I am a Swedish RPG fan who sometime make pen and paper stuff for roleplaying conventions. I love RPGs, MMOs and turned based strategy games, listens to metal and work as a CNC coder/industrial worker.  I currently live in Malmö (next to Coopenhagen) but will be moving to Öland soon. And for the moment I work weekends so I have plenty of spare time on weekdays but will be unavaliable saturdays and sundays. And I know stuff about history that makes people stare very strangely at me, just love to read about the past without any specific favorite period. I can use a sword, have a good one as well (hand made copy with the original from about year 1000) as a chainmail and helmet but I wouldn't call myself good with it. My favorite beverage is Guiness.


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  • Luck / Magic find

    Thanks, for the tips.
    I'm not usually lucky, so it may take a while (or forever..) before I get a third one.. 

    I actually decided to got back into the game by going for 100% completion (standing at 96% right now..)  and it was a nice way to do so I think, so I have'nt wasted too much of my time at least! :)

    Your suggestion is interesting! I may even end up selling both to buy a precursor of a type that is of more use... but I'll continue playing with my Daredevil a bit (still in the honeymoon phase now..lol) and also try the Deadeye to see what I really want to concentrate on in the first place.

    Nice! Hope you get your hands on that Pred very soon! :)

    Thanks again for this thread!

    My recomendation as a fellow thief is incinerator.  Having it in one hand and a ascended reskinned in the other looks awesome and a lot of the best thief DPS combos have one or 2 daggers. Nevermore and Bifrost looks too shiny to be used as a Daredevil staff.

    A Legendary cost from 2100 gold to 3700 (besides Eternity at 5000). Zap is worth 790 gold  and Dusk 949 gold so You still need to farm at least 500 gold (but the cheapest are water only). Sadly is incinerator 3400 and you might be forced to buy some gems and exchange for it.  Quip at 2550 is more affordable but it looks rather silly.

    Good luck :)
  • Luck / Magic find

    Tiller said:
    I always knew that, chests have their own separate loot table that isn't reliant on anything other than a dice roll, which is why I've gotten my best drops from the chests. So chest types have better chances than others.
    Yeah, particularly event chests (I think the original Southsun event had the greatest precursor drop rate ever, and still I got zilch :( ).

    Anyways, I think this is the lesson of the thred: The lower magic find you have the better it is to rise it but unless you farm a lot it isn't worth making it above 200%. Always use food that gives you more magic find and if you have boosters use them as well. The ascended neclace with a slot you can insert magic find bonus is a good idea.

    If you raid you can skip the boosters and food while you do.

    And if you plan to farm silver wastes you certainly should buff you as much as possible.

    I think that sums it up, thanks for the help guys. :)
  • Guild Wars 2 - 7 Things to Do Before Path of Fire - MMORPG.com

    LionShard said:

    It's only convenient if you pay, otherwise your inventory is a complete crapfest and without buying gems for even a single bag slot you were already feeling like you're playing some korean F2P game way before it actually went F2P.

    That's not to bash the other parts of the game like the gameplay and such, but the default inventory and bank space is obviously made on purpose to milk every player. You have way too little space, have to buy bags for the bag slots and constantly get utter trash from every single mob, clogging up your inventory space with "loot" which you also have to break down manually, making you feel like you're literally compacting trash as you're filled up with either literal trash items or useless runes that you get from breaking down tons of greens and blues. And that's not even going into mining tools being consumables to promote you buying infinite ones...with real money.

    Case and point - The system at the core in GW2 is designed to be as money-grabbing as possible and the only way to alleviate that is put your hard earned cash out, as with current gold to gem ratio you will need all the gold in the world to fix those problems...and even that will be for a single character, because regular bag slots are character-exclusive and the constant need to trade infinite mining tools between your characters does not help either.

    I like the game, but boy is it apparent what the devs were focused on when they made that "system". There's literally no way of defending that behavior.
    You do know that you can left click on a salvage kit and select "salvage all mastercraft and lower" and "all rares", right? That and "send to the storage" button for crafting mats helps a lot.

