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  • The 10 Greatest MMORPGs of All Time - 2017 Edition - The List -

    Torval said:
    No one wins with these lists
    There doesn't have to be a winner.

    Unless you're, you know...

    what..? :|
    There can be only one. 

    And that one is me. I'm the winner.  
  • First Impressions - TheHiveLeader - Fortnite Videos -

    mmrv said:
    While the excessive menus seem overwhelming at first this is the much MUCH needed part of games that allow for extended play by people who pour hundreds of hours into these gamesand the complexity that nearly every game is missing now.

    So deal with it or errm go play wow hit for same 5 buttons in the same order over and over and over and over again.

    Complexity = good
    cookie cutter simplicity = bad/boring

    We need games to return to complexity.
    It isn't complexity, its poor design. There's a difference.
  • Fortnite is a Game You Want to Try - Not So MMO -

    I enjoy this game quite a bit, in fact it has been the #1 game I've played in the past couple weeks. However, it's wrong to say that this game doesn't have a pay wall once reaching 20+ as progression is severely stifled upon entering and progressing through Plankerton. Missions become significantly harder in difficulty, take longer to complete, and are no more rewarding than beginner missions.

    Additionally, I haven't found a single V-Buck bonus reward mission for nearly 5 days. I know they exist however, the rarity is extremely low. If Epic wants this game to survive for the long haul, it needs to become significantly more rewarding to players who spend large quantities of time playing their game.
    Wall means 0 progression can be made. Thats the only reason we're at odds here. There is no "wall".  

    The game needs to change with how progression works across the board.  Schematics for progression is only part of it.  I'm finally past 30 now.  Really if you want to "progress" as quickly as possible, it's as simple as slotting survivors between uncommon and rare (I do have some epic and a couple legendary survivors) and get them to 2 stars at minimum.  

    The grind to get them there is terrible.  The grind to get anything anywhere is pretty terrible, but it isn't locked on what you pay.  

    They said they are adding something at the end of the month to help with this... but what is it?  They are also removing the founders llamas.  

    It's still a good game... it's not really a pay "wall" so much as a pay escalator.  You pay to turn it on to advance higher, but if you don't you have to walk up every step to progress and it can be pretty awful.  
  • MMOs are now Casinos.

    SEANMCAD said:
    mgilbrtsn said:
    I love me some Casinos.  If an MMO had a blackjack table, I'd never go adventuring, except to get more gold guessed it.  The Blackjack table!
    Back in the old Phantasy Star Universe they had an area that was a roulette table.  I spent many many nights just hanging out at the roulette wheel with my friends.  Granted it didn't use real money, but it was still tons of fun. 
    clearly different people have radically different gaming interests.

    i dunno why that was in italics.

    But the best part was that it didn't cost a thing. They've also had types of gambling in other games too, but that isn't really the type of gambling I meant in the original post.  Most of those cases only utilized in game currencies that couldn't be purchased with real money or traded.
  • Fortnite is a Game You Want to Try - Not So MMO -

    Ozmodan said:
    Just to give everyone a heads up the game hit paid early access on July 25, 2017. Those who have mentioned that they're level ~30 in this game must be playing the game for far longer than 4 hours a day and may have spent money on the game to progress even further.

    Now, lets start with the numbers they've provided at 30-160 V-Bucks a day over the period of 8 days that would provide players with 240-1280 as of August 8, 2017.

    240-1280 V-Bucks nets you 2-12 Llamas (excluding the special deals that occasionally pop-up).

    If you've tried the game out for yourself and have a full understanding of the mechanics, it should be crystal clear at this point that these people are stretching the truth quite a bit at this point.

    Of course 2-12 Llama total isn't exactly correct as you can obtain V-Bucks through Storm Missions. How many more V-Bucks said player has obtained at ~30 depends on how many Storm Missions were completed.

    The first zone will net you 600 V-bucks and the second zone will net you 600 V-bucks. However, due to the fact that they're ~30 it's safe to assume they've only obtained 300 V-bucks from the second zone as the quest line in that zone ranges from 15-46. This brings the total amount of V-Bucks obtained from Storm Missions alone to 900 giving these players 1140-2180 V-Bucks.

    This provides them with 11-21 Llamas to open(excluding the special deals that occasionally pop-up).

    Now, depending on whether or not they're destroying various Heroes, Weapons, traps, and survivors to fill their Collection Book they can obtain 500 V-Bucks at level 5 and another 500 V-Bucks at 26 of course there's more higher up the Collection Book however even trying to obtain 26 would cripple their progression greatly (unless they've paid money).

    This feat is hard to believe.

    Wrong again buddy.  

    You can get up to 10 storm shield mission bonuses per storm shield.  They only require you to go through the quest line up to storm shield 6.  

    On top of that you have dailies, and challenges, each netting anywhere from 30 to 50 each, not to mention mission bonuses, side quests and dailies.  Your numbers are way off.  

    Listen everyone,  the truth of the matter is, if you want to farm for vbucks its completely possible.. but vbucks aren't the end all be all of progression like he's even trying to say it is.  You are capped on the amount you can get a day but it's certainly more than 50.  

    On top of that though....

    You can get FREE mini llamas and transform them for rare items which can be used to upgrade everything as well.  There is no cap on the amount of mini llamas you can get, you can continuously run storm shield missions with people to earn them.

    He also fails to mention that the training manuals are able to be earned through other means as well AND that earning the training manuals is such a small part as in comparison to the rain drops and lighting in a bottle and the several other XP requirements you need to upgrade the vBucks are only a small part of it all....

    AND lets not even forget that to get to level 25+ all you need to do is progress through the story, unlock the survivor slots and slot an uncommon or rare survivor and leader (which you get enough of before you even hit the middle of plankerton)  and level them up to max.  It doesn't even require you to use training manuals for them!  Just getting all the slots and upgrading them to 10 which costs NO manuals gets you pretty high in level as it is.

    And with that being said, I'm level 27 and don't even have the vast majority of survivors past level 5!  

    So please, if you want to level effectively all it takes is a little know how. The pay wall doesn't hit pre-30.   If it hits post 30 I won't know until I get to that point.. but if you're complaining about a pay wall pre 30.... you're not doing it right.

    Love posters that are in denial.  As with any of these games, they are designed to suck you in at low levels so you get far enough where you hit the paywall and are forced to pay and pay to continue.  If you want to be a shill for games like this fine, but that does not change the fact that games like this are just a complete waste of time.  Enjoy your time in this game because it will soon end.  There is no sense of accomplishment when others just buy it!!!
    I love posters that don't know what they're talking about.  

    You're talking about "sucking you in at low levels" ...  I'm talking about pre 30 gameplay.  Do you know how the game works pre 30 or are you just railing against games that have loot boxes and cash shops because thats your modus operandi?