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  • What's with the overall lack of superhero games?

    Scot said:
    marvel heroes was pretty good until their recent shift to console and loot boxes. Well, all good things ... you guys know the saying. 

    Cash shops, loot boxes always the start of the end Nari. :)

    Not for warframe .. thank god :)
  • If all mmo's were diffacult, would you enjoy them more ?

    Ghavrigg said:
    MMO's already give the option of going way over my interest and ability in terms of difficulty. If we're talking taking longer to level up, well that's not difficulty, that's just tedium. Unless, of course, the game play and content during the leveling process is amazing enough to not bore me to tears before I get anywhere near end-game. Which seems near-impossible these days, as it would have to be something truly special. 

    Even if the gameplay and content is amazing .. it is not about difficulty. It is about good design, and entertaining production.

    Case in point, Dishonored 2 is a great entertaining game, and it was never difficult. 
  • Warframe or Destiny 2 ?

    Ridelynn said:

    I would lean toward the "both" camp. Your more than likely going to buy D2 eventually, and the game is fun. Warframe doesn't cost anything to play, so no reason you shouldn't be downloading it right now. 

    BTW, since we are on the subject.

    Warframe has a promotion in Oct (so there is still time off) that you can get some decent gear if you are a twitch prime member. 

    Now I would never spend a dime on twitch but since my wife is a Amazon Prime member, you get twitch prime for free .. and it translate into free warframe stuff. If you have a newbie warframe toon like me, free stuff helps a great deal. 

  • Black Desert Online PvP server is MORE proof that PvPers are a very niche group

    However. I meant PvP as in, full loot, deathmatch, lose levels/exp kinda PvP. EVE is the only sorta exception to that, but that is because it has lots of safe areas and tons of PvP content. But games like Darkfall or Shadowbane and many other hardcore niche PvP sandbox MMOs, you can lose hours, days or sometimes (like in EVE) months of progress. Lose a titan, and you are out a lot of ISK and time+resources spent getting it
    Then clearly it is not that pvp is unpopular, it is the chance of losing everything is. This is no difference than saying Diablo 3 hardcore mode is less popular than the softcore mode, because of perma-death. It has NOTHING to do with pvp, and everything to do with risk (pvp or pve).
  • Is Destiny 2 an MMO:Poll

    It is. 

    Everyone voting "no" is just a protest vote because they are upset about Destiny 2 in general.

    It's online. It's massive. It's MMO.

    Get over it guys. 

    and so it goes ...

    from camp 1, halfmyster said "it's online. It's massive. It's MMO". I have to point out too that this site's game list agrees ... Destiny is a "MMOFPS" by their classification.

    from camp 2, the language police is going to point out that the first 2 Ms stands for "massiveLY multiplayer", and that "massiveLY" is a world's different from "massive".

    Is camp 1 going to prevail because of this and other (like massivelyop) websites more visible classification?

    Or is camp 2 going to carry the day because of two little letters "LY" backed by a long discussion of logic and reasoning?