    As for the infinite mining tool I at least got a shared slot for free from HoT (but I admit that I bought a silver fed salvage kit I have there so I never have to bother with making "mystic salvage kits for all my chars and I use that slot for it) so swaping is while annoying not that hard.  Of course you might not have gotten that slot for free and need to buy it or os grind gold for it.

    But I don't really have bothered getting extra bags for my alts, with 18 and 20 bags it doesn't fell that hard. My main I exchanged gold to gems the first 3 weeks when the price was low and got all slots filled up fast as well as another bankspace.

    Besides that I buy some gems every time I played for 3 or so months and had a good time to sponsor the game, 20 Euro or so seems reasonable to me but I mainly use those gems for additional char slots and to upgrade my mat storage.

    I don't think GW2 is more money grabbing then anything else, heck, certain games still have a monthly fee and yet want cash for server transfers and sells cometic stuff. Not to mention that they sell both the base game and new expansions as well.

    There are certainly cheaper MMOs you can play, but there are far more that is pricier. 

    And if you have a huge problem with carrying stuff you probably need to manage your inventory better. Still, I wish there was an option I could cross in that made me skip those green insignias and runes while salvaging, they take a lot of space and are a bit time consuming to trash when looting chest like in Auric Basin after a completed cycle.
  • City of Heroes

    I think the customization was one of the largest reasons for CoH/CoVs popularity, that and the fact that it had a very different setting from other MMOs at the time.

    The "first in a genre" thing means it is very hard to beat with a similar game, the new game will have to be far superior and while the later game looks better they are either similar or worse in amount of fun.

    I do belive that a "low" super hero game set in Gotham would beat it pretty easily though, using all Batmans villians and the darker setting together with the IPs popularity should be enough to make a very popular game. 
  • Are there any MMORPGs left that don't have easy-mode PvE?

    Flyte27 said:
    I don't really see why AI has to be good for something to be difficult.

    You can break down a fight in old RPGs into a few different concepts.

    One is health.  Health was slow to regenerate making decisions you make during battle vital.  One mistake could mean you having a fight that you couldn't handle.

    The damage of the mob vs the damage of the player.  The mob always did more damage than the player.  This means in a one on one matchup it's impossible to win unless you use a strategy like kiting.  This was risky as the mob could usually kill classes that had kiting abilities fairly if they got in range because of a resist or bad timing.

    Mana didn't regenerate fast.  If you healed the wrong person, fizzled a spell, or cast a heal too late it often meant death.  If you healed too often it would be costly because of the slow mana recovery rate.

    Mobs had large agro ranges.  You had wandering mobs that would aggro from far away.  If your puller made a mistake it could wipe the whole party and that was costly in those games in terms of losing both time and experience.  Increased frustration leads to people making more mistakes. 

    There was a lot of difficulty and strategy based on pool management, agro management, and timing.  

    I don't think the majority of people are interested in these concepts at this point in time.  They all want safe places where they feel comfortable like in real life.  They want to feel good about what they are accomplishing in the game and never feel much frustration unless they choose to raid on the hardest difficulties.  In essence, they really miss the point of going on an adventure in a consequence free environment IMO.
    AI don't have to be good to make something difficult but it makes combat less predictable. You certainly can give a boss enough HP and damage to make them almost invincible while still being incredible stupid  but I personally don't think it is as fun.

    I am not so sure that the majority of the players just want to easily beat all content without any challenge though, vanilla Wow did at least have a moderate challenge and it did pretty fine. I think the problem is more that game designers adds it because some people do want to steamroll everything and since they know the rest don't have anywhere else to go they use the lowest difficulty they can and hope they can get everyone.

    But MMOs don't do so well anymore and they still make them easier. Making MMOs easier then EQ did widen the playerbase so every time they try to get more players they lower the difficulty more. But just because it worked the first few times does not mean you can do it infinite times. 

    I have a feeling that the difficulty that get you most players is slightly easier then vanilla Wow but still way above the average game today.