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  • Any MMORPGs where the journey is more important than the destination?

    nah .. neither the journal nor the destination is important. Fun is.

  • I hate you EA

    I won't gimp my own fun, I'll look elsewhere for it because EA doesn't deserve my business and it doesn't deserve yours either.  They've destroyed far more potential entertainment then they've created and so I will not support them in any way, shape or form.  That they still manage to shit out a good game now and then isn't near good enough for me to overlook all the good they've destroyed with their terrible business practices.
    If you like titanfall 2, and you skip it, by definition, you *are* gimping your own fun. There is no titanfall 2 clones, is there?

    No one "deserves" anything in a free market. It is just a transaction. EA gave me a game i like. I gave them my money. So what if they destroyed potential entertainment? If they stop making games i like, i go somewhere. It is not like they don't know that. 
    I don't know if I like Titanfall 2 ... because I'll never again buy a game that EA publishes, nor will I play them.  See how that works?  Nothing is gimped; I'm just reserving my time and money for publishers who aren't, figuratively speaking, serial rapists like EA.  Since those other publishers still make good games, I still get to have fun.

    And I understand what you mean by free market.  I'm free to give EA the finger because I don't like them, and so I do.
    Well, you can't claim you know nothing about titanfall 2 because i am telling you now that it got high scores on metacritics. Unless you develop amnesia in the next 5 seconds, at least you are potentially gimping your own fun. Now of course you are free to give them the finger when gimping your own fun. No one says you cannot gimp your own fun. But putting your head in the sand does not magically change the facts.
    That is not a fact, it is an opinion and an inaccurate one at that.  EA published the game, so to me it's less appealing than fresh excrement.  I'd never have fun playing it because I wouldn't be able to shake the realization that my dollars spent to buy it are supporting a vile shit-stain of a company.

    BTW, i almost forgot. Shouldn't you just pirate the EA games you like? Have fun and strike back at the evil empire?

    One stone .. two birds. 
  • What's with the overall lack of superhero games?

    Po_gg said:

    My comment wasn't on Marvel losing interest or not, and when. Surely they did, back in 2007. My original comment was about the rumor/theory that they ditched the MMO for focusing more on MCU.
    (and added the sidenote that with sticking to the plan they could've both sides profiting from the event, something like a collaboration between SyFy and Trion when launched Defiance both as a game and a show.)

    The MCU made billions. Even their smaller movies are now grossing 600+M world wide, and the good ones grossed like $1B. Not to mention, they are making 3 movies a year.

     They would be idiotic for them to pay attention to MMOs, unless they think they can make a few WoWs a year. Given the state of MMOs, why would they even bother?
  • So what is old school MMO really?

    Akulas said:
    What made it fun was server pride and you literally knew everyone that was on in your time zone and any gear upgrade you got was meaningful. Bring that back. Things I don't miss are corpse runs and grinding a week to get a level.

    Old school games were horrible. Corpse runs. Slow leveling. Camping. Loot drama. I am glad they are all gone. 

  • Is Destiny 2 an MMO:Poll

    Scorchien said:

    The reason it isn't treated the same or called the same under the law is because of the very real differences.  Because you wish to ignore it, it doesn't change reality.  It just makes you dangerously ignorant, considering you claim to drive or have driven for Uber.

    lol .. no one cares enough about MMO to have a LEGAL definition. Otherwise, there won't be so much flames here.

    Now since you are playing the "ignorant" card .. are you ignorant of the fact that Engadet, a pretty prominent tech site, thinks that it is?

    Or may be you are just ignoring the facts?

    Are you still ignorant of the fact that the Dev Bungie and Publisher ATVI still dont call it an MMO..

    Or maybe you are just ignoring the facts?
    He's just picking up his crusader agenda right where he left off when he got banned.

    wait .. you did not even dispute anything i said. I guess you have nothing to add about Engadget and US gamers calling Destiny 2 a MMO.