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  • Guilds Can Duke It Out for Control of Skergard Castle - Gloria Victis -

    clunky describes the game to a tee, imo
  • Is Guardians of Ember the Lovechild of WoW & Diablo? - Guardians of Ember Review -

    What I like about GOE so far

    A) Crafting/Mining/Enchanting.  New, unique takes on old things that everyone does this same, I find the whole crafting aspect of this game really cool

    B) Housing is pretty well done, with the sprite maids to do work for you is another unique idea

    C) Multi-classing. Any game with multi-classing will always get a +++ from me

    D) Dungeons.  Fun to run over and over

    E) Fishing/Card Collecting.  Need little side game, with the Compediums tracks things like largest fish and crab you have caught.  Killing mobs has a small chance to drop a card that you put in a book for bonuses

    What I don't like

    A) Graphics aren't great, but they are fine

    B) Combat is kinda clunky and the skills are very complex to follow, not sure when to use what skill

    C) Even though B2P, looks like I will still need to spend on housing/pack space, which I really dont like

    Overall though, I am having fun, I play about an hour or 2 a day at most, and its fun, and I have a cool guild

  • Leaving Early Access Behind, GoE Launches on Steam - Guardians of Ember -

    so as a casual gamer nowadays, I am enjoying this game quite a bit, I have every class to 10-12 so far, and started doing some Horde runs. I like the depth of the customization, and I like the fact that there are zero cookie cutter guides out there. I like that my Priest can wield a pistol/shield, or dual wield daggers, or carry a crossbow. I like that my Ranger can wield a wand and a shield. It makes for some interesting customization so far

    It will probably suck in a few weeks, as everyone else hates it, but I am enjoying my time so far, and in no rush
  • Base Classes & Abilities Unveiled - Ashes of Creation -

    everyone is always so negative about everything

    We have a unique and detailed class system, which we will discuss further in a developer’s blog. For now, I can say that we have 8 archetypes. You will choose an archetype as your primary class that you will level from starting level to max level. Along the way, you will choose a secondary class from the 8 archetypes. That secondary class will augment your primary class’ abilities and skills. In total, our class system will have 64 distinct classes, of which there will be a wide variety of customization in skills and abilities based on the player’s choices.

    from the AOC FAQ so Tank-Cleric is a different class than Cleric-Tank so 8x7 +8 if you dont pick a secondary I assume?
  • Latest Trailer Reveals Long-Rumored Undead Race - Divinity Original Sin 2 Videos -

    is this a hero game where you find NPC's or a create your own party type game?