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  • Review in Progress (PS4): Part 3 - Destiny 2 Columns

    Sovrath said:
    exile01 said:

    I feel as you. I enjoy the game enough to know I don’t want to spoil more before the PC launch.

    I got the PS4 version as well but haven't played it. I'm gonna go hardcore on PC then later on casual on PS4. 

    So youre paying 2x the price to do the same things over and over. No wonder people pay those 200 early start packs. Yes its your money but for me thats Mindblowing! And its not even about the money, its about how people easly fall into hype and then reconsider, regret.
    People play video games more than once. They'd like to do it on a different platform. as those platforms provide a different experience (lounging on the couch as opposed to sitting straight at one's desk for example. It's not hard to understand.
    Yeah, I've owned games on 3 platforms before just because I have different friends who play on different things. I own Black ops 3 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC because of different friends. I don't even like that game, I just like playing things with friends. I bought Destiny on PS4 and XBone for the same reason. I wouldn't ever buy the 200 dollar starter pack for anything, but if I know I enjoy something I'll definitely be willing to shell out for multiple copies as long as there is reason.
  • Final Fantasy XIV - In Defense of Content Most Will Never See -

    Nice article.

    I've recently returned to World of Warcraft and the disappointment in how faceroll the end game content is infinite. It doesn't feel like the WoW I remember. It's still fun, but it's crap compared to how it used to be.

    It definitely sucks to miss out on content because it's too difficult and you can't get into a party that's doing it. But I think that's a lot better and far more rewarding than going into a game like WoW in its current state and literally doing nothing while bosses fall before your group.
    Yeah the thing is, the difficulty is tuned differently for WoW. You will be going in and facerolling everything on normal difficulty and even heroic, but then you get into Mythic, and one mistake wipes your group. Raiding is a tad different though, because anything that isn't in raid finder is way more difficult. Try doing a raid on Mythic and just pushing buttons. It wont work. You have to know exactly what to do when. It's incredibly difficult.
  • BlueHole Eying Fortnite Battle Royale Similarities - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds -

    Siveria said:
    Sorry but Pubg doesn't own battle royale stuff, far from it. That said I don't even see how pubg is even popular, the game looks like garbage. I just don't see the draw to it at all.
    It's very fun if you like the type of game. Which obviously you don't. Doesn't make it garbage.
  • PA's Vision for the Game

    I really like BDO, no matter how many haters the game has, it seems to always do really well and retain a relatively large population. I'm glad PA is able to do what they do and increase like that. It's great.
  • BlueHole Eying Fortnite Battle Royale Similarities - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds -

    I just don't see how you can basically own the idea of a game. You don't see all the MOBAs getting sued because they all have the same general layout. People can try, but honestly I can't see how they could get away with a monopoly on how a game mode plays. Valve isn't suing people for having games with modes similar to Counterstrike. The game started as a mod, just like the MOBA genre. Blue hole doesn't own the rights to the idea.