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  • Star Wars Battlefront II - Reddit Claims ALL Characters Can be Unlocked in 24-Hours* - N

    immodium said:
    immodium said:
    Shodanas said:
    So, i pay 60 euros for a AAA game with locked content and i have to be thankful for the fact that i "only" need 24 hours of game play in order to unlock said content ?

    Sod off.
    In the past publishers charged you full price for a game then if you wanted to play beyond the first 30 days you had to pay an additional fee.

    I'm honestly surprised at the MMO community being in shock at a practice they've been supporting (Not loot boxes/microtransactions, the idea that it's ok to keep charging a gamer a fee to play a game they've already purchased) for nearly 20 years.
    Except MMO's are completely different. You were paying monthly to get support for the game for as long as it is up. Server costs, keeping a dev team working on the game with patches and updates, and basically paying for any support the game is still getting. With other games you don't usually get continued support unless it is released in the form of an expansion or DLC. 
    Todays MMO's prove they can do all that even without a mandatory subscription. Or even a box price.
    By offering extremely large cash shops and pay to win features. 
  • Marvel & Disney Cut Ties with Gazillion Entertainment, MHO to Shut Down - Marvel Heroes Omega - MMOR

    Bye bye, Gazillion. It's glorious to finally see the F2P market crumble.

    That's a little messed up. You are happy to see a game get shut down? I'm almost positive this is an awful thing for anyone who works there. The game was also monetized fairly well, and you could earn everything through playing.
  • Lead producer LYING

    Gorwe said:
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    Deewe said:
    What lie did the lead producer tell exactly?

    Read the OP, does not say there, just a rant, read the post in the link, but again, nothing in the OP show's which part of what is said in the linked post is a lie?

    Fake News, MMO style.
    It was a lie by omission. They intentionally did not mention there would not be anymore a West coast server after the server merge.

    Then to keep your characters names you had to have an active subscription.

    Finally the APAC players are hindered by the game latency.

    All in all APAC players and some West coast with sub optimal connectivity paid for finally not being able to play smoothly anymore.
    So no actual lie then, just a sensationalist thread name, got it.
    They have been on this crusade against swtor for over SIX YEARS not sure anyone expected anything else. 

    It's not a crusade, it's a fact. He lied by omission and, no, anyone that thinks that playing in 200ms environment and in 50ms environ is the same...yeah, right.

    In fact, I don't crusade against anything. I just have my principles which, should you get on the bad side of them-good luck!, I am not willing to stretch out for such tiny causes. And I'm not even a stickler for rules! Imagine others!
    Guess that fair.  But he didn't lie because you thought something different or came to a conclusion that was never mentioned.  

    Fraud then? Misdirection?

    These things are punishable in direct / tele sales.
    It wouldn't be either of those because they didn't HAVE to mention that. Just information that wasn't provided. You don't have to keep your sub if you aren't happy. I haven't subbed to that game in 5 years due to being unhappy with it. 
  • EA Wins Dubious Honor as Most Downvoted Reddit Post Ever for Star Wars Battlefront 2 -

    I don't know how EA keeps messing up. It's actually crazy. It seems like they are going out of their way to mess up every step of the way right now. They give out review copies of the game then change the base game amounts to be a lot higher, thinking people wouldn't know that? Then they lower the cost after the absolute storm of negativity surrounding it, but then lower the rewards to match the lower cost essentially leaving it in the same position thinking people wouldn't notice that? Then they schedule an AMA tomorrow? Are they crazy? 
  • It's Really Happening, Folks - Job Listings for Classic Servers Posted - World of Warcraft News

    Forgrimm said:
    The further they deviate from Vanilla, the less point there will be in doing it at all. The people who want this want an authentic vanilla experience, not some re-imagined project with new content and changes and other added features. If this project fails to capture the Vanilla experience, people will just go back to the private servers and the entire thing will have been a waste.
    That really depends though. You cannot just leave it at a specific patch and never introduce new content. Which is why I'm saying it could be like OSRS where they just create new content for the vanilla base. Instead of evolving over time into the easy face roll the current game is, they could evolve it to stay difficult and retain the players who want that experience.

    You can only keep the same content for so long. Otherwise players get bored and leave. Me personally I want the vanilla experience, but then I hope they add on to it.

    With OSRS it started with just the 2007scape base, then they added onto it over time keeping the game systems the same and not deviating like the current modern game did, and have slowly grown in playercount taking over more of the concurrent players than the actual real game does.