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  • Long overdue changes to dungeon entry through the LFG tool coming next Monday

    For quite a while the dungeon running experience for new or casual players in ESO has been pretty messed up.

    As originally designed the random dungeons that you could get by queuing through the LFG tool were unlocked progressively as you leveled with those dungeons that required more situational awareness and all-around better play, unlocking later on.

    That was well enough done until they started selling DLC and came up with a policy that "entitled" all DLC owners to unlock the dungeons that came with the DLC right off the bat at level 10. The problem is that those are the toughest dungeons in the game and that created a pretty messed up experience for new low level players who were often overwhelmed if they got put in one of those and for the experienced players who were in there with them as well.

    I always thought it was a pretty boneheaded decision that set new players up to fail and gave them an often demoralizing group dungeon first experience.

    The problem was compounded about a year ago when they decided to make the former veteran dungeons available in both a normal and veteran mode as well as giving a veteran mode to the former normal-only ones. This is why you have for example, Banished Cells I and II, Fungal Grotto I and II, etc. The "II" versions are the former vet versions which are all much harder than the I versions. At that time they also decided that if the I version unlocked at level 10 or level 17, the II version would unlock at the same level. That was bonehead decision #2 and had a similar effect to unlocking all the DLC dungeons at level 10.

    There have been literally thousands of threads in the ESO forums about the problems created by that system which were always ignored by the developers. Well the ignorance is over and starting with next Monday's patch there will be a new system that I'm pasting below. If you have had bad experiences with dungeon queuing previously, this will be a good time to have a new go at them since the unlocks are now much more rational.

    • Adjusted the minimum level for the following Normal Difficulty dungeons to Level 45 for the purposes of using the Dungeon Finder:
      • Banished Cells 2
      • Bloodroot Forge
      • City of Ash 2
      • Cradle of Shadows
      • Crypt of Hearts 2
      • Darkshade Caverns 2
      • Elden Hollow 2
      • Falkreath Hold
      • Fungal Grotto 2
      • Imperial City Prison
      • Ruins of Mazzatun
      • Spindleclutch 2
      • Wayrest Sewers 2
      • White-Gold Tower
    • Adjusted the minimum level for the following Veteran Difficulty dungeons to CP160 for the purposes of using the Dungeon Finder:
      • Veteran Bloodroot Forge
      • Veteran City of Ash 2
      • Veteran Cradle of Shadows
      • Veteran Crypt of Hearts 2
      • Veteran Falkreath Hold
      • Veteran Imperial City Prison
      • Veteran Ruins of Mazzatun
      • Veteran White-Gold Tower
  • Log in losers

    I knew keeping the focus on the username instead of putting it on the PW field in the log-in screen would get someone sooner or later :)
  • One company to bind them all . . .

    A far more interesting idea would be like something in Ready Player One where there were many different worlds and each world was its own MMO.

    Your character would go to one world or another and strength (level) would be the same in all of them although each would have its own abilities and theme.

    Of course for that to happen a few of the publishers would need to get together and sell a one-access pass kind of thing. They could still have some competition by divvying some of the money based on where players actually spent time.

    Maybe after Apple buys them all we'll see something like that :)
  • Shadow Of War: microtransactions!

    Sovrath said:
    Iselin said:
    Scorchien said:
    Sovrath said:
    Talonsin said:

    I understand game developers are working and need to make money but at what point are the drivers for the company (the investors and CEO) getting greedy?

    Activision - NET Revenue last year over 3 billion
    EA - NET revenue last year of almost a billion

    When will it ever be enough? 
    fine, I'll just, um, yeah ... I'll just leave this here ...

    and this ...
    People need to learn and educate thenselves on this subject ..So tried of that type of post ..

      ATVI and EA are both publicly owned .. you would think that would be enough for people to understand but we are again
    Should public companies then get a pass and never have their ethics or morality questioned just because they're public?

    It sounds like you and Sorvath are trying to say that their public nature exempts them from being thought of as greedy... or that greed doesn't exists in a public company context. Is that about the size of it?
    There's a difference between "noting how things are" and standing there cheering them on whenever they do something people don't like.

    So yeah, do you scrutinize every investment, mutual fund, retirement fund that you have invested in and make sure they are "making just enough money"?

    Because, though some people only invest in socially conscious companies, most people don't as it's just easier to set up your monthly investment or have your stock broker or bank take care of everything.

    It sounds ridiculous when people say "when is it enough money" for a publicly traded company. Because even if they follow every law and rule they still exist to make investors money. It's like complaining that water is wet or the sun is hot.

    As a matter of fact when I had my investor hat on I did make a choice many decades ago to go with a mutual fund that was created by my credit union specifically with ethical concerns in the forefront. Appropriately enough the family of funds is called Ethical Funds :) It's done quite well for me.

    But that's neither here nor there when I wear my consumer hat. It's a different hat. It's the one I wear when I shop for anything and the one that helps me chose for example, where I buy my computer components when I'm building or upgrading because I'm always looking for bang for the buck and those bucks can easily be many more if I buy from the wrong places.

    Gaming prices to me - and to most of us here since this isn't an investment forum, are also something that I use my consumer hat for. In this context yeah, you bet your ass that there is such a thing as enough dollars that need to be spent beyond which point I feel like the greedy bastards are gouging. As a consumer I could give less of a shit whether it's Scrooge McDuck profiting from the gouging or my aunt Felicia - it's just fucking gouging to me.
  • Starting anew

    Gorwe said:

    "How would you create a Dark Mage?" Nightblade or Sorceror? edit: More DoT + entropy and such. Not interested in Minions.
    I don't really know what you mean by "Dark Mage" but all 5 classes can be built as some kind of mage just like they can all be built as some kind of melee fighter.

    If you're talking about RP the Sorcerer in ESO lore context is probably the one who flirts with the "dark arts" the most since they can use minor daedra as summons to help them. In that context they are probably the most WOW Warlock like since messing with Daedra in TES is the closest equivalent to demonology in WOW. But that's where the Warlock comparison would end since their play style when built as a mage is not much like WOW's.

    Nightblades are all about stealth which is mostly useless in PVE unless you enjoy avoiding fights. As mages Nightblades are all about sapping health from enemies while they do damage up close.

    Dragonknight mages are all about fire damage and also need to be up close. Templar mages are about ranged light-based damage and healing and Warden Mages are also long range and rely on temporary summoned creatures to do the damage.