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  • Misfits & Freaks Add Up to Thirty-Five Million Players - Overwatch -

    Forgrimm said:
    Wedlen said:
    I hate when they say this. There are probably 500 000 active players. 35 million people have tried the game probably.
    That might be relevant for a F2P game, but Overwatch is B2P. And it has no free trial outside of the occasional free weekend promotions they've run. So there is no "trying" the game, every account equates to a box sale. 
    35 million is an entirely believable figure, to be honest i am surprised its not more especially when you consider how many people play games such as League of Legends or CS:GO etc. But yes, thats a lot of box sales, better than you get for Single Player games really.
  • Star Wars Battlefront II or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and the Love the Loot Box - Michael Bitt

    BruceYee said:
    I have no problem with p2w systems in games and enjoy quite a few across multiple games. Exposing children to certain ways of thinking at an early age with these gambling loot boxes may have unforeseen consequences though.
    I entirely agree, i think personally that the game should be rated as being 'Adult' rated content because of the games dependency on loot boxes for progression, i think 100% this represents a form of gambling and i think its something that younger players may be damaged by. :/
  • Star Wars Battlefront II or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and the Love the Loot Box - Michael Bitt

    Konfess said:
    It's Loot Crates, or you can try the system they were talked out of. Buy game licence for $75, then monthly subscription of $75.

    You got, buy the game for $60, play the game for 2.5 years and earn everything for free.
    Its unrealistic that anyone would get a 'decent' number of loot crates to make a real difference, at least not for free, assuming you play the game religiously for 5 hours a night for 3 months solid or about 450 hours worth anyway, you wouldn't get enough in that time period to compete against someone who bought loot crates on day one, and by the time anyone got enough 'free' loot crates to compete with a 'paying' player, likely the 'paying' players would have long since moved on to other games along with most of the 'free' players too.
    So the choices are clear, buy loot crates and compete, or get used to being the 'trash mob' in the game.
  • BattlEye Instrumental in Booting Cheaters - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds -

    Rhoklaw said:

    Lies as everyone knows, there are no cheaters in FPS games. I know there are pro gamers out there who are pretty much unstoppable, but the amount of cheating going on in today's games makes it next to impossible to determine a cheater from a legit player. A lot of gamer's came up with the "hackusation" remark in defense of this, but only cheaters will promote the idea that cheaters don't exist in games. If I'm not mistaken, there was at least one pro gamer caught cheating at a competitive event. I guess we'll chalk this up to saying people who cheat will also vehemently deny being a cheater.

    I don't believe that cheaters will vehemently deny being a cheater, but I do believe that liars cheat too. I have seen cheaters forward and open about it. In fact; I openly tell people about the things I did on Terratek and teach my kids how to do that too. ( We don't competitively play games, we casually play games. It's relaxation. ). I have seen it done back. The thing is; their are so many liars that do cheat; that it makes all cheaters regardless of whether or not they are a liar; look bad. In addition; it also puts people who were innocent and got banned (legit false-flags) into a position where it is so hard to appeal out of their legit banning.

    I didn't, would tell you if I did, and even would teach you how too if you were curious... cheat Ark: Survival Evolved. Well; I've had no luck getting that on the record. I played casual PvE too. Nothing about it was competitive. Yet; something I did triggered a global banning and their isn't a way out of the pool of liars that did cheat, cheaters that don't lie, and honest players caught in between while casually playing instead of competitively playing a video game.

    Then; BE ignores those people who were honest casual players that did something to trigger a banning and they ignore their support ticket, dare not to respond even the slightest "Ticket Opened, Ticket Closed, Ticket Conclusion". While they do this, studio's provide similar qualities in their services with the entire "ignore the cheater" campaign. The player gets mad, takes it to the community forums of the game that they are playing; searching for help and ends up getting banned because moderators have no additional information on how to deal with this. So then the player ends up on steam and twitter completely irate. Finally; as it seems. BE has people on steam and the people that BE have on steam really braid the frustrated player around in the community over that players thread. It could have been avoided the entire time; had BE sent the email "Ticket Conclusion: You Cheated, You Will Not Be Unbanned" or if the studio provide much the same service. Instead though; the want, like they want to pull the cheaters out in the community discussions regardless if they really did cheat.

    At this point; this service is retaliation not a solution and it cannot be morally justified and must be vindicated because their are honest victims who are being unprofessionally handled and they did receive their banns in non-competitive gameplay which implies that their usage touched scope of the same tools or utilities that hacktivist use but did not necessary use the same methods and may not have even touched the video game. I ended up closing my steam account (still in process) and boycotting all studios period because I will not let another studio exploit me in the same ways again. It's the same thing as cyber-bullying. Why did they wait till I got in a steam community to publically make any and all attempts to denounce my threads and publicize: "You cheated; Our Products Perfect; Enjoy Your Ban". People; working with BE did that while BE support ignores emails for over 60 days!?. All of that is to be avoided by providing proper customer service.

    They don't even have evidence that an uncorrectable margin of error does not exist within their solution. I played PvE; have never taken a video game or a player personal, never felt disdain towards a product, and now that I do feel disdain for the product; I'm so close to organizing a medium where people get together and coordinate a class action lawsuit. I've already purchased the virtual private server to develop it on and installed laravel with for a basis of a social network that we can communicate on.

    While they do this to people they do not even think about the amount of money that the player had spent in hardware to play the game that is being played at the best of quality which he could afford. My system costed one-thousand and five-hundred dollars. They do not even consider the amount of time that the player had played. Cheaters progress vertically; not gradually. They do not consider how frustrating this experience is. It's damn-near psychopathic. Especially for those who only casually play.

    I am even offended so deeply; that every-studio has been boycotted from my family of 5 in regards to PC games and likely console games too. My GTX 1080 will not be doing any in-game photography. It's been assigned to mining online currencies. If the anti-cheat gold standard is to treat people like shit in public online-communities by ignoring their messages and then negatively responding to their threads in online-discussions then it's not a future I want part of. Another studio is not having the chance to exploit me again.

    And as my steam profile closes; I am ignoring a platform for people to organize and collaborate class action against BE on a VPS with a Laravel Social Network. It's an org. Its going to be as legal as possible.
    Not all cheaters will deny they are doing so, but there are a few who go to some pretty extreme lengths to deny their guilt, they can even be very creative in their own defence about why they did not in fact cheat and it was someone elses fault or whatever. :/
  • Why are you NOT playing Elite: Dangerous?

    Beyorn said:
    I tried to land a ship ;D.
    First time can be a bit iffy, you have to be close enough before you can request landing/docking permission, you have a limited amount of time to actually land, and there are speed limits and other spacecraft doing the same thing, and your usually scanned for 'contraband' and criminal status at some point too, you can learn several lessons the hard way the first time you land :p