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  • The 10 Greatest MMORPGs of All Time - 2017 Edition - The List -

    I'm relatively happy with the list. 

    The only one I would remove is ESO, and I'd replace it with LotRO. 

    Whilst ESO is a good enough game, what has it really given us? The gameplay is nothing innovative. Action combat had already arrived from other games and is done better elsewhere. The content is pretty standard, just your usual quest grind and small scale group content. 

    ESO's main contribution and shining achievement is really it's monetisation strategy. It proves that if you are honest and set fair prices, most people are happy to hand over cash for it and this has really worked well for ESO. 

    LotRO, on the other hand, has given us loads. Whilst it is often written off as a WoW clone, I would argue it is the best WoW clone and has continued to innovate over the last decade. In it's vanilla form, it was just a really well built game. Deep combat, loads of group content, some pretty awesome quests / storylines, truly open world. But, it has given us so much more. 
    • Awesome cosmetic system
    • An entire faction just for pvp
    • Horizontal progression at endgame
    • Skirmishes (fully scalable instances to both level and group size)
    • Mounted Combat
    • Legendary Weapons
    • Big Battles (as an alternative to raids)
    • Music system
    • Free 2 Play
    Not all of these have been a success, but LotRO continues to experiment and release content despite it's age and it's community remains one of the best in the genre. 
  • Is Destiny 2 an MMO:Poll

    I have plenty of games to play and I'm not fussy on the age of the game either, so I have decades worth of AAA to play through. Currently going through FF9 again, before that I went through GTA5 again, before that Mad Max. I don't struggle to find games to play. 

    However, I struggle to find MMOs worth playing. I don't like shooters as a general rule and I didn't like the Halo games, so Bungie were always going to struggle to attract me to Destiny and Destiny 2. 

    You just said "I have decades worth of AAA to play through". So why even bother to struggle finding a good game in a niche genre like MMO?

    Just enjoy the decades worth of AAA (despite you do not like Destiny, which of course is your right and i totally respect that), and if a good (to you) MMO comes along, enjoy. If not, i doubt you need to even bother to notice.

    MMORPGs are my favourite genre of games. No other genre I have ever played has come close to the enjoyment I experienced in both SWG and LotRO. So, whilst I can still get enjoyment from single player games and I still game 2 or 3 nights a week, that enjoyment never reaches the heights experienced playing MMORPGs. 

    Imagine you are a massive fan of burgers - they are your favourite food and you eat them all the time. There is a restaurant in your town that does the best burger you have ever tasted in your life. Then the restaurant shuts down. So do all the others. For years, your only choice of burger is McDonalds and Burger King. They're still tasty and enjoyable, but you know that it could be so much better. 

    That is what my gaming life feels like - its still enjoyable, but I know the industry has the potential for far greater things than it is currently producing and I would like to see it reach that potential. 
  • Is Destiny 2 an MMO:Poll

    Its MASSIVE......
    Its MULTIPLAYER........
    Its ONLINE........

    All words that describe something.....what is that something?
    Destiny 2 is indeed a massive multiplayer online game. 

    Destiny 2 is not a massively multiplayer online game. 

    Those two extra letters make a big difference. 
  • Is Destiny 2 an MMO:Poll

    lol . this topic is still going strong. In fact, it is the most popular topic on the forum front page.

    I wonder if this debate will last much much longer than the amount of the time i will spend playing Destiny 2.

    Here is my question. Will you enjoyment of Destiny 2 changes, if it is classified as a MMO, or not?

    The answers should be fun!
    My enjoyment wouldn't change based on it's classification - I still wouldn't like it. 

    My enjoyment would change if it actually was an MMO - I would probably play it if it were an MMO, but because it isn't, I won't. 
  • Will there ever be a Science Fiction MMO with the popularity of WoW?

    If you mean popularity as in peak player base (12m subscribers), yes, I believe that will happen at some point. If you popularity as in market share, then no. 

    I believe we already have the technology and the design experience to create a game that could match the numbers of WoW. It would be tough, as we'd be fighting against deeply ingrained design paradigms that WoW has taught us, but if anything is going to equal WoWs numbers in the future, it is going to be very different to WoW's features. 

    I also don't think the market conditions are as important as people make out. I mean, look at what WoW was working with at the time. There are only two important factors in terms of the market: first, the market was expanding rapidly due to the uptake of broadband. Second, the competition was weak.

    It's not that different to now.  Sure, the market is not expanding rapidly, but it's not as if it's shrunk. It has kept expanding so in fact the total market is much larger now that it was when WoW peaked. Then look at the competition. What have you really got to be worried about?!?! Virtually everything on the market is a themepark following the WoW formula. Most are high fantasy, most are mediocre. There are a few hybrids / sandboxes. Then a load of indies in development. 

    The competition, quite frankly, is shit. 

    So, there already exists a massive opportunity and a large enough market to generate a new WoW. The technology also already exists to give us a game that can support being the next WoW. It can happen, and it can happen now. It won't, because it will require a big departure from existing paradigms and investors are unwilling to spend the required money on a risk, but it could happen. 

    In terms of IP? That's a real tough one for Sci-Fi. You need something relatively gender and age neutral in order to appeal to a wide market, but Sci-Fi is pretty male dominated and still fairly fringe. Star Wars could do it, but is probably a bit past it now and runs the risk of audience fatigue. Star Trek and Star Gate are too male dominated. Firefly, whilst an amazing series with an awesome cult following, never gained the mainstream traction needed. If the Matrix gets a reboot, especially if they have a female lead, that could be a good one to pick. But beyond that? I think sci-fi is probably just too male dominated for now.