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  • Adding the ability to choose your religion in an MMO

    I think it's hilarious how most in this thread are totally ignoring the OP's whole point. He's talking about an in-game system where individuals can form communities and, depending on how large or successful that community is, he and his followers can get in-game powers and abilities.

    What he's talking about really is just a sophisticated guild system as has been done in some games already (BDO and even Asheron's Call come to mind) but since he chose to use the word "religion" to describe his idea, a lot of you are responding like a dog who hears the word "squirrel."

  • The 10 Best PVP MMOs of All Time - The List -

    No Warhammer Online? Strange.
    Because they messed it up when they decided to copy WOW and add 15 minute instanced PVP to it which undermined the RVR when half your force would disappear when the scenario queue popped.

    DAoC's 3-sided RvR worked. Warhammer's 2-sided one didn't.
  • Pantheon doing level scaling? Seriously?

    First thing they've done that has interested me.

    I've heard all the pros and cons of level scaling and have played MMOs with and without them and to me, keeping all content relevant at all levels makes more sense than discarding whole chunks of games as you level-up.

    Better get used to it because they'll all be going that way.
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  • Okay WTF is a MMO? Really?

    Quizzical said:
    So I tried consulting Wikipedia and learned that MMO stands for Mixed Metal Oxide.
    Marine Mammal Observer is the first thing I always think of.
  • Okay WTF is a MMO? Really?

    klash2def said:
    Iselin said:
    klash2def said:

    As for what I said.. WHAT I said was people who resist change are people who think old. That's true, so if the shoe fits wear it not my business..  but I didn't ONE TIME say everybody in this thread who does not agree with me are old thinkers and cant adapt. Stop twisting my words to build your narrative. 
    Oh look your 2nd post in this thread in response to Locke:

    People have to stop resisting change that is why the mmo market as a whole is in the shape it is in now. People want new things but when they get it, they resist and cry about the "Old Ways"

    See I told you what you said earlier was still there.

    Anyway... dude... have a nice life and have fun playing all them there MMOs that you know so much about.
    You did not make one single point here. What? You proved my point if anything. I said People have to stop resisting change. Yes they should..I said people want new things but when they get them they cry about the old ways.. Yes thats true.

    Whats your point? You quoted me saying the same exact thing twice LOL.. 

    IS this supposed to prove I said everyone who disagrees with me is old and cant adapt? Because it doesn't. You know why right? Because I never said it, you just tried to twist my words again and failed again because I wont let you get away with it. 
    OMG... you ASSUMED that the reason people don't agree with your wacky labeling is because they're resisting change. Capisce Mr. futurama?