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  • PUBG Team Apologizes for Inappropriate Female Model on Test Server - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds -

    SBFord said:
    jj7009 said:

    Who is shaming people who dont want it. They already have options as in PUTTING THE STARTER PANTS ON. No one is forcing you to run around in underwear. You wouldn't stop a free the nipple campaign over someone else getting offended, you wouldnt say the people who dont like it are shamed. What kind of backwards logic is that?
    Dude, chill. I am not offended and my exact words were "I'd venture most women..." That means it's my personal guess. Shouting down people who may be offended (which I am not, just eyerollingly bemused) by telling them they're "prudes" or "uptight" or "have no right to take this out of my game" in an effort to stifle conversation is wrong. It's equally as wrong the other way 'round. It just seems the loudest screeching on this issue is coming from those who think it's not a big deal and no one should be bothered by it. 

    Well, to some folks, it is. Their voices matter too.

    Personally, I don't play PUBG and I could care less if it's there or not. But it was over-the-top because no matter what anyone says, that ain't comfortable. ;) 
    It's almost as if it hasn't occurred to them that there may be other reasons for finding this sort of thing tacky in games.

    I have zero problems with titillation, real world or virtual. But I would rather keep that somewhere over there away from cheapening games.

    Hell most of us feel the same way. If not, Scarlet Blade would have been huge.

    And like you, stuff like this in games also makes me envision pre-pubescent boys chortling.
  • WoW Player DDOSes Teammates to Secure Raid Spot for World First Hunt - World of Warcraft -

    Where is Hammurabi when you need him? His punishment should be that WOW randomly DDOSes him several times a day for a year.
  • : General : Hawaii's Chris Lee: 'Step Up' to Changing Predatory Gaming Practices

    Horusra said:
    Iselin said:

    The market already decided loot box games are a winner and now a minority is trying to get the government to buck the trend. People forget the nine most terrifying words in the English language are, 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.' Reagan was absolutely right about that. 
    Regan? You mean the guy that was elected in 1980? You don't suppose there was another agenda at work there?

    Don't even try that envy garbage. People get money by earning it. It's easier to earn money if you already have skills and money. No one stole a thing from poor people. The top 1% pay fifty percent of taxes. Income mobility is greater in the United States than any other country in history. 

    You can not educate sheep.  
    Agree 100%. Those who don't want to get regulated say "regulations are bad" and the sheep all say "bahhhhd."
  • Microtransactions & the 19-Year-Old Who Spent $13,000 - News

    It's funny how it's the same people who believe having loot boxes in your games is a first amendment right calling this guy a troll and a dim-wit.

    Narius seems to be the only honest guy around here because he freely admits that he wants lots of MTX in games so that he can be subsidized and play them for free. The rest of you need to get your story straight lol.
  • Celebrating #10MillionStories in a New Trailer & a Free PS4/PC/Mac Week - Elder Scrolls Online Video

    BruceYee said:
    I leveled up my alts to 10 just for this FREE RNG event.
    I think everyone did. Fungal Grotto, Spindleclutch and Banished Cells are going to get hammered lol.