Against CIG

    Guys, look at the name, the avatar...
    MadFrenchie is obviously fugly-hat law dude from youtube!!!
    If I were a lawyer, the last thing I would be spending my time doing is reviewing case files I'm not getting paid to review! ;)
    Doesn't he have a patreon or something so that people can tip him dough in exchange for his reassuring words though? I think that's his bizness model.
  • Kickstarter keeps being a poor fit for mmorpg development

    AAAMEOW said:
    Go through the game list to see how many mmorpg have been made.  With so many mmorpg on life support, no wonder no investor want to put money into it.

    And look at the mobile game market.  Games are making million in a day.  That is the reality we are living in.  Why would company spend so much making mmorpg when cheaper and smaller budget games make more money.

    Mobile games costing less money is a MYTH that needs to die - because you are ignoring how much money it takes for a mobile game to be *noticed* when 1000 mobile games are made every week.

    If mobile games were this "surefire key to making mad cash" - no other games would be made period.

    Here's the real truth - mobile market is the most saturated video game market in existence - a successful mobile game costs more than $80-$100 million when you INCLUDE the marketing cost which is necessary for a mobile game to succeed.

    So please - please don't perpetuate this "cheap mobile game" myth, it's just not anywhere near reality - yes they are cheaper to MAKE but to SELL big and make million a day - that takes the same marketing budget that any AAA title needs.

  • Kickstarter keeps being a poor fit for mmorpg development

    Kyleran said:
    Way back when KSer first took off I said a fully featured could not be made for the small amouns devs were asking for, even with MJs promise of additional funds bringing the total to $5 or 6M I was doutful,  only buying in as he promised a scaled back, PVP only game which would make it all possible. 

    I said back then there is no way I could see a MMORPG worth a damn being made for less than $10 to 20M, and some people told me I was wrong.

    Which I was, turns out the figure is more like $20 to 30M, seeing recent investment events with CU, Crowfall, Ashes, SotA and some others previously. (Star Citizen people?)

    So when Caspian says he'll press forward without investors and build "the most amazing game ever" on what he's raising through KSer and continuing crowd funding alone,  all I can do is laugh and say, not unless he plans to start selling spaceships. 


    Pretty much. BDO's one of the lower budget big titles, and it cost around $11M according to this interview

    "In fact, the development cost for BDO wasn’t that high. We had as many skilled personnel as we could get, and I personally put much dedication into it. It was around 11 million dollars. We modified the whole process in order to save some costs. The process was completely different from that of R2 or C9. We discussed many times internally, and we had to make an instant decision from time to time."
    According to Glass Door,  a Daum /Kakao software engineer makes 53M SKW annually which converts to $50K US.  Also according to Glass Door the average gaming software engineer (based on 265K entries) is $104K.

    So that $11M mentioned is roughly $23M or so if made in the US so my estimates are correct. 

    Also, BDO has cut some corners in making their game, such as not much spent on dungeon or high end raiding content, so I still think $30M is a reasonable guestimate to make a full featured MMORPG stateside.

    It can certainly cost much more of course, see Star Citizen.


    Also, I believe Daum was operating at a much higher efficiency than a indie dev just getting started. 

    An "assumption" I make when factoring in the "cost" of new hiring in terms of efficiency is to value them at a (-20%) efficiency rate as they drag down the productivity of whoever trains them.  I increase it to (-10%) the 2nd month, zero the third and somewhere between the 6th and 9th month post hire rate them at 100% depending on how good they are.

    Contracting firms hate me as they tell my management their employees (who are often a year or two out of school) are at 100% in 2 or 3 weeks.

    Ha! I've yet to be proven wrong....unfortunately I've learned senior management hates it when they are proven to I can't gloat about it.

  • Crytek Filing Lawsuit Against CIG

    MaxBacon said:
    It can't be dismissed if there are questions to be answered, the fact CIG didn't address 2 of the complaints on the motion already sets that standard.
    Thank you for that clarification.

    Have fun
  • GameSpace: WH40K: Inquisitor - Martyr Massive Update

    Got it, played it a while back. Then it was very clunky and needed a top notch computer. Hope it has improved, the potential is massive. Will be downloading again soonish.

  • Trion Announces End of Service on March 5th - Devilian -

    thunderC said:
    This Devillion game was the worst piece of &%^%$ i have ever had the misfortune of playing. You guys think anyone will ever get the mmo ARPG right? Im a big fan of the genre . I tried Path of Exile but got turned off by the art/animation style of the game, just felt very blocky and rough around the edges. Maybe i should give it another shot

    PoE  - it's about the theorycrafting on different class builds and gear. 

    I am still not a fan of PoE's combat and very strange camera angle - but can't deny the appeal of the skill and gear system, just everything else is a turnoff sadly. The combat is pretty flat as well and animations - yeah not stellar by any means.

    Still you should give it a go if you like deep character builds