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  • How long do you play in one sitting?

    Between getting married, up coming birthday parties, Christmas, work and my usual long time at the gym.... No time at all.  Only free time is between 4 and 6 am, 8 on weekends. I don't feel like getting my pressure up that early in the morning.

    When I get to work today, first thing is shovel a spot in the snow so I have a place to stand outside all day..... It's gonna be a bad winter, I have to keep my 100 yard driveway open with my snow blower for me, the wife and night shift nursing to make it to my house, were taking care of a disabled child.  All this at 54 years old. 

    I have Mass Effect 2, P1999 and eventually will get Divinity Original Sin 2... some day !  
  • Kings and Heroes (MMORPG)

    Actually your right, this may not be too bad. Thanks for the heads up, I'll look into it more. 

    Well, In reading steam discussions, the game is still way too early and a lot is broken..... I would wait !  
    Going by what players are saying, it's way worst than the above video review.  Given more time I think this could be great. 
  • Dev Stream of the 21th of November 2017

    Kilsin said:
    Mendel said:
    Kilsin said:
    Cohh is a genuine fan of our game, we don't pay him a cent, he helps promote us out of the kindness of his heart and to have access to that sized audience who, for the most part, are exactly who we want to show our game off too, so we are pretty thankful that he wants to help us out like this.

    On a side note, no matter your opinion of Cohh from watching his streams, he is a great guy off camera and is a huge fan of EQ and other similar older style games and wants to help us get the word out about Pantheon, if you can give us names of similar streamers with such a large audience and passion for our game that will help us for free, we would gladly consider doing something with them.

    We have a streamer program launching in 2018 for everyone else but until then, Cohh is a great fit for us and we are happy to continue doing streams like this with him.
    Why do you feel that you *need* a host for these streams?  Cohh may be a great guy and all; I don't dispute any of the praise you've heaped on him.  Just make a VR channel yourselves.  A 'presenter' / 'narrator' / 'host' isn't really needed.
    We have one that we also stream or host on like we did with this stream but we don't have 881k followers or 70 mil views!

    When a genuine fan reached out with those numbers wanting to help spread the word to many like-minded gamers for free, we would be pretty silly not to accept, we are a business and need to get the word out to as many target audience members as possible to help us fund the game and grow our awesome community in preparation for the games testing and then launch.

    All this and besides I like this guy......... Where's the problem ? 

    Nice stream by the way :)
  • Project 1999 questions ?

    Gyva02 said:
    /say for speaking locally 
    /g for speaking to your group
    /gu for speaking to your guild
    /shout to shout to whole zone
    /ooc to ooc to whole zone
    /em to emote
    /tell (persons name) to send tell 
    /auction to sell items

    Create some extra chat windows and have the incoming chats separated using the filter. I myself have a window for Main (all the stuff left over after I have separated the chats) then a Group/Tell then one for OOC/Shout one for Auction then a battle one for all melee and spell info. I use Duxa UI as well and like it.  

    Good stuff here,
    I still have to set up the chat windows for fast response using filters and chat boxes. As it stands the chat mixed with everything else are not user friendly. 

    This will be a priority soon after I narrow down the character and combat.  I want a good chat only box !
  • Project 1999 questions ?

    This was posted by a member here on

    I downloaded this 5 disc set for free, and followed the P1999 install and get running instructions. Worked great :) 

    They are ISO files. Follow the instructions carefully on P1999, you will have to install a patch and delete a few lines.  DONT use the start icon given or it may patch the game wrongly.... It's all in the instructions.