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  • Don't be shy... Key to unlock full potential

    By now most of us have an understanding.  Pantheon will be heavy group and low solo, no reason to rehash this.  

    - Most mmo players are shy and quiet, that's a fact.  
    - Many are not shy in real life, but are shy playing mmorpg's, that's a fact too. 

    #1 reason is fear of being exposed !

    Short story: 
    I was a technician in a very large DVD CD Blue ray factory, I repaired this equipment.  Several years in I took an office job, later this job got eliminated and I was back on the floor.... In the few years of absences new modern equipment replaced some of the old. 

    I had a good reputation and developed a strong ego.  But new equipment and everyone was good at it !..... Major fear and dread set in.  I was afraid of being exposed.  I felt I had to hide it and hated to go to work, I also avoided the new equipment.  

    " Life was hard "  

    One day, a good friend noticed what I was doing.  He came right out and asked " you don't know this stuff, do you ? ".  My fear based plan was discovered !!!!!.... He spent the next few weeks training me on the side. 

    " It turned out to be no big deal. None at all "


    - Since then I refuse to let fear and ego get me !
    - Now I say " I don't know anything, show me" ! 
    - It has to be instant in everything I do. 
    - I see so many people doing the life in fear !  

    This totally carries over to social based mmorpg's...... In fact ten fold..... More than anything else in life, just less important !  

    I'll expose a heavy kept secret:  
    I suck at mmorpg's !
    I'm better at getting groups together than anyone I know !
    I don't have a clue on the content !
    I count on someone taking the lead, or on occasions we all wing it !  

    Most important: 
    I'm having huge amounts of fun....The same for people I play with.... ALL WITHOUT HAVING A CLUE :)
  • EA should lose the Star Wars license

    Disney / EA = NFL and Time Warner

    Their way above the common people, nothing will change ever. 
    You have them and you have us !
  • Graphics

    Kyleran said:
    delete5230 said:j
    Xthos said:
    EQ only had 1 pure melee character, so their wasn't classes, every other melee was a hybrid that had spells (EQ was balanced around grouping, so warrior almost had to be bland the way they did it, but yes trying to solo level a warrior was like hitting your head against a wall.).

    As for graphics, they are fine, I would rather have content.  They need to work on animations and such, but it isn't even in pre-alpha (they seem to think it is close to going into that phase), and from watching other games, animations/character touches are one of the last things they work on polishing, so it is barely worth nit picking at this point.  They will need to get the animations to be smooth though, a lot of people seem to be sticklers (make or break) for this.  It doesn't bother me that much.

    I agree graphics are fine, I don't even care about the animations.

    I'm worried about coding..... I don't see how people can't understand the difference. 
    You aren't being specific enough. What "coding" are you worried about, as graphics are coded you know.

    Netcode, UI, itemization, DBs, core engine, middleware, cloud architecture, client side?

    Lets go back to the original post on page one, it's all explained their.  From, I'm not a programmer to technical problems in the latest video. 

    I'm looking beyond "eye candy" ! 

    Watch the latest podcast on the updated graphics again. 
    - When the team is on the tower, if you watch a player simply disappears.
    - When the player is looking off the tower and zooms out you see clipping of the entire page. Maybe this is reloading the page ?
    - When the Tank goes down, he seems to melt in the ground.
    - When the fighter is in the cave looking below the bridge, his hands and sward are completely clipped from his body.

    This is just a fraction of discrepancies, as I just fast watched the video again.

    If you think about early development of mmos, problems such as these plagued Sony Online games the most (EQ1,EQ2,Vanguard). Other early mmos were not as bad for "coding".

    So you listed sub problems..... Take your pick..... Your the programmer, I'm not ! 

    Here watch the video again, and PLEASE look beyond the "eye candy"     

  • Project 1999 questions ?

    I rolled a human Wizard in Freeport, not sure if I'll stick with this character, I'm undecided.  I barely moved around yet still mapping keys and watching Youtubes on setting up and understanding the UI.

    Now I do have to find my trainer for the first quest.  She is Opal Darkbriar in the Academy of Arcane Sciences in West Freeport, found that but she isn't there.  But reading something else on the net, she could be in East Freeport in the basement of the Millitia house. So now I'm searching for the basement...... I consider this fun..... And I do see people running around :)
  • Old school design flaws... are they real problems !

    Loke666 said:
    Loke666 said:
    I don't really belive in actual curses myself but fine, the Egyptians surely did.

    I wouldn't mind an Underdark MMO (it is an underworld region of the Forgotten realms if anyone missed that).

    And I agree with you. 
    I mentioned the curses just to point out the fantasy involved, which opens the ideas of monsters, "in the night" so to speak. In other words, it was that aspect of real life, supposed curses and all, that leads to the next steps in fantasy.

    I don't want just an underground game, that's not what I meant either. But that's where I want to see that part of games go.
    I want a complete game world that's better than the stuff of present gaming in every way.
    It's time.
    No more "go here and do this" direction. Open world and let me go where I want on any given play session. Or let me stay where I am if I like it, and not suffer loss of advancement in the game or lack of entertainment.
    Lol, I didn't say you believed in them either. :)

    I could actually play a game only set in the underdark or with a overworld city or 2. Yes, some overworld maps as well doesn't hurt though.

    I also don't like very much to be constantly told what to do and where to go  but you need some kind of mechanics if you want to stay in the same zone a lot before then endgame (if you have an endgame).

    A low powergap, GW2s downlevling mechanics or something else because it is not very fun to just run over anything I meet and the rewards should be based on Risk Vs reward after all.

    Speaking of constantly being told what to do. 

    In another topic discussing the birth of the 3rd generation of mmos where Warhammer Online was the first of it's kind.  Well, the second was "Rift Online". 

    Rift Online was the benchmark of carrot-on-a-stick.  Two quest per quest hub as you move left to right across the zone until you load into another zone and start over.  Everything about the game was FORCED unless a Rift opens up for everyone to run to.  But once the event was over the player had to run to where they left off and play solo.... This could have gone unnoticed unless you played with a friend or group.  Only then it became crystal clear apparent.

    If a friend or another player was just a few levels above or below they were unable to help. You had to match quest for quest. 

    I have to say the hybrid class builds were great, and same with the dungeons.