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  • Review in Progress (PS4): Part 3 - Destiny 2 Columns

    Sovrath said:
    exile01 said:

    I feel as you. I enjoy the game enough to know I don’t want to spoil more before the PC launch.

    I got the PS4 version as well but haven't played it. I'm gonna go hardcore on PC then later on casual on PS4. 

    So youre paying 2x the price to do the same things over and over. No wonder people pay those 200 early start packs. Yes its your money but for me thats Mindblowing! And its not even about the money, its about how people easly fall into hype and then reconsider, regret.
    People play video games more than once. They'd like to do it on a different platform. as those platforms provide a different experience (lounging on the couch as opposed to sitting straight at one's desk for example. It's not hard to understand.
    Yeah, I've owned games on 3 platforms before just because I have different friends who play on different things. I own Black ops 3 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC because of different friends. I don't even like that game, I just like playing things with friends. I bought Destiny on PS4 and XBone for the same reason. I wouldn't ever buy the 200 dollar starter pack for anything, but if I know I enjoy something I'll definitely be willing to shell out for multiple copies as long as there is reason.
  • Review in Progress (PS4): Part 3 - Destiny 2 Columns

    If you ask me it's a pretty solid game.

    I even went so far to ask what people thought were the biggest grievances that players had with the game and the list was as follows.

    Lack of LMG's: Personally I found that time could solve this issue

    The Walk of Shame: This is actually a legitimate complaint, a possibility to skip this after doing it once would be nice for those who like to play multiple characters.

    Getting one-shot in crucible: More so around corners from what I've heard, and this I understand. Rocket Launchers should require a direct hit for the damage that they can deal.

    Not enough content: After about 110-130 hours players found themselves capping out at 305 which is considered the max item-level. That's a pretty good time played vs money spent ratio. Consider the alternative like FFXV that are completed in 8 hrs. This was after the lead-dev said that it would be 40-50 hour game.

    Nightfalls are considered too hard: Do you want your game to be like Warframe? This is how you get your game to be like Warframe! Challenge is a good thing, Nightfalls are far from impossible.

    Too few ships: Another issue that can be solved with time.

    Hunter Recovery: Yup, Hunter recovery sucks. The base value is simply too low for gear to ever make a difference. Personally I wouldn't mind Pole-dancers getting better recovery, since they're considered the weakest hunters in terms of representation and group performance.

    Finally "Diablo Esque Gear Grind?" That's begging to start a war with Diablo fans.
    I agree with most of what you said, but FFXV takes nowhere near 8 hours to beat even just the main story line. It's like 20 to 25 even if you just mainline the storyline. 

    Nightfalls haven't been considered too hard, I've been following the subreddit for a while and it seems like most people were saying that instead of being difficult and taking a while it was a race to see how fast you could just rush through it and cheese everything. 
  • How to Get Higher Light Level and Get Over the Hump in Destiny 2 - Destiny 2 Guides

    So here's what I don't fully understand. So the light level on an item caps out, but the mods allow it to go higher than the cap? I am at light level 260 or 261 or something and don't really understand how the mods work really. By default do the legendaries have mods on them?
  • This Week at GameSpace - Reviews Galore - Not So MMO -

    The only thing I have an issue with on Gamespace is how high every review score seems to be. I mean an opinion is an opinion, but I remember how hard it was to see any magazine or publication giving out perfect scores, or close to it, but I see Destiny 2 got a 10, and Edith Finch. Both of which are great but by no means perfect. I guess opinions are opinions though, I still think it's a neat site.
  • PSA: The 45k refund has not been proven to be fake.

    Why does this even matter? Why does anything about this big refund even matter? The game didn't have any form of change in development, there is still so many people with money in it, this refund won't make a dent even if it is real.