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    Chaserz said:

    How is this MMO doing?

    Only one real way to find out.

    I am going to give it a go and see.
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    cheyane said:

    I love how they continuously improve the game.


    It just shows the quality of this dev team.
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    Thank you Pearl.
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    I love this game and this is going to complete the experience.

    Just wish it had more classes.
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    Phry said:
    klash2def said:
    They know it's a grind fest trust me. They are banking on the people who enjoy that I guess. Personally I can deal with a little bit of grind (what mmo doesnt have that) but the levels of it on BDO is far too much for me. It doesn't help that if you want any type of unique look or hell even something that's not the lvl 1 starter (or an alteration of it) look you gotta spend like 30.00 real life dollars to buy a outfit from the cash-shop. That's insane. Never had a mmo where you cant earn your look in game even if they have a cash shop with cosmetics, you still should be able to earn your look in game. 

    What's worse is, I saw people a few years ago in the bdo forums saying how the cash shop prices were okay with them because it lets you point out who is a "pleb" in basic armor, or it allows them to feel more unique because they know only a handful of players can afford it.. LOL as if BUYING a costume for $30 makes you somehow an elite 1%er.. it doesn't. It's senseless when there are no other real options for customizing your look in game. 

    This leads me to believe that BDO attracts a certain type of person/player. Because if this happened in other MMO's I feel like the communities would rebel so hard that it would be forced to change.. the fact that BDO is still going with this lets me know that the playerbase sort of just accepts it and is okay with it. Again a lot of them buy into it (not ALL b4 you say "not me blah blah blah") because they really want to be special snowflakes or some shit. 

    Top of all this is horrible customer support.. jesus.. I'm not even going to get into that nightmare. Just going to say, I lost a founders package and they never fixed it. Many tickets. 

    BDO is just another cash grab game with a pretty coat of paint. The only thing I will give them is the combat system is pretty good. If I could, I would take the combat system from them and put it in into another MMO.
    Sometimes as the saying goes, you can't see the woods for the trees.
    Sure if you focus purely on levelling up it will take you forever and a day, some people are into that, but others, and i suspect by others i really mean most of the players in BDO, just want to play the game, and that doesn't involve endless grinding, oddly enough.
    Today i spent over an hour with a bunch of Guildies in ships hunting Sea Monsters, xp gains, none, loot gains, well we got some 'guild' stuff as it was a guild quest, but that was it, we just had fun, thing is in BDO sure you can grind levels, or you can actually play the game and do things. :p

    From what I get from most of the complainers is that they simply have no idea how to play Black Desert.