I am a Swedish RPG fan who sometime make pen and paper stuff for roleplaying conventions. I love RPGs, MMOs and turned based strategy games, listens to metal and work as a CNC coder/industrial worker.  I currently live in Malmö (next to Coopenhagen) but will be moving to Öland soon. And for the moment I work weekends so I have plenty of spare time on weekdays but will be unavaliable saturdays and sundays. And I know stuff about history that makes people stare very strangely at me, just love to read about the past without any specific favorite period. I can use a sword, have a good one as well (hand made copy with the original from about year 1000) as a chainmail and helmet but I wouldn't call myself good with it. My favorite beverage is Guiness.


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  • (updated!) Authorities looking at regulating RNG as gambling

    While I hate loot boxes actually banning them is not a good idea. Forcing the devs to publish the odds is fine though. 
    Personally I just don't buy them and boycot games that have blatant pay2win content.
  • The Reminiscence bump

    Kyleran said:
    I don't think I would have fared well on that survey, pinpointing a single year when America was great would have been a challenge.

    I likely would have picked a historic year, like 1945, but I do see why I didn't vote based on a slogan about making it great again.

    While I have completely embraced modern versions of other entertainment, I enjoy today's TV, music, books, and some social media , I've not adopted everything such watching others stream video games. (I don't watch any form of sports so probably related) 

    I rarely seek out things such as classic rock or older TV, but with MMORPGs I most definitely favor titles created before 2004.

    For better or worse MMO design changed significantly and became more homogenized in ways I don't enjoy, and for some reason I haven't grown to enjoy them in their present form, unlike I have in other entertainment mediums.

    My personal conclusion , modern MMOs just suck.  ;)
    It might be since I am not American but most dates I think of would be late 18th century and 1803 (Louisiana purchase) considering the huge impact they had for the country and the continent.

    The end of WW2 did have a large impact but nowhere near what Pearl Harbor did a few years earlier, the war didn't suddenly end out of nowhere but rather had built up to that since 1942. You have another few important things during the war, like the Japanese Imperial navys screw up with the scouting at Midway that could have changed things rather completelly.

    But I wonder if 1916 was not far more important when US joined WW1 and changed their policy to not interfere in war in Europe, it was that decision that turned US into a superpower eventually. And it wasn't a given US would have joined the allied there either, the official reason was that a German sub sink a civilian innocent ship but it had a rather large shipment on weapons on it as well so US could have stayed out of the conflict and hostory would have been rather different.

    History is rather complicated and saying that a specific year or decade were better then others isn't a simple thing. Do you mean if the average Joe had most spending power, when important decisions were made that changed things a lot or just when unexpected things happened?

    Luckily for me Im Swedish and we have 1631. :)

    I wouldn't go so far to say that modern MMOs just suck but we havn't got many good games the last 10 years...
  • The Reminiscence bump

    I been playing MMOs for a rather long timebut I don't think the years I played in the 90s were truly the best. Then again, I am not the type who only listen to music from when I grew up either so maybe I am not really the nostalgic type.

    I do have noticed that the general quality of MMOs have gone down the last 10 years with a few exceptions though and I guess that could be nostalgia but to be fair have the amount of western AAA games that actually releases gone down a lot in later years so I don't think that is just me even if that is a possibility.

    There are plenty of people here that do think their first MMO was best so there is something to it but not everyone get that nostalgic.
  • If all mmo's were diffacult, would you enjoy them more ?

    thunderC said:
    I want challenge not difficulty. Bloodborne dark souls type hard is just frustrating and unenjoyable to me as was some of the older raids in vanilla WOW. At the same time alot of bosses in newer MMO's have just become mindless tank n spanks which isnt fun either. I think Final Fantasy does a somewhat decent job at difficulty. My sweet spot for difficulty is learning the fight through on screen q's as opposed to being so hard you have to spend 30 minutes researching how to beat a encounter. 
    Learning how to beat a boss by reading on a wiki is not really difficult. In fact I think a lot of the problem with current MMOs have to do with that.

    Beating a boss the first time can be hard but doing it after that gets easier and easier as you learn it's moves and since MMOs are a lot about repeating the same endgame content over and over that isn't good.

    A better Ai and more randomness forcing you to think on the spot would make the long term fun far better. And the randomness need to be enough to make any research at least rather hard, just having 3 variants of the same boss ain't good enough.

    The you of course need to figure out how difficult each boss should be to maximize the fun, having tons  of close to impossible bosses isn't fun either just like having tons of bosses that just die no matter how poorly you play isn't.

    Some bosses do need to be easier then others and the amount of harder needs to go up as you progress in the game. You don't put up a legendary hero against a goblin mystic more then you put a peasant who just decided to become an adventurer against an ancient dragon or lich.

    A good MMO have varied difficulty but starting out with generaly easy content and slowly ramp the difficulty up as you progress but with some exceptions in both directions.
  • Every Game Will be an MMO (of sorts) - Garrett Fuller - MMORPG.com

    So basically: They don't make MMOs but they charge the customers like they were.