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  • For the Second Time in Two Weeks, Bungie Admits to Development Blunders - Destiny 2 -

    I love seeing mmorpg staff realize the shitty practice of destiny 2
    Didn't stop them from rating this Xpac an 80 which is the only critic review of it on Metacritic in the green zone out of 17 reviews.
  • PUBG Team Apologizes for Inappropriate Female Model on Test Server - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds -

    I wonder what @cameltosis thinks about this.
  • : General : Hawaii's Chris Lee: 'Step Up' to Changing Predatory Gaming Practices

    Rhoklaw said:
    Iselin said:
    Torval said:
    Scot said:
    Rhoklaw said:
    Loot boxes do NOT benefit games in any way. The only defense I've seen brought up by gaming companies is it allows people with less time and more money to stay competitive. That's a load of crap from the silver tongue devil. Loot boxes are gambling and to those who say otherwise are seriously in denial. I'm so tired of this stupid argument and the trollish responses from the usual trolls.
    Unfortunately, math is on their side. Lets look at how this works. If LootBox A gives the good item 10% (numbers chosen for easy use, not real numbers) of the time, and 10 people buy one, then on average, one person will have it. Now, if that one person is not the top 10% spender, then it is reasonable to assume that this spender will buy 10 more, and then get one themselves. Now, we have 2 people with the item, vs having the item being 10x more expensive, and only the top spender paying for it.

    The reality is that the big spenders are going to pay enough for the items that they want... but the small spenders are much more sensitive to the price. They would generally not pay the high prices... and never get the items. Having lower price randomization allows them for a chance to get the item, and as a whole, increases the number of the item that are in the game.

    Might I suggest that there may be other ways to make people with lless time and money competitive?

    How about making it just about time? I know shocking right...a principle of gaming ethos, that we play on a fair playing field is now shocking!
    No matter what the outcome of this angry mob fiasco ends up being, we're never going back. The days where "vets" who spent hundreds or thousands of hours in a game lording it over the rest is over. It's never going to happen.
    Oh I can see market fragmentation where people who like game play to dictate success have their niche and people who just want to skip playing a game and buy success have their niche.

    Once that happens I can see the "purchase power people" getting bored that their sheep are gone and then coming back to the light side where game play matters.
    Yeah. All of a sudden it seems that picking one MMO to play and sticking with it for a few years is a weird thing. When the fuck did that happen? I never got the memo.
    This all came about during the same era as participation trophies and ADD/ADHD.
    There's a current thread in the ESO forums from someone complaining about how long it takes to unlock the Mage's Guild rank 10 so you can use the spiffy ultimate ability you get at that point. You advance that skill line by finding and reading special books throughout the world each of which give you some experience toward that skill line.

    His request for a solution? I's not to have the books give you more experience or lowering the XP required for each rank. He wants them to sell Mage's guild skill ups in the cash shop.

    Fuck me. It's the attack of the mobile gaming casuals.
  • : General : Hawaii's Chris Lee: 'Step Up' to Changing Predatory Gaming Practices

    Iselin said:

    The market already decided loot box games are a winner and now a minority is trying to get the government to buck the trend. People forget the nine most terrifying words in the English language are, 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.' Reagan was absolutely right about that. 
    Regan? You mean the guy that was elected in 1980? You don't suppose there was another agenda at work there?

    Don't even try that envy garbage. People get money by earning it. It's easier to earn money if you already have skills and money. No one stole a thing from poor people. The top 1% pay fifty percent of taxes. Income mobility is greater in the United States than any other country in history. 
    Envy garbage? LMAO. You don't even know what you're seeing do you?

    OK let's try again with a different graph- this time from 1950-2016. Notice any difference before and after they started spouting that "big government is bad" and "regulations are bad" horsehit?

    Yeah that's right, everyone was making gains at roughly the same pace.

    No one in their right mind believes that regulations are bad. The top 1% are in on the lie - hell they created it - and are the only ones with a stake in selling it to the other 99% whom they depend on to swallow it hook line and sinker and vote accordingly.

    So go spout you regulations are bad nonsense somewhere else.
  • : General : Hawaii's Chris Lee: 'Step Up' to Changing Predatory Gaming Practices

    And does anyone see a problem with requiring that Loot Boxes show the odds on their purchase site?  Is there anything wrong with giving people information to make informed decisions?

    Such an obvious and small compromise and yet it's only done in China where the law requires it.

    Nothing shows the deceptive intent behind the sale of loot boxes better than the fact that it's not done voluntarily and routinely.