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    Your pet definition of what constitutes an MMORPG isn't the only one.

    Anyway, what may be the most recent game where one could get the kind of experience you suggest is Dungeons and Dragons Online, if you play with those fresh to the game without looking up walkthroughs.

    D&D Online ?...... No can do anymore. 

    It's been made simple and easy for the past 5 years, no challenge at all for groups.  Groups can fly through dungeons so fast it would make your head spin. The game is populated in the very early levels but once you get to the zone package cash-grab content it's dried up because no one is paying for anything but the max level fans.  

    Don't need a lecture on D&D Online, it was one of my favorites back in the day.  Again, can someone name at least one mmo ?
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    In White Birch their are whispers and rumors among the people that something evil is happening in Old Tucker Fortress.  They say it's been abandon for more than 40 years but the children that play along the shore of the Valley River have been seeing smoke from the big chimney and others have seen the lights glowing at night.  Could this be the source of the plague that's killing our people ?  

    Stories such as this are common in both modern and old school mmorpgs.  However taking action with the information given is much different today.    

    With old school this would be a memorable experience.  Just by reading this the player would know a major adventure is waiting.  A group would have to be assembled and a few hours would have to be devoted in solving this situation.  The group would understand careful planning would be needed by scouting from above or having a party member with experience on the quest.  

    To get deep inside Old Tucker Fortress, the group would understand a high degree of failure is most likely.  The individual player would expect this and try and try over again or devote much thought in doing it right the first time.  If a player failed they would consider this a challenge they must solve.  Even if it meant daydreaming the next day at work or school and realize "hay, I should ask a Warlock to come along".  

    Gaining experience wouldn't matter....... The challenge of tackling an imposable situation would.  All this at level 26 !  

    This is what separate's an mmorpg from just another game online...... I have to ask, can someone name at least one mmorpg ?         
  • Is "Pay for convenience" the new pay to win?

    I don't see the argument. 

    Cash shops suck !
  • So you are happy with the direction It's going?

    DMKano said:
    Maurgrim said:
    This are a question for those who started the MMOs back in late 90s and early 00s.

    What did you think back then how the future of MMOs would evolve and how much right and wrong are you today?

    I started with UO in 1998 and EQ1 in march 1999.

    Other than improving graphics I didnt have a clue how the gameplay would improve, but I thought that mmorpgs would move away from simple and antiquated "hitpool" and "damage" die roll mechanics to something that resembles real life simulation (when you punch someone or shoot somone in real life, there are no hitpoint bars or damage numbers)

    I always thought that real life physics, ecosystems and organism simulations would be what mmorpgs would be like - not anytime soon due to massive compute power that would require.

    So completely wrong.

    But I also had no idea how my lifestyle would change and how much family life with work and kiddo schedules would change how I play games.

    Never thought about that either back in 98/99 - I always assumed that I would have most of my day to devote to gaming.

    Was completely wrong too. 

    I also never considered how I would change as a person and that I would lose desire to spend 10 hours raiding which at one point back in early 2000s I thought was amazing.

    Zero desire to ever do that again today.

    So again very wrong.

    Am I happy with the direction that its going?

    Well gaming is going on all directions, so yes I am very happy. There is a larger variety of games being made by more people today than at any other point in history.

    I am having more fun gaming today than back in 98/99 due to so many different games.

    Never been a better time
    than right now.

    You admit mmos didn't evolve into what you expected, like everyone else here.  You contradict this by saying gaming has a larger variety.

    You have "no time" or any "desire" to play an mmorpg.  Because games evolved into what you want you say "never been a better time than right now". 

     I view this as being extremely selfish !
  • Were done.

    kitarad said:
    You're all over the place with this thread  and were (correct use) you absent during the lesson on contractions.Your ideas behind why we are done cannot be supported plus your insult on Asian games are misplaced probably because you have not played any Japanese games. It's a shallow conclusion with a poorly researched body.

    A game like SWTOR sunk  a lot of money into its making and advertising too and that game alone debunks what you have posted.

    I guess your right. I guess I'm all over the place, however I don't see it but many others would agree so I believe its true.

    However, the substance is true. It's the history behind what happened. 

    Many feel, their is no problem.  This community is split, where at one time we were one, now we are two. 

    - MMO players 50%
    - Games online players 50% 

    With two community groups nothing could ever be stated without opposition..... I guess this is for the mmo players.

    SWTOR was popular just because it was StarWars, this was stated so many times I can't even count.  I'll not even address the Asian cash grab, that's a different topic. 

    Understand, this is not an attack on this community.  It's about greedy business.