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  • Elex, what do you think ?

    I've never been on the fence about a video game as this one.  I'm great at making decisions, in fact I can make good spontaneous decisions and almost never regret it.

    But Elex is driving me nuts !!!  

    Elex is a game made by Piranha Bytes.  This developer is unique.  They made a similar game back in 2006 called Gothic 3.  Both Elex and Gothic 3 are getting mixed reviews because YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND HOW TO PLAY THEM ( putting aside the bugs of Gothic 3 that were later fixed).  

    Elex, is considered unique because your not expected to jump into combat like so many people are doing.  You have to build your character first.  Understand the combat is lacking until its fixed, but still this is besides the point, combat has to take a back seat.

    Some would call Elex boring..... This seems suggestive because of it's unique style being faction based.  Your main driving point to this games is developing a bond with your faction.  This bond seems to be what the game is about and not so much combat like other games. 

    Maybe I should buy it and get it over with...... What do you think of Elex ?  
  • If all mmo's were diffacult, would you enjoy them more ?

    Excession said:
    Define "difficult" with regards to MMORPG gameplay.

    I don't define anything, use your imagination. 
  • The beginning of the end, The story

    Scot said:
    Your choice of examples is not necessarily seminal, but that does not matter. You have understood the direction of travel which has got us where we are today.

    There are many more factors than you have mentioned, such as the interaction between MMOs and solo games, between western and eastern MMOs and the change from subscription to cash shop. But in end we arrive at the same place; cheap tinyMMOs. Will we see a AAA ever again? It would take an IP of stellar proportions for a gaming company to even think about it.

    I agree,
    I take my OP and add yours and that's where we stand now, in a huge downward spiral. 

    The end of the end

    Reading your last line got me thinking.... Could you imagine if an indie creates a major hit. The triple A's will try and cash in again !!

  • Old school design flaws... are they real problems !

    Loke666 said:

    A new end game would be nice...... But a large long game would be ok too.

    How about 4 to 9 months worth of content with replayability ? 
    How about being level 24 for a few days, remember this ?
    I think we need to cut down on the amount of levels as well. 80 or 100 levels is not really more fun. People did enjoy to level up so some moron thought we should have tons of levels but that made leveling less fun and made getting good gear before the endgame pointless.

    What I want to see is slow leveling for the first toon but faster leveling when you make an alt that reaches a level you already have on another toon. Being lvl 24 for days is fine on your main but boring and grindy on an alt.

    Fast leveling has so many downfalls and nothing good: 
    - Being level 24 for days lets new abilities sink in...allows practice.
    - Being level 24 for days allows you to make and keep friends at your level.  Have you ever lost a new friend because he played three hours more than you now he's level 31.
    - Being level 24 for days, allows you to enjoy a zone longer.

    Advantages of fast levels are for developers only:
    - Less content for each level.
    - Less large zones.
    - No need to practice, if your health bar doesn't go down.  What good are abilities ?

    Healing is a thing of the past !
    Tanking is a thing of the past !

  • Old school design flaws... are they real problems !

    Loke666 said:
    Wizardry said:
    There is really only two ways to make the game,so there is no real old school versus new school.

    Instead what i am seeing is developers that don't want to spend the money or time or effort to make a really good rpg with mmo elements,instead try to change the actual genre into something that is both not a mmo nor a rpg.

    The reason people look at vanilla Wow is because they are thinking back BEFORE it's true face "end game" showed it's ugly face.However  when i look back it maybe had lot's of rpg elements but it was a poor MMO,as it was predominantly meant to solo all the time.Wow failed at the core basic delivery of a RPG game,no home no starting reason,like a city  fro example,just drop you down in the middle of nowhere.
    Point being that YES vanilla in games is likely better than anything opted towards end game but it still does not mean it was a good solid design,average at best.

    I dreamed of seeing this genre advance into something great,where everyday we felt like we really were in a living world.FFX was that awesome example,you felt like a part of the world,sometimes sleeping,playing Blitzball,it was not about gear grinds or end game.I have hoped devs could achieve a similar type game but in a MMO atmosphere and not a bunch of yellow markers over npc heads to follow in a linear fashion.

    I have given up hope of seeing that great truly Triple A mmorpg in my lifetime,oh well,someday some of you or your kids will see that great game and look back and realize ALL of these mmorpg's were not really that good.

    There are many ways to make a game. Sandbox, themepark. Levels, skillbased or a buy system. Quests, DEs or both. And almost unlimited ways no-one tried yet.

    But I agree, we all come down to the endgame most MMOs have today, it is not popular and most MMOs players try to avoid it.

    If we want MMOs to become as popular as they were 10 years ago we need a new endgame.

    A new end game would be nice...... But a large long game would be ok too.

    How about 4 to 9 months worth of content with replayability ? 
    How about being level 24 for a few days, remember this ?