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  • I've had this warning tag since May......

    kjempff said:
    I got a warning a few months ago for calling bdo "barbie doll online", still shows the mild tag.. I wonder how I managed to keep an account from 2005 without getting banned.
    Could be wrong but I think it takes 6 months for a warning to expire of not getting anymore infractions, still says it on mine for a bit of a train derailment awhile ago but it hasn't been 6 months so we see how long it really lasts.

    I really couldn't be upset though at least there was no censorship unlike /r/mmorpg which is known for its hard-core censorship moderation team when they disagree with something, although without going into details on old things I think it was all success, given some people don't take into account censorship, and the many social media platofrms such as twitter & facebook, its easy to get around info so fast on the internet these days, especially things like the airlines incident of the man being dragged off the plane for example and such.

    As for BDO, yeah basically its a gender locked game and a lot of people play with customizations its just like playing barbie-doll, because people really spend the time dressing up virtual characters a lot of people do this having a game with in depth customization is always good although BDO could have better, same with ESO for that matter.
  • First Weekly Newsletter Arrives - Keeping Communication Open - Conan Exiles -

    The game uses more resources because of Denuvo, I purchased the game on steam and removed it after finding out it had Denuvo, a lot of people have issues in games using Denuvo especiallly with older systems, there is no legitimate reason why an online game such as Conan Exiles requires this, but its there and as a result legitimate customers who buy the game have to deal with things like Increased CPU Requirements, up pto 1GB extra ram usage, and even more disk space used compared to if Denuvo was stripped from the game.

    The game looks good, but I am more interested in a MMO version like of the game or if this game worked similar to Black Desert with servers and channels sharing data and stuff across servers so nothing is lost and never having full servers, but it also makes me look more at Wild West Online which likely doesn't have the performance costs or DRM issues.
  • Plains of Prophecy Announced as 14th Expansion - EverQuest II News

    Yeah I doubt EverQuest will die like I don't think it costs them a lot for server hosting as long as they make enough to pay for the servers themselves I don't see it going anywhere.

    That said I think DBG has gbeen a failure since Planet Side 1 went down the drain pretty much I wish they would make Ever Quest 3 I mean im going to install EQ2 and see how it runs I think after I clear some more space off my other drive but I doubt I stay.

    Although I highly think Ashes OF Creation will be EQ 3 but better although I believe Sony could have stayed around longer when it used to be known as before it became DBG going back to early 2001 ish when it used to be really popular before bad decisions.
  • Plains of Prophecy Announced as 14th Expansion - EverQuest II News

    I wonder how the population is I wonder if my I7, and 1080ti will play the game good enough I might consider going back and giving the game a try again I remember last time I Tried it on my Phenom II CPU even though it met the requirements it was horrid.
  • Will there ever be a Science Fiction MMO with the popularity of WoW?

    Ashes OF Creation, or Crow Fall?