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  • SC makes PC Gamers worst micro transactions list

    Phry said:
    Nilden said:
    Really fake news?

    "You can pay $50 to $100 for a claim to a plot of virtual land in a game that isn't out yet thanks to Star Citizen's land purchasing system that lets you secure a 4km x 4km "lot" or an 8km x 8km "estate" for your outlay. You don't need a land license to build in Star Citizen, but owning the land offers you protection against vandals, who will be committing an in-game crime for messing around with your private property. You can't choose where your plot goes yet, because Star Citizen's planned universe doesn't exist yet, but in the meantime you can look at a picture of a patch of Moon and dream."

    Quote from the article is what Star Citizen is doing.

    Sorry to break it to you but this is real.

    Still doesn't encourage gambling or prey upon children, they are selling things that will eventually be in the game and are advertised as such, in that sense they are totally transparent in what they are doing, as opposed to loot box microtransations etc that you find in EA games and lately in Destiny 2 etc. which are by far a lot worse and are not transparent at all after all didn't Bungie throttle the xp gains from players in order to try and get them to make more microtransactions? and that only got changed when they were called out on it. Sorry, but while i might not be a fan of SC it is by no means the worst offender there is, far from it.
    Apples and oranges. 

    Star Citizen is rather unique in its approach.  Whether or not it deserves a spot in the article is somewhat irrelevant. It is noteworthy. 

    As others in this thread have noted, you can only hope the things they are selling will one day be in the game.  People have paid thousands (let alone hundreds) of dollars for ships that are still not in the game, years later.

    It's an "offender" (if you want to call it that) in an entirely different way.
    Your correct in that they are 'different' but i am not sure offender can really be used in that context, SC is a game that is in development and the people buying into that must be aware of the risks that can be associated with buying things so early in the games development, nor are they, at least as far as i know, selling things that are an absolute requirement to progress within the game.
    Compare this to games that have been released with dlc and loot boxes that directly affect and are a requirement to play the game, Destiny 2 recently released a dlc that unless you bought it you were locked off from the end game content that you were previously able to play before the dlc was released,  making the dlc purchase a requirement if you wanted to continue playing the end game content, or SW:BF2's progression being based on loot boxes, which after all the fuss kicked up they are now saying that they may never enable microtransactions in the game, though this is EA so read into that what you will.
    In short buying things directly is not gambling, nor does it encourage gambling, loot boxes on the other hand are an insidious greed based form of dlc that does encourage gambling, i think from a moral standpoint alone that is enough to make them a significantly worse 'offender' than anything CIG has done, whether you are a fan of SC or not.
  • Which pen and paper roleplaying game would you like to see as a MMORPG?

    Traveller based game for me, a game where i get to explore the spinward marches, if only.
  • Hitting 'Em Where It Hurts, EA's Stocks Lose Over $3.1 Billion in a Month - SW Battlefront 2 News

    Gdemami said:
    Disagreed Max, the 39% growth over the course of 10 months after the 8% drop means that stockholders lost 20% of the year's profits in a single month due to a single, ultra-avoidable meltdown of a PR fiasco.

    I doubt stockholders simply ignored it.
    Dat math....
    I wasn't attempting to be specific, it was a rough figure to illustrate the point.

    Congrats on, once again, contributing nothing.
    Its almost an art form in itself :p
  • Microtransactions is working

    So, how are microtransactions working for EA/DICE these days :p
  • GW2 released the best expansion I've played this year

    PinoX said:
    Andemon said:
    They got the mount controls down to the T, but beyond that the expansion is mediocre. The story is juvenile power fantasy with cringy tropes ("one man army", "death is cheap", and so on), maps are full of impassable terrain and there are few viable routes of travel (which cuts down on exploration), the grind is worse than ever, the new maps are littered with tons of boring trash mobs, the repeatable hearts ('quests') are some of the most tedious content that I've seen in the game, and they went way overboard with the special effects (to the point that you can rarely see bosses in battles, because everything is covered in sparkles).

    As for personal preferences, I'm not keen on having to use the giant rabbit so much.
    Cmon man, that is non constructive criticism. Gaile is going to come and delete your post.
    ........ Oh wait ....... this isn't GW2 official forum. nvm.
    Hilarious, i wish i'd said that, but i see what you did there. NVM a lot of complaints are always made about official forums on any games website. Here at least you can say it and be ridiculed, as the case may be.