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  • Everquest 2 developers create new game

    Xateric said:

    Xateric said:

    Velifax said:

    I've not seen more than a few screen shots and a gif but it already looks like yet another "innovative" twitch mmo. I can barely walk without stumbling over those.

    The game has been in development for awhile, but it goes up on kickstarter in a few days.

    Lol .. another KS "please-give-me-your-cash-first" money grab? When there is actually a game, may be i will give it 10 min to check it out .. assuming it is f2p. 

    Otherwise, there is really nothing to see here. There are plenty of good games to play now. I don't need to pay for "wishful thinking". 

    Sadly the whole MMO world is going this way because it is small studios trying to make them and need cash up front.....All the triple A companies seem to have left the genre.
    So games like Destiny 2 (now is it or is it not a MMO .. the inquiring mind wants to ponder). 

    No one needs to play MMOs. Plus, i highly doubt the abilities of small studios trying to make MMOs. I go where the AAA good games are, not where MMOs are. 
  • As a solo only player...MMOs should be a social only genre

    Nope, definitely not. Besides, weren't you done with the genre anyway according to your other troll post? ;)

    hmm .. "done with the genre" does not equate "done with having fun talking about the genre on a forum".

    Don't tell me you think playing a MMO is the same as talking about MMOs here. 
  • Okay WTF is a MMO? Really?

    We don't define video game genres by how popular they are.
    So if only 5 people show up to a "proper" MMO, it is still a "massively multiplayer" game when all you get to interact with is 5?

    hmm .. for a person who cares so much about logic, there is something missing here. 
  • Why are MMOs dying?

    Maurgrim said:
     It's a MMOFPS not a MMORPG then you go on about that this site classified it as a MMORPG and to you that's a fact, then you start twisting words and out of the blue you throw in wut.

    This site does classified it as a MMORPG. What do you mean by "to me" that is a fact. Show me the evidence that it is not so?

    Can you read the game list here?

    In fact, tell me, do you disagree that on this site's game list, the label "MMORPG" is put to the game planetside 2? If you do, i have an elementary school i can recommend to you.
  • Ok Blizzard! Announce it already :)

    wait .. is Diablo now a MMO .. or we can talk about any online games here now?