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  • If Electronic Arts Were 100 Percent Honest With Us

    EA: ok god commande dus ot be we are gonna first say that we are your heroin dealers of gaming and come get your addiction....oh and we are gonna raise all our prices for any game we sell to 500 bucks , have to make you buy a loot box per frame per second you are allowed and make your first character of any game PINK....

    ALSO we will require 10% of all your income montlhy regardless if you play or not....and a satan doll must be placed on top of your head in real life.

    this about right?

    nope. You miss the point that only the whales will got fleeced and most will either let the whales subsidize them, or jump to other games. 
  • Using paywalls to enact lore in an MMORPG

    Don't give more evil ideas to greedy companies. They wont make more money by locking elves behind a paywall. They will get a middle finger.

    Of course they will. You never heard of whales?
  • Using paywalls to enact lore in an MMORPG

    4507 said:

    I fail to see any effective difference between using a paywall for a race as a population limiting device and using it merely out of corporate greed, as many of your beloved free to play games do for almost everything.

    You may disagree with the reasoning behind the execution of these ideas, but you cannot disagree with every single one of the ideas themselves and simultaneously call yourself an MMORPG player.
    Corporate greed is great. With it, you won't have free games sponsored by whales. 

    I can call myself anything I want to, just like this site can classify anything as a MMO. Whether i *want* to call myself a MMORPG player .. that is another story. 

  • So you are happy with the direction It's going?

    laxie said:
    I miss the social aspect and the longevity of the communities. Gone are the days where you could play one MMO with the same people for 5+ years.

    Good. I don't play games for community and people. I treat most other players as NPCs anyway. If i want to make friends, i have plenty in real life. 
  • All you MMO newbs were warned about F2P. Yet you supported it.

    Beatnik59 said:
    Ah, nariusseldon, how I missed thee.

    I still disagree with everything you stand for.  But I cannot help but admire your consistency.

    When all of us have blown away or blown to dust, you shall be here, and you shall be nariusseldon.  It is only because you are you, that we are us.
    Unfortunately i am losing a bit of interest and you can tell i am not coming here as often as the past.

    But certainly this is a great place for forum pvp because people are so passionate about even small silly things like how MMO is defined (now watch someone tells me how the definition MMO is important and I am totally wrong).