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  • Will there ever be another "deep" Star Wars MMORPG?

    Viper482 said:
    The question is "will there ever be another deep MMORPG?"
    It should be "will there ever be another MMORPG?"

    Sure .. just call Destiny 2 one and you can have one really soon. 
  • Old school design flaws... are they real problems !

    Seems a lot of people say first and second generation mmos had too many flaws.

    What problems ?

    - Maybe you need to use the SOCIAL PANEL and ask for friends and groups ?
    - Maybe, you actually have to ask for help now and then ?
    - Maybe you need to join a guild in order to get the materials for crafting ?
    - Maybe you need to use the auction to make money ?
    - Maybe you simply cant achieve something, no matter how hard you try ? 
    - Maybe you need to be social to run dungeons to keep up with gear ?
    - Maybe you had to travel to your destination ?
    - Maybe life in game is not easy all the time ?
    - Maybe specialized classes can't solo ?
    - Maybe you need to study to learn how to do something ? 
    - Maybe you need to play the game "nine months" instead of "two months" if time is a problem ? 

    ****** So, automatic everything is the answer ? ****** 

    I'm not talking about bugs, that's a different topic.
    Yes. If a game is not convenient, i am not going to bother. I am playing games for fun, not to work. 

    There are so many games .. two months is plenty of time for one. 
  • Is Destiny 2 an MMO:Poll

    And his first two posts after the ban is lifted...

    wow wow wow .. you did not see my warframe vs destiny post?

    Those are the second and third, not the first. For a person who strides on accurate usage of the English language, are you losing your touch? 
  • Is Destiny 2 an MMO:Poll

    The reason it isn't treated the same or called the same under the law is because of the very real differences.  Because you wish to ignore it, it doesn't change reality.  It just makes you dangerously ignorant, considering you claim to drive or have driven for Uber.

    lol .. no one cares enough about MMO to have a LEGAL definition. Otherwise, there won't be so much flames here.

    Now since you are playing the "ignorant" card .. are you ignorant of the fact that Engadet, a pretty prominent tech site, thinks that it is?

    Or may be you are just ignoring the facts?

  • Okay WTF is a MMO? Really?

    DeVoDeVo said:
    Who even cares at this point. 
    The people that loooove MMOs care because once a game is labeled as an "MMO", they have the power to dictate to the developers what they feel should be in the game e.g. endless gear grind, end game dungeons and raids, don't cater to solo.  If the developers does not concede to their wishes, the game will be destroyed in forums and blogs.

    Developers want to move away from the MMO label so they they can have the power to shape the game as they want.

    By not labeling the game as an MMO, developers effectively removed the power from the "it's an MMO" crowd.  
    hehe .. i highly doubt developers care about "powers to destroy in forums" or they control what games are classified as.

    Look at the huge debate on whether Destiny 2 is a MMO .. Bungie would care less and they will be make tons of money either way. Only some here may care. Most gamers will just play the game.