I am a Swedish RPG fan who sometime make pen and paper stuff for roleplaying conventions. I love RPGs, MMOs and turned based strategy games, listens to metal and work as a CNC coder/industrial worker.  I currently live in Malmö (next to Coopenhagen) but will be moving to Öland soon. And for the moment I work weekends so I have plenty of spare time on weekdays but will be unavaliable saturdays and sundays. And I know stuff about history that makes people stare very strangely at me, just love to read about the past without any specific favorite period. I can use a sword, have a good one as well (hand made copy with the original from about year 1000) as a chainmail and helmet but I wouldn't call myself good with it. My favorite beverage is Guiness.


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  • Lotro adding raid gear into loot boxes (BETA)

    Every time I retry LoTRO I last about two days then get extremely bored....I think I have just burned out on quest driven games and that one may be the worst of the lot as it feels like thats about all you can do there.
    There's "quest driven" and "quest driven". Thing is most "quest driven" MMORPGs, like LOTRO or SW:TOR, or also WoW nowadays, are VERY linear, with little decision from the player when it comes to where to go next.
    Some other games broke that mold, though. Like GW2 and ESO.
    Yes, the problem with most questdriven MMOs is that over 90% of all the quests are fast and forgettable. There are just too many quick and easy quests thrown on you filling up the questlog and just doesn't feel worthwhile.

    Personally do I think the best questsystem so far is in TSW. A bit of mixing that with GW2s DEs would probably make the best themepark story system, at least until someone invent something better then quests and DEs.

    I don't need someone to constantly ask me to kill trashmobs or delivering pointless messages to people very close to them. A quest should be something epic and memorable.

    If I played and pen and paper RPG and the GM would constantly give me MMO quests I would quit and stay away really fast.

    Delivering an important message to the commander of a sieged fortress from his king is a fine quest. Delivering a message from one dude to his brother 20 feet away because they aren't talking is not.

    Finding the orc king and kill him is fine, telling me to kill 10 random orcs isn't.

    It is not quantum physics, instead of 5000 crappy quests a few hundred good and epic ones makes a better game. A lot of us is tired of doing the same forgettable content every day. The worst is the dailies, they totally suck after a couple of days even if they should be well written (I never seen a well written daily though).
  • Any Good sandbox mmo?

    SEANMCAD said:
    Personally I consider Eve and open world game not really 'sandbox'. the only sandbox MMO that I am aware of that I would consider sandbox would be Wurm. That said, I can see it going both ways
    Wurm is probably the most sandboxy game, that is true and the certainly is a sliding scale between themepark and sandbox. Eve is still rather high up on the sandbox scale though.
  • Guild Wars 2 - The Gemstore Endgame - MMORPG.com

    I don't have any problems with selling random skins in the gemshop but i do have a problem when gemstore skins outshines legendary skins.

    Letting people buy good looking skins is no problem whatsoever as long as the hardest to get in the game is in another class because they should be. Getting legendary stuff in GW2 is an immense work after all. Paying 800 gems or whatever isn't.

    Aeander said:

    Celcius said:

    makevali said:

    Not to mention that they claimed they would not charge players for expansions as stated by popular MMORPG Youtuber scionstorm. Anet is putting too much effort into their item mall and making items look way better than regular in game items, furthermore they didn't even come out with a single non item mall glider skin and they won't for mounts either if the past gives any indication. Can't wait for a new MMORPG cause Anet is being trash lately.

    Wait, what? Where did they state that they would not charge for expansions? Source?

    That is both outdated and mis-stated.

    The original plan in 2012 was to not have paid expansions at all, but rather to update the game every 2 weeks with free content. That flat out failed to stick, as the breakneck pace resulted in inconsistent, typically poor update quality and a lack of polish. The game bled players and community opinion was becoming increasingly pessimistic.

    This then evolved into bigger, less frequent free updates and paid expansions. The game is better for this, as the quality bar has gone up and the game has a clear direction going forward. Seriously, I am glad for expansions.

    To be fair though was Strains original plan when he revealed the game to have paid expansions or campaigns just like GW1 and that was even earlier. They are actually closer to his original concept now then they were at launch.

    And yes, season 1 of living story was generally not very good at all, there were a couple of exceptions but not enough of them.
  • MMORPG and Body Types

    Heck, today you can't even make an old bearded mage anymore which used to be a standard fantasy archetype.

    Today almost all characters looks young and good looking no matter what you do in the character creator not to mention almost all races tend to look very human like.

    We certainly need more variation both with different races and within a specific race. Just making a fat merchant or an old witch seems impossible in  todays games.
  • Do we really need old school?

    Darksworm said:
    Apparently some people do...  Let them have it if someone is willing to deliver it.

    I want no part in it.

    Every time I try old games like EQ - I just can't.  I don't think slapping better graphics on top of the same gameplay is going to change that one bit.
    EQ was something totally new that invented a lot of new mechanics that are standard today. Just remaking it with new graphics would be rather the opposite of what Verant created, a tired old clone already at release instead of something truly unique.