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  • I've had this warning tag since May......

    How the hell am I not part of the warning club? 
    Who can I appeal this blatant discrimination to?

  • 10,000 Free Steam Games (SPONSORED) - General Developer Journals

    MadBetty said:

    Freezzo said:

    As a critical consumer, my question is: what's the catch? Of course, nobody gives away free stuff, so I wonder: what happens with the data collected? What's the actual business model?

    Also, I happen to find a lack of privacy policy disturbing, as it's mentioned in the terms and conditions. Also, there is no cookie disclaimer, which means the whole business is not compliant with EU laws.

    The final point I want to make it the link to G2A pay and thus G2A, which is well-known for its 'legal' key controversies.

    Is this something MMORPG really wants to affiliate with?

    Hi, G2A Pay is just a payment processor, we do not have any additional links to that company. We do not purchase games or any other products from third party retailers - only direct/official publishers or distributors. The business model is simple - we promote games :) and award users who decide to spend their time on playing.
    That's actually not a business model.  That fact that you think it is... is honestly kind of scary.

  • All Prepped & Ready to Head to Final Alpha - Legends of Aria Interviews

    Hey everyone, I see a lot of negativity about my comment regarding alts for crafting and I wanted to address it directly because it is part of a much larger design philosophy that actually makes our game better than most modern MMOs. If you choose not to play our game because of that it's your loss but I suggest you watch some streams of people playing during alpha before you make that decision. Here goes:

    The point is you dont need to engage in combat to be a crafter like just about every MMO out there. You can play the game and build your character however you want. We have many players who never even want to pick up a sword.

    It's true, if you want to be the ultimate warrior with max combat skills, you wont be able to be an expert crafter. If everyone could be everything it may as well be a single player game. The design encourages social interaction between players which is a lost art in most modern MMOs.

    EDIT: And btw all good adventures start at the INN not the END! :)
    Been a fan since I hunted you down and killed you in the first Kickstarter live stream test.  You took it like a man and made me a fan for life!

    Can't wait to see what's in store for the future!
  • Bungie to Remove Gauntlet that Resembles Hate Group Symbol - Destiny 2 -

    The ultimate Goonsquad joke...

    Unbelievable how sad our society has become. 

    There re is true evil out in the world... but our culture is killing our ability to identify it and fight it.  We are going to "safe-space" ourselves into oblivion.

  • CoE plans to allow RMT(gold sellers) during the live game

    mickdude said:
    people who have backed the game at the monarch tier have dropped out and left the game because they didn't actually have power

    Sure... THAT'S why they left... LOL