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  • Tactical

    In White Birch their are whispers and rumors among the people that something evil is happening in Old Tucker Fortress.  They say it's been abandon for more than 40 years but the children that play along the shore of the Valley River have been seeing smoke from the big chimney and others have seen the lights glowing at night.  Could this be the source of the plague that's killing our people ?  

    Stories such as this are common in both modern and old school mmorpgs.  However taking action with the information given is much different today.    

    With old school this would be a memorable experience.  Just by reading this the player would know a major adventure is waiting.  A group would have to be assembled and a few hours would have to be devoted in solving this situation.  The group would understand careful planning would be needed by scouting from above or having a party member with experience on the quest.  

    To get deep inside Old Tucker Fortress, the group would understand a high degree of failure is most likely.  The individual player would expect this and try and try over again or devote much thought in doing it right the first time.  If a player failed they would consider this a challenge they must solve.  Even if it meant daydreaming the next day at work or school and realize "hay, I should ask a Warlock to come along".  

    Gaining experience wouldn't matter....... The challenge of tackling an imposable situation would.  All this at level 26 !  

    This is what separate's an mmorpg from just another game online...... I have to ask, can someone name at least one mmorpg ?         
  • Vanilla WoW....How would you build it ?

    Coated said:

    Go look at the private servers that were wildly popular.
    And NONE of those private servers were run as pristine "Vanilla". None.

    Absolutely not true !!!!  

    When someone uses the word pristine, its a hard word to argue. 
    It would make people say "I better not fight this battle"... But it's just a powerful word is all !  

    OK on topic:
    The private server I'm on is the most popular and has been for years.  It has many servers and many expansion servers, infact their adding Mists of Pandaria soon if not already, I don't know I'm only interested in Vanilla, however my friends talked me into Cataclysm for awhile and hated it. 

    - It's solid and stable 
    - It's never down (logged in last night to check) 
    - Graphics are beautiful 
    - Never crashes 
    - Always packed with players of every level and all zones ! 
    - People are amazingly nice and helpful 
    - Close to no asshats for some odd reason 
    - Doesn't cost anything, download and make an account

    In all the years I've played I could name the few broken quest (at least the ones I know of) 

    - Darkshore, tame a bear.... The bear will not follow 
    - Uldaman, the large stone statue boss is broken, I forget why 
    - The rogue quest line stops at the end (it's always been that way) 
    - All battle grounds are dead, could never get groups (never looked deep into this) 
    - Druids are too weak, and Paladins can't heal very well  

    So you can take the word "pristine" and shove it !
  • Vanilla WoW....How would you build it ?

    If you can build Vanilla World of Warcraft how would you do it ?

    We all have our opinions, but this is my own: 
    - Don't even try to please everyone 
    - Introduce Monk class
    - Fix all the bugs, that's a given 
    - Huge graphics update  
    - Balance a few classes in the background ( depending on version ).  
         Druids were too weak 
         Priest and Mage need more early mana.  Subjective, if you knew how to play then no  
         Rogues needed more love early, then less at mid and high levels 
         Hunters were too strong after they get their pet 
    - Up difficulty 10% more than it was 
    - Fix crafting
         Less materials needed, too much grinding 
         No matter how Guild dependent, players were always behind on level of crafted gear. 
    - Faster mount at level 30 and 15 gold.... Lets not irritate players 

    New and modern features:
    - Modify the Social panel for LFG..... It's an absolute must that players are aware of this. It already worked, but NO ONE USES IT !
    - Dual Speculation ONLY for Tanks and Healers so they can solo... More incentive to play. 
    - Really fix the summoning stones for dungeons, only one or two players needed, no more 30 second cast for drama.  
    - ALL caster classes get summoning players, no more 30 second cast for drama. 
    - Warlocks and Mage get "Soulstone" to be given to resurrect classes to revive themselves.....Let's not irritate groups (remember, 10% harder).   

    Long range goals: 
    - Have a full expansion ready to go.  YOU STAY LEVEL 60 ( perks not worked out yet )
    - Advertise expansion on day 30, execute it at day 60.... Why?.... Don't over crowed servers, more will jump in knowing this information.  Timing must be perfect to catch the power levelers. 
    - Keep expansion secret for shock value and double release.  

    How would you do it ?
  • Single most favorite feature

    My single most favorite feature is a long lasting fight...... Nice and simple right ?  

    I miss standing at a distance lining myself up with a target. 

    - Deciding what class of fighter it would be:  
    Is it a caster that will stand its ground and not approach with all his friends around him.  Is it a shield and sward welding human where I would have to flank him, or dodge and strike.   What level is he ?.... Can I take him ?

    - Deciding what abilities to use:
    At level 15, I have several abilities to choose from.  With this I can formulate a series of combo's for different situations.  I spent talent's points that heighten "my own" style of fighting.  How will I go about entering that crypt full of skeleton's spaced a few feet apart ? 

    - I've researched the class abilities and talent's:  
    I know at level 20 I'll be getting "sap".  This will change everything.  Now I have more control over multiple mobs.  This is a major game changer, but it has a timer for how often I can use it or how long it will last so I better be careful.  Again the rules have changed who do I fight and who do I stun ? 

    - Now I'm in a group:
    Everything I have planed playing solo my not be viable now that I have a Tank..... I'll not go into detail, you know what I'm saying. 

    What happened with building a good strong character....... It's a lost feature :(  
  • Were done.

    Here's how it is:
    MMOs are too expensive to make.  HOWEVER it seemed lucrative for Triple A companies to cash in anyway on the market as long as they can run a large false marketing campaign that everyone would like that's a cheaper, smaller, easer, solo experience game.  Something their investors would except.  Lets not forget bankruptcy is always a good option (see Donald Trumps business tactics).

    The vision WAS promising........ Focusing on Blizzards World of Warcraft, they researched the current market at the time and found mmos other than WoW were somewhat crude.  Some moderately successful but crude none the less, there was room for a huge cash cow.  The only hindrance was up front money, super millions but on a video game ?....... Investors could understand a new automobile manufacture Like Hyundai or KIA, but selling the idea of a video game was suicide unless the promise of major cut backs.  Remember, Blizzards success was the only thing keeping investors interested at any level.  Developers and Marketers had to work in tandem with cheaper, smaller, easer, solo to keep cost down, yet fun and interesting with good advertisement. They had the Law on their side.  They knew how to play the fine line between false advertisement and simply leaving out the oblivious short comings. 

    Make the game appear exciting before release, capture the audience with intrigue.  After all "up front box sales is everything", this is where we get our money back and more.  This along with Blizzards $15 a month style of charging. 

    Triple A investors don't care about consumers at all.  However, they do care about their reputation.  Fresh ideas have to make up for lack of high cost.  Give them something fun too ! 

    "give them something fun too "...... Is a key that worked on all of us for several years.  Dynamic events, destructible worlds, story modes, the list goes on.  But we can all admit it was temporary, something was always lacking.  They were not mmos anymore, they were games online.  It had to be that way to keep cost down, this was an absolute !

    To build a traditional mmo the world had to be huge if natural occurrences were to come into play.  Spreading natural would require large land mass if it were to be believable.   Far off lands to be with friends and their situations became too costly.  Tight small worlds full of puzzles and mini games were more viable.  And again, it worked for awhile.

    It seems that shiny lost it's luster, where as a living breathing world would last forever !!!!!..... We now have Asian cash shops, Triple A is no more.

    Let's hope smaller developers with passion can give us our dream back.