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  • CoE plans to allow RMT(gold sellers) during the live game

    this game will never be released I received this email this week


    That's a peek at the stuff we've done over the last six months. I hope your takeaway is that things are moving along great, and we're extremely happy with the progress. That said, I think many of you want a clearer picture of where we are in the overall timeline, and by how much we've been off on our estimates.

    The truth is, our estimates were pretty accurate. However, as you'll soon see, there's a difference between timelines and schedules, it's possible to be accurate with one, while the other drifts apart.

    In project management, the key difference between a timeline and a schedule is the presence of dates. When talking about a timeline we're generally focused on the order in which events will occur, and the relative work involved, in man-hours, man-weeks, etc., of completing some set of tasks.

    We always predicted about 6-9 months of early, pre-alpha development, and about 12 months of active development focused on the various game-mechanics. For the most part, we're right in line with our timeline. We started focusing on core server work about 7 months ago, and are now moving into gameplay mechanics. Unfortunately, while our timeline has been fairly accurate, our schedule has slipped.

    You see, when we first launched our Kickstarter last May and gave our estimates of an 18-month development cycle, we made two invalid assumptions.

    First, we assumed that we'd be able to lock ourselves away and quietly go about development while the community patiently waited.

    Second, we wrongly assumed that having a kick-ass game design, a rock-solid team of core employees, and a successful Kickstarter under our belt would immediately draw in world-renowned talent.

    In effect, we began a relay race with no runners on the track. Then, at some point after the race started, people slowly began to step onto the track with our pennant on and immediately hauled ass to where the next person should be. At first, there was nobody there and so our engineers were forced to do a second lap, but as time has gone on and we've gained in credibility, more runners have joined our team and now we're starting to catch up. We have a team of rockstars, but no matter how fast they are, they simply won't be able to close the gap in the time we've lost.

    In short, while we're actually right where we should be, we're obviously not when we'd like to be. Here is our estimated timeline: 

    1. V3 of the Website (Q3 2017)
    2. ElyriaMUD (Q4 2017)
    3. Alpha 1 (T1 2018)
    4. Server Selection (T1 2018)
    5. Settlement / Domain Selection (T2 2018)
    6. KoE (T2 2018)
    7. Design Experiences (T3 2018)
    8. Alpha 2 (T3 2018)
    9. Beta 1 (S1 2019)
    10. Prologue & CoE Adventure Toolkit (S1 2019)
    11. Exposition (S1 2019)
    12. Beta 2 (S1/S2 2019)
    13. Stress Test (Any paid account)(S2 2019)
    14. Launch (S2 2019)
  • Expansion Reveal Set For August 1st - Set Your Calendars! - Guild Wars 2 -

    so is this considered the reveal to announce the reveal?  If so we must have missed the pre-reveal to announce this reveal to the real reveal

  • Dead by Daylight Gift Key Sweepstakes! - News

    Why does everyone say "good luck" or "very lucky"? It gets annoying after the first one and floods the comments with a bunch of needless and meaningless spam. x_x
    cause bots.....10 characters

  • Why I quit WoW - "The Consequences of Reducing the Skill Gap"

    I call BS on a top rated female PVP'er
  • Diablo 3 - Rise of the Necromancer is Well Worth the Price of Admission -

    Pemmin said:

    SBFord said:

    exile01 said:

    That engine looks fuking disgusting bad- and it runs like that too. All in one D3 is a waste of human braincapacity.

    Like every game on the planet is a waste of time and brain capacity. Very few actually improve one's intellectual standing. 

    ARPGs aren't built to be gorgeous. PoE isn't. Grim Dawn isn't. Titan Quest...well, that's closer. They aren't supposed to be Destiny for the most part. They are isometric games that emphasize game play over graphics.

    Different strokes, I guess.

    too be fair the isometric view was originally done to cut art assets costs.....isometric graphics dont need to be as nearly detailed as a more close up view.

    that being said PoE and grim dawn are both basically indie games

    and while you could say that D3s engine takes away from the atmosphere of the previous incarnations of the franchise..... the graphics aren't objectively bad and the engine runs really well on most systems.

    the quality in D3 graphically is so far superior to GD or PoE

    style is arguable