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  • MMORPG.com : General : Hawaii's Chris Lee - 'Together We Can Stop Predatory Gaming Practices'

    Tiller said:

    Scellow said:

    He can go fuck himself

    This movement was initiated by players, who got sick of these practices, now it's gonna get recuperated by politics for their elections, FUCK THEM, he should have cared about it earlier, he is a piece of shit

    Could be he's a gamer who is just as pissed over this as anyone else. Who are you to say he can't use his platform to make a statement? No one said he was posturing for votes.

    No one? ^^ He is a politician. That in and of itself should be MORE than enough grounds to suspect his motivations. Those who claim otherwise haven't been paying attention for a very, VERY long time. Or perhaps they are still waiting for that "Hope and Change" thing?.... ^^
  • World of Warcraft - Five Things Blizzard Needs to Leave Behind in Legion - MMORPG.com

    If you understand developer psychology and corporate politics, you would understand the why of many of the expansions. The Vision™ problem, and in faction/out faction power dictate what gets done, and how. Its pretty much the same in any sector, but with games you get to see the results more clearly.
  • 'No Planned Future Patches for Single-Player' - Mass Effect: Andromeda - MMORPG.com

    That is really too bad. The ME universe deserved so much more than that. But given how extremely expensive development has become, and the self inflicted "issues" there have been, I can't say that I'm surprised.
  • Pre-Alpha Environment Preview - PAX West - Ashes of Creation Videos - MMORPG.com

    Looks amazing, and a great deal of fun. Too bad it has such a PvP focus. Its bound to turn out to be yet another gank fest.
  • Re: General : Kern Gauging Support for 'Spiritual Successor' to Firefall

    Dakeru said:
    DarkByke said:
    Dakeru said:
    2 things:

    1. You pointed out it was you who gave mmorpg the pointer for this, several times...
    We get it you want to be associated with this project badly, chill.

    2. The majority said that Kern is clueless and a revival after 2 years is plain hilarious - this is just another cheap kickstarter project.
    No need to be rude to him.  He's excited to share the project with everyone. 
    He could have posted the update in the original thread - you know.. the one where everyone made clear that no one has faith in Kern or any interest in a remake of the game?
    No one? Speak for yourself.  Given that the final round of funding for the demo has topped $107,000, when only $20,000 was needed, says that there are still people who not only believe in Mark Kern, but are willing to back him with their money.