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  • iOS Version Arrives as a Free Download - Vendetta Online -

    Ozmodan said:
    You should try this on mobile, especially if you have an iPhone; it may just change your opinion of what constitutes a "mobile MMORPG".
    ROFL for anyone trying to play this on a phone!

    And yep, it is a fun game, just not on a phone.
    I played for a few minutes on my phone, it seemed to run really well like constant 60+ fps it looked like and the controls were pretty alright for a phone game. I'm sure the PC version is way better but I can't draw a conclusion without trying it.
  • Earn a Trio of Free Crown Crates from Sep 22 - Sep 24 - Elder Scrolls Online -

    I'm perfectly okay with this. I've just started getting back into ESO and it's been very fun so far.
  • Blizzard Lowers the Boom on AFKers - Heroes of the Storm -

    Renoaku said:
    Aelious said:
    Renoaku said:
    Well this is good but how does this work with toxicity I've had players harassing chat in HOTS before directing toxic comments to others on the team just because they were new, or because they didn't play a specific way others agree with so you turn off your chat to avoid hearing it.
    Chat/emote mute and block features are "problem solved" IMO to the best extent possible. Toxic players will feed themselves out in that regard. It makes sense to put in man hours to scan data for afk or intentionally feeding, since that can lose the match and that is the reason for being there. If only there was a system that gathered real-time data and if the other team mates clicked a box it would make the afk player turn to an AI bot. Not perfect but would at least be better than them being afk.
    Yeah  I know I mute toxic players as soon as they say hateful things, but that doesn't stop abuse like in DOTA 2 if you get reported too much in a single day lets say play 8 games out of 8 games 3 have toxic players you get reported you get automatically punished.

    Im not sure if this will be a problem with HOTS or not, but its a problem with Smite if at zero good will and DOTA 2.
    Yeah that's the problem with the MOBA genre in general. It seems like the reporting system is a very abused system by toxic players and in general invites people to spam reports. In 99% of the mobas I've played (almost every one of them) there is always 1 player in every game or two that is upset about something and spamming REPORT X PLAYER THEY SUCK, or REPORT X PLAYER FEEDING when you might not even be feeding intentionally. It's a very weird system to allow players to report other players for doing bad. How does someone get better if every time they do bad someone reports them. 
  • Blizzard Lowers the Boom on AFKers - Heroes of the Storm -

    I absolutely hated every time people would go afk in matches. I'm glad they are doing this now.
  • Ultima Online goes Pokemon. And it's glorious

    Honestly Ultima Online is the one older game I never got into. Is it worth getting into at this point? How big are the official servers currently? I think at one point I tried a private shard, and it was SUPER confusing to start.