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  • Lotro adding raid gear into loot boxes (BETA)

    Is there even a raiding community left in LotRO?
  • Microtransactions is working

    SEANMCAD said:
    Your bad english aside, microtransactions are working for the developers

    I would argue they are not working for the players themselves. I'm also surprised to see you supporting microtransactions. 
  • Oh look death threats these are the people you guys defend?

    Iselin said:
    Iselin said:
    SBFord said:
    Interesting that this whole kerfuffle about death threats may be a hoax?
    Nice find! Quote form the article:

    I’ve become convinced that he does not actually work for EA. In fact, since I sent him several messages yesterday and this morning, he has changed his Twitter profile to remove all mentions of EA.

    So in fact just someone acting as an agent provocateur in an attempt to discredit those who are complaining.

    Hmm... that tactic sounds oddly familiar :)

    So people making death threats to a person who they thought was an EA  employee is ok if that person turns out to not be an employee of EA?  Hey you justify it anyway you want I guess.  

    Talk about a desperate tactic.  
    Do you think it might be possible that if he lied about where he works he might also have lied about receiving death threats? Maybe?
    It's very possible but it's just as possible people thought he worked at EA and sent those threats.  Which you obviously don't seem to have an issue with. 
    I just want to quickly point out that at this point there is no evidence that the guy has received death threats (though I imagine now he's been exposed as a fraud, he will probably start receiving them...). 

    Also, the way I read his tweet originally was that he had received those death threats through his work (i.e. people emailing his work email address, or sending him mail at work). I never once thought he had received those threats via twitter. 

    This seems to be backed up by the fact that at the point he made his tweet about being threatened, he only had 5k followers. You'd have to be a pretty vile person in order to convert 5,000 people into 7 death threats and 1500 abusive messages! I doubt that even Donald Trump has that sort of conversion rate!

    On the subject of death threats and abuse in general.....meh. Death threats are stupid and I do not condone them. If you really, really want to kill someone, just do it, don't threaten them. If you don't actually want to kill someone, don't threaten them. (for clarity, I am not condoning murder, I'm simply saying that death threats are pointless)

    On the abuse front.....the word gets overused. Actual abuse, yeh, thats wrong, but simply calling someone an idiot does not constitute abuse in my mind. For example, throughout this thread your arguments have been pulled apart and shown to be false by numerous posters, yet you've stuck to your corner. That means you are either trolling, you're too stubborn to admit when you are wrong or you are not intelligent enough to comprehend the subject matter. 

    Now, if you are trolling or simply being stubborn, you deserve a bit of "mild abuse" - you should expect people to call you out on your bullshit. If you are simply not intelligent enough then that is totally out of your control and thus would contribute abuse. The fact that you are using complete sentences, straw man arguments, references etc tells me you are capable of understanding the subject at hand, thus the only conclusion is you're either trolling or being stubborn. 

  • Star Wars: Battlefront II Review – This is the Star Wars Game You’ve Been Looking For - Not So MMO -

    I'm a big fan of Star Wars but I refuse to buy games from Electronic Arts in general as they are always a disappointment. With the lootbox / mt drama, there is even less chance with this game. 

    I also get curious about reviews like this. This was a very glowing review of the game, yet the majority of reviews I've read have basically called it mediocre rubbish. Whilst EA have given us a campaign this time and fleshed out some other bits, the core gameplay still seems to be over simplified and dull. The card mechanics introduced power gaps to a pvp game which is retarded. Levels that include heroes also seem to be shit as heroes are so imbalanced. I've also read on many sites that the levels themselves are crap - each seems to funnel everyone into one or two key areas, resulting in endless random killing as everyone just spams grenades and blind fires. 

    What confuses me even more is the review scores this game is getting. I played the last Battlefront on my brother's xbone. It was pretty mediocre. Sure, the maps look great and the graphics are pretty awesome, but the actual gameplay was dull and repetitive. It wasn't even as good as the original. 

    I can understand making the game for nostalgia's sake, but when you ignore a decade's worth of improvments to the FPS genre, it should not be getting high review scores. 
  • Thoughts on the prospects of the survival genre

    Sovrath said:

    You have to differentiate between content-driven games and sandboxes. 

    In a content driven game, I would guess most single player games become boring in under 100 hours. Games like Skyrim, Final Fantasy 7, Grid Autosport or whatever else, you can complete 95% of the content within 50 hours of average gameplay. After that, you're either hunting down rare achievements / bosses or repeating content, both of which the majority of gamers find boring. 

    hmm, skyrim doesn't fall into that category, it is for some (myself included) a sandbox game. At least one can "live a life" in it.

    If you are talking about hunting down rare achievements/bosses then you are only playing it as a "game".

     A guy came to the forums years ago and couldn't understand why people were playing 100 hours as "you could beat the game in 5 hours".

    I have well into 1500 hours and I know Geezer Gamer has well above 2000 hours.

    I suspect that replay-ability might more up to the person playing for some of these games.

    But then now we are arguing what a sandbox is as i do agree that a "sandbox" allows for a greater amount of time in game over, say, "Dishonored".

    On the weekend I played a bit of the Morrowind Expansion for Elder Scrolls Online. After a few quests I was "done". Then, I got the bug to reinstall the single player game and played for hours exploring, at one point I was in pitch dark trying to figure out how to get out of a sunken boat while drowning.

    Was a great gaming session.

    As I said, "replay-ability" might be more up to the players with some of these games.

    I should add that survival games are "sandbox game" as you are allowed to build what you need to survive/live in the world.

    Skyrim is an interesting one and is great for debating sandbox vs themepark. 

    I would personally call it a themepark. Assuming you are running an unmodded version of the game, it doesn't really give you the tools to create content. You can choose the order in which you do quests, or visit caves, but once there you are still just along for the ride. It may be a non-linear themepark because you can choose which rides you want to do, but you are still just picking rides and going on them. 

    For myself, I've probably put in ~250 hours into Skyrim, but that covers about 10 different playthroughs. It doesn't take long at all to work through all the main content - guilds, main story, imperial vs nords etc - so after that you're just left with hunting down side quests and exploring all the map. None of that is sandbox content. You also quite quickly discover that exploring caves is a complete waste of time due to lack of variation and crap loot. 

    Finally, remember we're talking about averages here. With any game in existence, you can fall in love with it and rack up 1000s of hours replaying it and skyrim is no different. But, the average gamer will be done with it in 50 hours or so, as 50 hours is more than enough to complete all main content, most side content, buy all houses, max out most of your skills and get gear that trivialises all content. After that, all you're left with is hunting down remaining side quests, exploring the odd cave and maybe grinding out your remaining skill trees. Hardly compelling content, which is why most people move on or start again with a different character focus.