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  • Gear Dependency Vs. Player Skill (Poll)

    Kyleran said:

    Yeah,  as I read Eldrians posts I thought we play for so very different reasons.

    I'm far more interested in having a good time, especially if I can help others while doing so.

    I'm guessing Eldrian believes the best way to help his team to is be the best he can personally be whereas for me its equally important  (and perhaps more so) to assist other members of my team, likely why I favor support roles. 

    Narius will call both of us chumps because for him only his goals matter. ;)
    Of course. I don't see why i can't enjoy entertainment products as I see fit.

    BTW, isn't that what you think too? The only difference is that you care about other players, and they are pretty much just NPCs to me.

    It is certainly your prerogative to care about other players. However, you cannot ask for reciprocation. No one is under any obligation to play your way in an online game. 

  • Is Destiny 2 an MMO:Poll

    More than 20% of the votes say "yes". Now does this website gets a say too? The gamelist here classifies Destiny 2 as a "MMOFPS".

  • As a solo only player...MMOs should be a social only genre

    Nope, definitely not. Besides, weren't you done with the genre anyway according to your other troll post? ;)

    hmm .. "done with the genre" does not equate "done with having fun talking about the genre on a forum".

    Don't tell me you think playing a MMO is the same as talking about MMOs here. 
  • Do you think World of Warcraft changed everything ?

      Quickly on paper "LFD" sounds like a great problem solver, But it devastated any chance of community.  Like it or not the game turned into a lobby game.
    I don't play games for "communities". I suspect many don't really care (or else why would toxic games like LoL are so popular"). Solving a problem at the expense of "community" is a great thing when people don't care about community.

    Lobby games are a lot more efficient. It is not like cities in WoW are anything but 3D lobbies anyway. May as well make it more friendly to navigate. In fact, isn't it great that in a game like D3, a few clicks will get me in the game mode that i like to play? None of these walking around and jumping through hoops before I actually can play.
  • What upcoming mmorpg are you excited for?

    madazz said:
    Why this site does nothing about Narius is beyond me. This thread shows him basically begging for attention.

    What do you mean "does nothing"? You did not see that they gave me warnings? Given you are one of those who cares so much about the logical definition of MMO, i though you will be more careful about the definition of "nothing". Well, i suppose people can be hypocrites.

    I think "begging" is a strong word. Attention is so easy that it is more like "can't even shake the spot light if i want to". Case in point, you have to put up a post, half of it has nothing to do with the topic, just to talk about me.