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  • Gear Dependency Vs. Player Skill (Poll)

    Golelorn said:
    I think there is a reason why CoD/Battlefield and games like that blow MMO PvP out of the water. One depends on skill, the other depends on gear.
    Both are highly dependant on skill, it is just that gear can unbalance PvP more in MMORPGs than it does in shooters. 

    There are a ton of other reasons that FPS PvP is more popular, including:
    • Accessibility - might take hours / days / months before you can start participating in MMO PvP. With a shooter, you're just a couple of loading screens away. 
    • Learning Curve - it might take you a few minutes to learn how to aim, shooter, take cover, switch weapons....but thats it. After that, it's all about practice (to gain muscle memory) and psychology (predicting opponent behaviour). 
    • Balance - most shooters are primarily horizontal progression, so overall balance is maintained (as much as possible). In addition, shooter PvP is almost always instanced with equal sized teams. 
    • Newbie friendly - anybody can launch a shooter, join a game, chuck a grenade and get kills. No matter how shit you are, you can still get kills and get that positive feedback from the game. That doesn't happen in MMO PvP. If you're shit, it's almost permanent death with minimal / no kills. 

    All these things can be solved in MMOs (well, maybe not the learning curve. We can do it, but the result would be very simplistic combat systems, just like shooters). 
  • As a solo only player...MMOs should be a social only genre

    The problem is they aren't making enough money, and haven't been making enough money for a long time, so the studios aren't happy. This is why most studios have either resorted to unethical monetisation schemes or are leaving the genre for easier targets. 
    Says who? Who are they? Do you have financials to show that "they" (whoever they are) are not making enough money?

    Clearly not every single game has the same financial success. So what games are you talking about?

    Given the many MMOs (choose your definition, but if you want, we can certainly discuss what belongs to the list) are still running, they are making enough, right? Isn't that the definition of "enough"?
    Turbine, Bioware and Zenimax all posted financials in the past showing their games weren't making enough money to keep them afloat. You can search out the statements if you can be bothered. It is why all three changed their monetisation strategy and is why both Turbine and Bioware reduced the amount of content they were producing. 

    I didn't follow any other games closely enough to bother with financial statements and the like, but looking at the pattern of F2P games and content releases, it is a fair guess that almost all MMOs suffer the same fate. 
  • Is Destiny 2 an MMO:Poll

    Its MASSIVE......
    Its MULTIPLAYER........
    Its ONLINE........

    All words that describe something.....what is that something?
    Destiny 2 is indeed a massive multiplayer online game. 

    Destiny 2 is not a massively multiplayer online game. 

    Those two extra letters make a big difference. 
  • Is Destiny 2 an MMO:Poll

    Kane72 said:
    The thing is, does I really matter?  You are either going to play the game for what it is or you are not.  Hopefully no-one buys a game without doing their homework, so does it make any difference whether you think it is an MMO or not, only that you enjoy it (like I do on the PS4) or you do not.
    This is a common argument - does it really matter?

    The short answer is that for most people, no, it doesn't make a damn bit of difference. Most people have never played an actual MMO. Those that have played an actual MMO probably haven't participated in anything massively multiplayer. Chances are, the actual MMO they played didn't even have many/any massively multiplayer features. 

    So, for most people, they couldn't give a shit - the features in the game are all they care about, it makes no difference to then whether they're solo, instanced in small groups, or part of a proper server with a community. For most people, their gameplay experience is barely going to change based on the number of people around them. 

    However, for those of us who do want actual MMOs, of course it matters. I haven't found an MMO worth playing for the last four years. The old ones I used to like are either dead, dying, or have been nerfed into oblivion. The new ones are too easy and dumbed down right out of the gate. 

    So, I spend a lot of time looking for a new MMO to play. I read this site and MOP every day, hoping for new information on upcoming MMOs or existing MMOs to see whether anything is worth playing. 

    When these sites mis-label a game as an MMO when it really isn't (like destiny), it directly wastes my time. Sometimes, it's pretty obvious so you only waste 5 minutes on an article before realising it's not an MMO. Other times, it might be months of reading previews / new articles before it becomes clear its not an MMO. 

    I don't like having my time wasted. I especially don't like having my time wasted deliberately in order to generate money for someone else (which is the reason and mislabel games). 

  • ...A party of five (Prizes included!!)

    Awesome work everyone, and thanks @ConstantineMerus for both starting the thread and for actually following through on drunken promises!