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  • WoW Player DDOSes Teammates to Secure Raid Spot for World First Hunt - World of Warcraft -

    DMKano said:
    Never understimate the lengths some players will go to ensure they win
    If only he could have bought his spot in the raid with real cash... or maybe have won it in a lootbox this would never have happened!

  • : General : Hawaii's Chris Lee: 'Step Up' to Changing Predatory Gaming Practices

    Horusra said:
    Iselin said:

    The market already decided loot box games are a winner and now a minority is trying to get the government to buck the trend. People forget the nine most terrifying words in the English language are, 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.' Reagan was absolutely right about that. 
    Regan? You mean the guy that was elected in 1980? You don't suppose there was another agenda at work there?

    Don't even try that envy garbage. People get money by earning it. It's easier to earn money if you already have skills and money. No one stole a thing from poor people. The top 1% pay fifty percent of taxes. Income mobility is greater in the United States than any other country in history. 

    You can not educate sheep.  
    Except that what he is saying just isn't true; that's putting it kindly.

    Here, if you want to educate people, try the following Stanford law professor's video:

    According to her there is "profound segregation" between people of different economic classes which has become much more pronounced in recent years.  To repeat my above (rather sarcastic) comment: it's not an issue of lack of education, skills, or work ethic as much as it is an issue of social connectivity.

    Your viewpoint might have been valid up until ~1980, but as the graph hints the economic world has undergone some drastic upheavals in the last 4 decades.
    Look... I'm not going to say yes or no to your underlying point but I will say that I would take the opinion of a random guy on the street more seriously than a college professor.  Colleges used to be a bastion of free speech but now they are places that support group-think and frown on individual thoughts that vary from the self-enforced consensus.

  • : General : Hawaii's Chris Lee: 'Step Up' to Changing Predatory Gaming Practices

    laserit said:
    laserit said:

    Wonder why they regulate for these giveaways? They seem innocent enough. Just maybe governments deemed them too open to abuse. But of course the Video Game Industry would never abuse the Loot Box Business Model.
    The reason for the regulations on giveaways like McDonalds is because they give items of value. If they were giving virtual items, they would not fall under the regulations.
    A much abused loophole that needs to be closed.
    Ok. Lets put it this way. Do you pay taxes on your virtual goods? If they had value, you would. I am not seeing any crusade to make this happen. If it were so important that we recognized the value of virtual goods, I would expect it to start there.
    Of course they have value.  The value is established by the cash exchanged for them. If they had no value then we would not pay for them. 

    If you argue that you are not paying for the items but just for the game of chance I would say that’s disingenuous in most cases in an mmorpg.

    Also so let us not forget that RMT is encouraged in some games and also accounts can be sold for real money.  That value is established by things like virtual goods.
  • : General : Hawaii's Chris Lee: 'Step Up' to Changing Predatory Gaming Practices

    Scot said:

    I have not had a chance to read the template, but he seems to be spot on with the term "gambling mechanisms". By making this illegal for those who are under 21, gaming companies will sit up and take notice. No doubt they will fight this, I understand EA earns billions just from FIFA using gambling mechanisms.

    Early days, but some hope for those who consider gambling in gaming as a shameful aberration from gaming ethos.

    Yeah I'll have to watch the video but there are just a few things I'd ask for:

    1. Full disclosure at purchase of the true cost of all content in the game and whether it includes gambling to access it.
    2. Posted odds for all lootbox gambling

    Then people can make informed decisions.

  • Release Not Coming This Year, More Time in EA Required - Wild West Online -

    nope, refunds ended early. they were ment to be doing 3 pre alpha weeekends but did 2 and ended the refund option after the 2nd weekend. Said they had gathered enough data on the test phase (yep too many peeps refunded), i is one of em, glad i did too, think i may have just dodged a bullit and saved myself £60 in the process too.
    Well then they need to be called on that because IMHO it's shady and underhanded to delay the project after the refunds are stopped.

    They need to delay... great... allow those who don't want to wait get their money back.