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  • Really quiet here, is this game stalled?

    Kyleran said:

    Perhaps you are confusing CU with another title as it's not available yet to play.

    We've been waiting almost a year now for the open beta announcement.

    Likely they'll have more payment options once they fully launch,  which is looking to be still at least a year away.
    What we have been waiting on is the date for Beta 1 not Open Beta. CU has 4 stages of beta (Beta 1, 2, & 3 and Open Beta). Right now it is in Alpha. The next stage is Beta 1. That stage will still be very far from Open Beta and most of the actual gameplay expected for launch will not even be in testing at the start of Beta 1.

    Tuggernut said:

    Hmm, I could have sworn I read somewhere that the beta would be available in August. Where is the most reliable place to get accurate information? I can't use the CU forums, because it's only available to Backers, which I WOULD be if not for the paypal thing.
    The best information is in the weekly update and Q&A livestreams that are done every Friday at 4pm ET on CSE's Twitch channel (and also streamed on Youtube). They also send out an end of week email update which is posted in the news section of the official website at

    At the end of each month they release a newsletter that includes a summary of progress on the game for that month. Previous newsletters can be found at

    Mark has mentioned adding additional payment options besides PayPal at some point in the future. I imagine that won't happen until after Beta 1 begins though.

  • Multi-server tech

    The small s servers can even be smaller than an entire island. I.e. a very large island could be broken into several servers which players would cross between seamlessly. So island 1 could consist of servers A, B, and C while island 2 contains server D and E.
  • Camelot Unchained - 500 Player Battles - Possible?

    Yup, it is certainly going to be a challenge and I don't know enough about engines to be able to predict well enough. But, this is why they've created their own engine, so that it can handle large battles. 

    My suspicion is that they're going to keep as much computation on our client machines as possible. So, if we're all shooting siege weapons at a wall, the computations for damage, collision etc will be kept on our machines with just the result being sent to the server. The server then decides when to trigger collapses and stuff and just sends that small message back to the client, which then determines how the wall collapses. 

    I guess will depend on a lot on collision detection / despawning of voxels. If we destroy a wall, will the rubble be left on the ground? If so, will we have to jump over it or can we walk through it?

    The downside is that by pushing the computation onto our machines, it does make the game more susceptible to hacking, but I'm sure they've thought of that. 

    The other possibility is that by creating their own engine, they may be able to make better use of multi-threading and scalable cloud computing. It may actually be fairly cheap for them to just have 100s of processors for their server setup, its just a case of having an engine that can take advantage of all that power. 
    No. The calculations in response to players moving or using abilities are done on the server to limit the opportunities for hacking as much as possible.
  • Camelot Unchained - 500 Player Battles - Possible?

    Possible? It already does that! :)

    Yes making their own engine is the big reason aside from difficulty hiring programmers until they opened the Seattle office for how long development has taken.

    Redoing the ability system took like 6 months. That's a big part of why Beta 1 still hasn't started rather than having started late last year, but it doesn't explain the previous 2 1/2 years.
  • Really quiet here, is this game stalled?

    Actually CSE has repeatedly declined to give out exact numbers for the amount of vertical progression in CU. We don't know whether it is 5%, 15%, 25%, 50%, or more at this point. They have only said that there will be much, much less vertical progression than what you see in a typical theme park MMO with 50 PvE levels and that new characters won't be 1 shot by veterans and should be able to contribute in RvR right away.