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  • The Positive CU thread!!

    No P2W cash shop.

    No effort to raise 10s of millions of dollars selling mount skins or the likes. In fact they have stopped new stretch goals until Beta 1 begins.

    No PvE level and raiding grind before you can be competitive in RvR.

    3 realms with unique races and classes instead of 2 mirrored sides.

    Plenty of character slots so you can try out all the classes in your realm without having to spend money in a cash shop to unlock more slots.

    I guess some of those might not fully meet the OP's requirements, but I don't think there's any reason to worry that the game will be reduced to 2 mirrored realms for instance by launch.
  • The Positive CU thread!!

    Kyleran said:
    Off hand I've got nothing, but will update if I think of something.

    Apparently the only positive thing is people have largely forgotten about it.

    Come to think of it, I can't recall when I last recieved a news email from them, seem to have gone dark these days 

    They send a weekly update email every Friday and a newsletter at the end of every month. If you aren't getting those emails, the email service they use (Mailchimp) may have auto-removed you for some reason. Others have had that happen. PM Mark or make a thread on the official forum and he'll take care of it.
  • From an old vet ... this looks like the real deal

    I would be extremely surprised if we're still waiting another 2-3 years for CU. 

    If I'm remembering correctly, Mark wanted his beta tests to be as close to the finished product as possible. Beta 1 will be a minimum viable product (mvp) and he wants to include as many core features as possible. Future betas will introduce tertiary features, but the majority of the game will be complete and playable for Beta 1. 

    So, we may still have a wait for Beta 1, but when it arrives I expect us to move from Beta 1 to release in a short period of time (6-9months). CSE aren't using beta tests to appease the community (i.e. early access...), nor are they using them to generate hype (like the old fashioned open betas a few weeks before launch). CSE are using the beta tests to actually test their game, and you can't test the game if the game isn't there!

    My expectation is still for a 2018 release, probably timed around Thanksgiving, so I would expect beta 1 to be Feb / March 2018. 

    But, if it's delayed further, thats fine with me as long as the end result is good :P
    Everything CSE wants to have in the game at the start of Beta 1 is outlined on their Beta 1 features list user story cards on their web site. Huge chunks of the game aren't included on that list such as 21 of the 30 combat classes, the 3 realm specific crafter classes, The Depths, the bounty system, the engraving system, moving and connecting islands, etc. Beta 1 doesn't really come close to being a MVP of the launch version of CU imho. What we'll get at the start of Beta 1 or even the end of Beta 1 isn't something CSE could justify charging a monthly sub for.

    I would really be surprised if Beta 1 alone lasts less than 6 months. Keep in mind Beta 1 was estimated to last 4 months during KS and those original KS estimates have proven to be wildly optimistic.

    My view right now is that the game is likely to launch in the 2nd half of 2019. I'd be overjoyed to be proven wrong and have it launch in 2018 or the first half of 2019 of course.
  • What the crap, still no Beta ETA?

    Kyleran said:
    I've become far less forgiving with the lack of any sort of high level timelines.

    Even if the final release date is still murky, this far into the project (4.5+ yrs) there's no good reason to not have a published beta 1 date.

    Well unless of course they've run into an insurmountable design blocker.

    Happened on a major project where I work and we ended up scrapping the entire solution and starting over. Delayed the delivery by 3+ years which was handled by a different mgmt team.

    They've already blown right past several vague beta 1 dates (winter 2016, end of summer 2016, etc.). There's no reason to think another published beta 1 date would be any different. I prefer having the date just be "when we complete all the items on our Beta 1 feature list" rather than some estimated date that will inevitably be missed.

    I'm as frustrated as everybody else that the game hasn't launched or even entered Beta 1 yet. But most of the reasons for that are well known by now: the decision to make their own engine and their difficulty hiring programmers who are willing to move to Fairfax, VA. We all knew about their intent to make their own engine when we backed and they finally solved the programmer issue a year or so ago by opening the Seattle office. Getting a refund or continuing to wait are really the only options for backers.
  • Really quiet here, is this game stalled?

    Kyleran said:

    Perhaps you are confusing CU with another title as it's not available yet to play.

    We've been waiting almost a year now for the open beta announcement.

    Likely they'll have more payment options once they fully launch,  which is looking to be still at least a year away.
    What we have been waiting on is the date for Beta 1 not Open Beta. CU has 4 stages of beta (Beta 1, 2, & 3 and Open Beta). Right now it is in Alpha. The next stage is Beta 1. That stage will still be very far from Open Beta and most of the actual gameplay expected for launch will not even be in testing at the start of Beta 1.

    Tuggernut said:

    Hmm, I could have sworn I read somewhere that the beta would be available in August. Where is the most reliable place to get accurate information? I can't use the CU forums, because it's only available to Backers, which I WOULD be if not for the paypal thing.
    The best information is in the weekly update and Q&A livestreams that are done every Friday at 4pm ET on CSE's Twitch channel (and also streamed on Youtube). They also send out an end of week email update which is posted in the news section of the official website at

    At the end of each month they release a newsletter that includes a summary of progress on the game for that month. Previous newsletters can be found at

    Mark has mentioned adding additional payment options besides PayPal at some point in the future. I imagine that won't happen until after Beta 1 begins though.