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  • I hate you EA

    DMKano said:
    Rhoklaw said:
    Just when we needed a new Star Wars game in our lives, you go and shut down Visceral Games? :neutral:

    I certainly dont need anything Star Wars in my life.

    I am a minority here but I am really tired of Star Wars, I think its just old and tired and played out.

    SWG was good before NGE and thats it. I enjoy the memory and have moved on.

    For some reason people are holding the entire star wars franchise on this sacred pedestal, when IMO there were 2 good movies at best and the rest were mediocre to poop.

    So chances are EA saw that the game was a stinker too and pulled the plug.
    Who let the damn trekkie in here?
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  • Activision Granted Patent that Pairs Players to Increase Microtransaction Purchases - General News

    SBFord said:
    You know, it's one thing that we "understand" we're being manipulated by microtransactions, but it's a whole 'nother ballgame when we see it so blatantly placed before our eyes in cold black and white. 

    Hopefully, this will turn the tide. I wonder what, if any, impact recent legal maneuvers overseas with regard to loot chest odds and so forth will have on this which obviously wasn't present in 2015?

    Of course, we also have to be careful in assuming they'll actually use the patented process. It's possible that things have progressed beyond its capabilities over 2 years after filing.
    Just another step from the now common method of game broadcast announcements that games like Neverwinter use when someone gets lucky with a loot box prize.

    What's next? Walmart Online: The Game
  • Elysium 'Private Server' Shuts Down Temporarily Due to Financial Shenanigans - World of Warcraft - M

    SBFord said:
    So...about that political discussion....*coughs* nono *coughs*
    Well I didn't start it, Ma. :)
  • Elex game has me very interested

    SBFord said:

    I found it very rough too, though weirdly compelling...enough to give it a 7 despite everything. There's really a fun game there for people who like open world, no hand-holding and unique combat. Turn the sound off and just read the quests (voice acting is abysmal) and try to ignore visual glitches (most seen in dialog convos with NPCs) and you'll find a game that grabs you despite your wanting to chuck it all in at first. Stick with it.

    That said, at $50, I'm just not sure it's worth it -- yet. I think that with time and patching, ELEX could end up being something pretty cool for people of a certain sort. It's not for everyone, but it should find its niche.
    I read your review through a link from Metacritic... it pays to be quick off the mark with reviews to get visibility. Good on you, Gamespace has arrived!  :)
  • Elysium 'Private Server' Shuts Down Temporarily Due to Financial Shenanigans - World of Warcraft - M

    But that isn't the same in the MMORPG space and you know that. Vanilla WoW is a completely different game.
    Umm... no it isn't. That's just the convenient spin and rtationalization fans of these pirate servers use to justify it to themselves and try to separate it from more obvious IP theft.

    The current WOW is just vanilla WOW many, many patches later. You may not like where they took it (I don't either) but saying it's truly a different game is just BS.

    It's just as silly as saying that me at 10 years old was a different person.