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  • Old school design flaws... are they real problems !

    Loke666 said:
    Loke666 said:
    I don't really belive in actual curses myself but fine, the Egyptians surely did.

    I wouldn't mind an Underdark MMO (it is an underworld region of the Forgotten realms if anyone missed that).

    And I agree with you. 
    I mentioned the curses just to point out the fantasy involved, which opens the ideas of monsters, "in the night" so to speak. In other words, it was that aspect of real life, supposed curses and all, that leads to the next steps in fantasy.

    I don't want just an underground game, that's not what I meant either. But that's where I want to see that part of games go.
    I want a complete game world that's better than the stuff of present gaming in every way.
    It's time.
    No more "go here and do this" direction. Open world and let me go where I want on any given play session. Or let me stay where I am if I like it, and not suffer loss of advancement in the game or lack of entertainment.
    Lol, I didn't say you believed in them either. :)

    I could actually play a game only set in the underdark or with a overworld city or 2. Yes, some overworld maps as well doesn't hurt though.

    I also don't like very much to be constantly told what to do and where to go  but you need some kind of mechanics if you want to stay in the same zone a lot before then endgame (if you have an endgame).

    A low powergap, GW2s downlevling mechanics or something else because it is not very fun to just run over anything I meet and the rewards should be based on Risk Vs reward after all.

    Speaking of constantly being told what to do. 

    In another topic discussing the birth of the 3rd generation of mmos where Warhammer Online was the first of it's kind.  Well, the second was "Rift Online". 

    Rift Online was the benchmark of carrot-on-a-stick.  Two quest per quest hub as you move left to right across the zone until you load into another zone and start over.  Everything about the game was FORCED unless a Rift opens up for everyone to run to.  But once the event was over the player had to run to where they left off and play solo.... This could have gone unnoticed unless you played with a friend or group.  Only then it became crystal clear apparent.

    If a friend or another player was just a few levels above or below they were unable to help. You had to match quest for quest. 

    I have to say the hybrid class builds were great, and same with the dungeons.
  • The beginning of the end, The story

    This is the truth, 
    For some odd reason this angers a few select people for absolutely no good reason.  It's a fact with proof to back it up.  Yet, they believe false data set by Triple A gamming companies with a marketing agenda in order to force a third generation of mmorpg game play..... Some would ask why ?..... The answer is very simple..... To make mmorpgs shorter and quickly profit.

    Time frame,
    Three events happened in succession:

    World of Warcraft was released in 2004.  This Triple A mmorpg was an instant hit.  However this game steam rolled in popularity causing larger companies to aggressively study it's success.  Managers, CEO's and Marketing agents of other companies viewed this as an opportunity, an opportunity to profit.  The problem was cost and time, THIS WAS THE ENEMY.  I'm sure arguments for a true quality mmoprg verses lower cost were to be had.  Quality and the second generation of it's present time lost the argument.  Therefore the third generation mmorpg was born.  The simple game online. 

    The second event was unrelated to the first. 
    Vanguard Saga of Heroes was released early 2007.  This game was made by Sigil Games Online.  This company was true to the passion of gaming.  Contrary to this they did have Managers, and CEO's adding to the pressures of release.  It's no secret other mistakes were made in design causing a major disaster at an EXTREMELY VERERABLE TIME IN HISTORY.  This too like above was watched by large companies and confirmed the need for cost reduction...... This was a major blow to second generation mmorpg's as millions were disappointed. I can't stress this enough...... Millions of players ! 

    Third event.
    Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning released end of 2008.  This was the first game of the third generation.  Consumer's were unaware of a new age of mmorpg's were about to unfold.  This was the official turnaround where BIG BUSINESS SUPERSEDED PASSION !!!...... Marketing at it's best.  Larger money was spent on marketing.  Quality and passion took a back seat.... Remember Paul Barnett's podcast ?..... but more importantly remember how poorly the game was ?..... I could go deep into RvR, small zones, and all experience was given to instanced battle grounds until they fixed the game.  But I'll not.... The game was made cheap, leading to crap third generation mmorpg's.  

    This is where we stand, third generation of cheap games online.  

    Sure, profit first, but still where does this leave us !..... Searching.... Searching. 

    I don't think we need another lecture on how business works.  We all know !      
  • Creative power... ArinaNet wins... They can even do it again !

    I would like to put aside our like or dislike of GuildWars 2 and focus on "pure creative power" of this game designer.

    What ?...... Hold on I'll explain. 

    Never ever have I witnessed a NATURAL OCCURANCE of game play such as GuildWars 2. 

    Playing this game is like waking up, stretching, slipping into slippers and turning on the coffee.  If you were to look up smooth you should see the GW2 logo.

    They took basic modern ideas and totally ran with them into perfection.  
    - From story lines to weapon abilities. 
    - From Dynamic Events to give everyone an equal shot at prizes.
    - With absolute perfect graphics that could run on a blender. 
    - It's a game where a 3 year old can button mash and still have fun. 

    They showed the entire world that BUY-TO-PLAY works.  Still others that followed this model fail and will continue to fail for some odd reason. 

    To make a long story short...... ArinaNet went well beyond game design...... They reached into the soul of human beings and know how the mind works and brought it to life.  Game design and natural are two different things, but ArinaNet nailed both !  

    Now for something important, EXTREAMELY IMPRTANT: 

    They may not even know this themselves. They can change direction and DO IT AGAIN !

    They used their talent to make a natural automatic everything mmo. 

    Using the same talent they can make a "social experience" mmo.  Here they can do it all over again because no one else can capture both natural and game design as ArinaNet.  
  • Old school design flaws... are they real problems !

    Seems a lot of people say first and second generation mmos had too many flaws.

    What problems ?

    - Maybe you need to use the SOCIAL PANEL and ask for friends and groups ?
    - Maybe, you actually have to ask for help now and then ?
    - Maybe you need to join a guild in order to get the materials for crafting ?
    - Maybe you need to use the auction to make money ?
    - Maybe you simply cant achieve something, no matter how hard you try ? 
    - Maybe you need to be social to run dungeons to keep up with gear ?
    - Maybe you had to travel to your destination ?
    - Maybe life in game is not easy all the time ?
    - Maybe specialized classes can't solo ?
    - Maybe you need to study to learn how to do something ? 
    - Maybe you need to play the game "nine months" instead of "two months" if time is a problem ? 

    ****** So, automatic everything is the answer ? ****** 

    I'm not talking about bugs, that's a different topic.
  • New Brad McQuiad Interview "I want to make Worlds. Not games."

    - Huge world     
    - Spread out mobs, to be less frantic and more relaxing
    - Many starting areas and cities
    - Community based game for friends and guilds
    - No individual story lines to isolate
    - Challenging content, so abilities count 
    - Slower leveling, so crafting would count
    - Steady income payment model ( not F2P )
    - Re-invest revenue by developers 

    Yes!!!... Absolutely... Pantheon will be a world not a game. 
    As for now we have zero mmos, maybe EvE ?