I am a Swedish RPG fan who sometime make pen and paper stuff for roleplaying conventions. I love RPGs, MMOs and turned based strategy games, listens to metal and work as a CNC coder/industrial worker.  I currently live in Malmö (next to Coopenhagen) but will be moving to Öland soon. And for the moment I work weekends so I have plenty of spare time on weekdays but will be unavaliable saturdays and sundays. And I know stuff about history that makes people stare very strangely at me, just love to read about the past without any specific favorite period. I can use a sword, have a good one as well (hand made copy with the original from about year 1000) as a chainmail and helmet but I wouldn't call myself good with it. My favorite beverage is Guiness.


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  • Classic wow will make noobs cry

    Loke666 said:
    I understand what you are saying but I just don'st see Blizz releasing it without that function. Hopefully will it just a be a simple LFG tools instead of a cross server teleporting thing but some kind of dungeonfinder will be there, 100% sure of that.

    Poisons, ammo and simlar could very well be done like they should, heck, I certainly hope so and that is actually rather likely they leave the old way there.
    Give me a break.  Nobody is 100% sure of anything.  It's all speculation until we see it go live.
    Fine, lets say 90% since it isn't Death or taxes.
  • Classic wow will make noobs cry

    I think we can all agree that vanilla Wow did pretty good for itself in the 2 years it was out, no other MMO before or since had such a steep curve of gaining subscriptions after release.

    Yes, many convinience things were not in there and while Blizz probably will add in a few like dungeonfinders (it would surprise me if they don't) many newer players will miss that.

    Also, the difficulty and leveling speed will initially be a shock to many new people (and probablly many veteran gamers who either have forgotten or got out of shape as well) but I have a feeling that they will get over that soon.

    The paradox is that after all Wow clones and Wow itselfs great success no current MMO actually offer this kind of gameplay. Vanilla Wow was one of the last games where the focus actually was the journey and not the endgame, particularly in the beginning. That changed when TBC came out though.

    As long as Blizzard don't screw up and try to make it like current Wow but with vanillas setting I think they will do very well here.

    Update the graphics, throw in a dungeonfinder as a token to new MMOers and I think they actually can keep a million subs on it or maybe even more.
  • The Reminiscence bump

    Wizardry said:
    I actually feel that nostalgia is not so much fun because it proves nothing now a days is very interesting.
    There is a Cinese curse: "May you live in interesting times".... ;)
  • The Reminiscence bump

    Kyleran said:
    I don't think I would have fared well on that survey, pinpointing a single year when America was great would have been a challenge.

    I likely would have picked a historic year, like 1945, but I do see why I didn't vote based on a slogan about making it great again.

    While I have completely embraced modern versions of other entertainment, I enjoy today's TV, music, books, and some social media , I've not adopted everything such watching others stream video games. (I don't watch any form of sports so probably related) 

    I rarely seek out things such as classic rock or older TV, but with MMORPGs I most definitely favor titles created before 2004.

    For better or worse MMO design changed significantly and became more homogenized in ways I don't enjoy, and for some reason I haven't grown to enjoy them in their present form, unlike I have in other entertainment mediums.

    My personal conclusion , modern MMOs just suck.  ;)
    It might be since I am not American but most dates I think of would be late 18th century and 1803 (Louisiana purchase) considering the huge impact they had for the country and the continent.

    The end of WW2 did have a large impact but nowhere near what Pearl Harbor did a few years earlier, the war didn't suddenly end out of nowhere but rather had built up to that since 1942. You have another few important things during the war, like the Japanese Imperial navys screw up with the scouting at Midway that could have changed things rather completelly.

    But I wonder if 1916 was not far more important when US joined WW1 and changed their policy to not interfere in war in Europe, it was that decision that turned US into a superpower eventually. And it wasn't a given US would have joined the allied there either, the official reason was that a German sub sink a civilian innocent ship but it had a rather large shipment on weapons on it as well so US could have stayed out of the conflict and hostory would have been rather different.

    History is rather complicated and saying that a specific year or decade were better then others isn't a simple thing. Do you mean if the average Joe had most spending power, when important decisions were made that changed things a lot or just when unexpected things happened?

    Luckily for me Im Swedish and we have 1631. :)

    I wouldn't go so far to say that modern MMOs just suck but we havn't got many good games the last 10 years...
  • Is F2P with subscription model don't make enough money ?

    I din't think many of the publishers think any sum is "enough" money. And it is just about to get far worse with all friggin lootboxes.

    I thought the golden age of computer games were the 80s?  Usually people call it that, the 90s silver age and the 00s bronze age.

    I havn't heard a name for the 10s though but "the dark age" is probably the correct term, the number of new games I at least personally like is on a all time low while prices are all time high  (including season passes, microtransactions and real money loot boxes in that price).