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  • Ok Blizzard! Announce it already :)

    wait .. is Diablo now a MMO .. or we can talk about any online games here now?
  • Why are MMOs dying?

    Rhoklaw said:

    Stating facts? You are taking other people's opinions and claiming them to be facts.
    I don't think you know what the word "fact" means.

    Let me teach you.

    "Game list on this site classified PS2 as a MMORPG" is a fact. You can check the list at Anyone who can read should not disagree. It is self-evident, again, to those who can read. 

    "PS2 is a MMORPG" is an opinion. See the difference? I never claim that "PS2 is a MMORPG". However, I assert that "Game list on this site classified PS2 as a MMORPG". Even if you disagree with their classification, it does not change the fact that they classify PS2 as such.

    If you have more problems with logic and what the word "fact" means, I am here to help!

  • Why are MMOs dying?

    Maurgrim said:

    I give up, you are that kind of person who always have to be right in everything.
    well, i guess when you do not have the facts on your side, you have to resort to personal attacks. I understand.

    I certainly would like to be right in everything. Who doesn't? Don't tell me you like to be wrong. But i have a wife, so I am in the wrong all the time. Luckily, when it comes to stating facts about MMOs, I am doing pretty well, at least in this case. 
  • Why are MMOs dying?

    It is why he always uses this sites games list when engaging in discussions about the definition of MMO, whilst ignoring:
    • The English language
    • The games that defined the genre
    • The definitions given by the founding fathers of the genre (Garriott and Koster)
    • This websites editor stating the games list was flawed
    He is only out to troll and deliberately uses flawed evidence. 

    Let me see ... how can i be ignoring the english language when it is what I use to respond to you?

    Games that defined the genre .. well according to whom? I would argue that based on whatever the game list here (or go to massively overpower or any other MMO sites), those games changes. 

    Definitions given by Garriot and Koster .. sure i ignore them. They are has-beens and no longer relevant. It is like asking Shakespeare for advice of how to make The new Avenger's movie.

    This website editor .... they can state whatever .. but a list is a list. If they change the list, i will cite them differently. Promise.

    Before that happened .. do you agree that the statement "this site game list classifies PS2 as a MMORPG" is a self-evident 100 percent accurate fact?
  • What upcoming mmorpg are you excited for?

    Honestly, there doesn't appear to be anything good on the horizon.  I can't understand why so many games are "sandbox" or pvp focused.  Am I the only one that sees these games as not appealing?  I mean seriously, I can't be the only one, right?  I scan these games and think, sandbox, nope not interested, ffa pvp, nope not interested, action combat, nope not interested.  I mean as soon as I read that I swipe left.  How do these developers not see it?  If any of these styles worked, it'd already be a big hit.  I just don't get it... /smh  Seriously, we need to stop waiting for the next big thing and try to appreciate what we have.  Appreciate what you enjoy playing. /end rant.

    hmm .. destiny is a pretty big hit. Overwatch is a pretty big hit. If you forget the traditional mmorpgs, there are plenty of big hits.