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  • Patreon for poor people that cant afford CoE? Elyrian Assistance Program announced...

    UPDATE:  Winner announced
    Good evening, fellow Elyrians! I'd like to just take a few quick moments to extend my congratulations to @Saturar#4495 on the acceptance of his application in the Elyrian Assistance Program! On the forums he goes by the name of Zidclaw, though his brethren in Tryggr know him better as Saturar. He has made his home on the EU server, where his interests lie in beast taming and alchemy. He has only joined us in the latter half of this year, but he has alrady shown to be a steady presence on both the CoE and Tryggr discords, earning many friends within his community. Jarl Gunnvör Barbaros even had this to say, “Are you talking about the dude with the ginger avatar from GoT? I love that f*&!@#!” It is clear that Saturar embodies what we at the EAP are searching for, and we are proud to present him with his Elyrian Pledge. We hope he has many successes in the future, and wish him a warm, official, welcome to Chronicles of Elyria!

  • Patreon for poor people that cant afford CoE? Elyrian Assistance Program announced...

    I find this thread to be so amusing with the lack of Knowledge and biased opinions some are basing their judgments on. I will attempt to clarify it for you but I am pretty sure my intel will be ignored since I am not bashing SBS, but here goes anyways. 

    You assume the players are -buying- additional packages to donate, this, in fact, is false. What is transpiring is that with each higher tier package already purchased by players had the opportunity to acquire an additional Eylian Tier package to gift to a friend. It was those packages that the Community member in question asked folks to donate to others in the community.  Additional packages were also given to players when SBS has their Kickstarter Anniversary. Resulting in some of us having more the one package available in our inventory to gift to someone else. With no additional cost to us. 

    It was those packages that were being referred to and no one was asking for the community members to buy additional packages for people that couldn't afford them. Now myself I won't be able to get involved in this, for the simple reason I have already gifted my packages to some friends. But, there are others in the community that might not have and they are able to gift it to another community member. 

    See when you are listening to Slapshot, you aren't getting the whole story. You only get part of it. Now I certainly don't expect everyone to support that game because that would be unreasonable, but it would be nice if you were at least getting the -whole- story so that you could make an informed decision.  Rather than just what he can use to make SBS appear to be something it is not. I have been witness to this tactic in several of his threads about CoE.
    Then I suppose you can explain why a Patreon campaign to raise money is needed if “no one was asking community members to buy additional packages “

    You guys amuse me to no end.  You don’t even read the thread or visit the Patreon page but come here to “clarify it”.

    For reference, read the op... follow the link... gain knowledge.  Currently $46 people month have been pledged vs a goal of $180

  • Patreon for poor people that cant afford CoE? Elyrian Assistance Program announced...

    Se thread title.  See link to Patreon funding page.

    This is the discussion the rest of us are having.

    So I will ask you one final time.

    Who do you think will be chosen to receive the FIRST Patreon gift account and why?

  • Patreon for poor people that cant afford CoE? Elyrian Assistance Program announced...

    JustDrake said:
    JustDrake said:
    JustDrake said:
    JustDrake said:
    Vrika said:

    Best friend of whoever founded that program.

    Because I think he's got the best chance.
    Actually it was a random person chosen from the list of applicants
    Post says “winner” to be announced tonight and people have all day to apply. Do you have some inside information or is this more fake news?
    Ah your talking about the next one I'm talking about the last one
    As stated.  I’m talking about the first one granted through the Patreon pledge program which this thread is about.   Please try to stay focused as your continued incorrect information can lead people astray.
    Actually the project  isn't just about the patreon but that' one part of a whole.
    So please don't call someone wrong if your not sure about the whole project
    Please see title of thread.  Please see link. Please see post by Patreon creator stating FIRST gift award is today.

    There is no confusion other than what you introduced.

    So again... who do YOU think will “win” and why?

    Sorry my mistake i forget you like to spread partial information to give people the wrong impression. 

    The whole project is here

    This includes the patreon effort and so the WHOLE project I am talking about and what you should have posted about instead of taking a small part of the project to twist to your own ends.
    The only wrong info in this thread (proven repeatedly) is yours.  This thread is about the Patreon effort to provide assistance to those less fortunate gamers that cannot afford the -$40 game over the next 2 years.

    Still waiting for your thoughts on who is most worthy and why.
  • New Program Lets You Buy Land to do with 'As You See Fit' - Star Citizen News

    Oh Lord... this point I think Roberts is just trolling us.  It's like he saw that Garriott could literally sell blood and wants to prove that he can actually sell any virtual item or even just virtual concept art that he wants.
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