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  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    Someone was telling me Net Neutrality gives control over to the government about what can be throttled and what cannot, and it was good not having it to begin with?
  • Team Working to Address Ongoing DDoS Attack Against NA Servers - ArcheAge -

    SBFord said:

    Well said, @Panther2103. I'll never understand people actually wishing harm or bad times on others over games...or a lot of other things. It's mind boggling.

    Well it's just personal feelings people have of certain companies,for example Sandbox Interactive perma banning my 4 year old account without actual evidence, then admitting that it might not have been accurate, I personally laughed when they had the DDOS attack and how many customers their company has dropped I think its great from a personal view.

    I too played Arche Age for like a couple of years had well over a thousand dollars worth of land, the amount of times the company has merged, caused players to lose items not in inventory due to lack of inventory storage, caused people to lose land, done things like forced PVP between guilds that don't pop peace treaties basically enabling trade-pack griefig from same faction and stuff who really trust Trion Worlds anymore because of all this?

    I know DDOS attacks are illegal, but sometimes I really can't blame people for their feelings towards a company that has done so many wrongs, and never refund its customers for example, or even offered credit or compensation on those who actually return a year or so later.

    Also DDOS attacks you don't ever have to get caught, all you have to do is have a lot of infected computers, rented servers, or bot nets, and have this all setup using proxy / vpn services and done from a public network, or just set it up from home but don't activate it have it sitting around, and then execute at a later time from a cellphone and free wi-fi that is used once then destroyed, which is how a lot of computer virus / cyber attacks can easily be launched and the user is never found i've personally been infected a few times myself with random virus and exploits but always wiped my drive and reset they are not fun, but as technology has advanced this is actually very easy to do and I can have everything wiped and reset in a matter of 5 minutes now.
  • New Zealand - Loot Boxes Not Legally Gambling, UK May Beg to Differ - News

    CrazKanuk said:
    Renoaku said:
    DMKano said:
    The issue is education.

    So I say lets turn this issue upside down.

    Teach about gambling and addiction n schools, alongside  probability and statistics as well as basic money mangement.

    Give kids a chance - pun intended ;)

    This is why all games including "Arche Age" "Overwatch" need to come with a warning on the box about compulsive gambling at least, and Education in school wouldn't be too bad the funny thing about America, in general, is that.

    1.) The Laws are different everywhere, but they expect you to know them even if you are not a Lawyer and break something simple something they should have taught in school.

    2.) They should teach more life stuff in School too but they don't things like why compulsive gambling is bad.

    But the thing about American Schools they don't instead if you go to a public school they let you sit around for at least an hour a day doing, in reality, nothing if you want and don't care this includes bullying and heck its easy to get people suspended given every time bullying takes place the teacher just happens to be outside the Classroom at the time...

    American public school lacks so much education in things when it comes to life skills, and so on an 8-year-old can learn much more off the internet, and YouTube of good or bad things that they can with go to school in a day.

    The thing about Education, Schools cut cost on things like Security, and Staff, and this is why so many things happen like we have to read about on the news because the school cut both staff and security and then bad things happen.

    So you are saying that violent video games teach violence?
    Absolutely I am not one of those people who say all violent video games should be banned, but I do think every Video Game such as GTA 5, should have a clear warning put on them that the game is "Fiction" and that trying to reproduce such acts should never be tried in real life.

    Like for most adult's this is an easy concept to grasp that you would normally not just go outside and shoot someone because you did this in GTA5, but when you get a bunch of Young Kids, because it's easy to get hold of a violent game and be playing it even with a parents back, then yes it has problems, there are obviously ways to help cure and prevent this kinda such as require an XBOX Live Subscription to even play GTA5, or rather Verification of your age along with XBOX One's feature of Facial Verification of people in the room.

    Generally speaking though when you look at games which have heavy violence, and crime and you stick this together with a young person, they are like Guns are awesome, without the proper education about Life teaching them that you don't respawn in Real Life, and education that you should never harm people there is a higher chance that lets say if a kid was given a gun they would go out and harm others, or even get hold of their parents firearm and it ends up on the news as one of those shootings at a public school.

    And I kinda speak from experience with this because I was one of those who was young, and playing HalfLife at the age of 7 years old, and Counter-Strike the original games sure I didn't exactly grow up to go outside and do harm to others but this is because parents knowing nothing about video games actually saw what they were like and taught some things/education on what not to do in Real Life as a young one.

    But even then with a Internet full of things, you also have to realize how much bad stuff is out there, and I am not just talking about violence, but also games like Keep Talking and no one explodes, sure it's a fun game, but it teaches people about Bombs, not so much as instructions its supposed to be a fun game, but in the hands of a young person or Teenager it could teach them to google the B word, and with the right instructions how to build the B word, it's really not that hard it's pretty much how I got my education in Electronics, and computers I didn't the complete school for that matter, but the internet had everything I need to learn from there.

    As for parental controls on a computer, when I was 9 years old I was bypassing these easily, and still it's impossible to censor everything on a computer from a young person which is why proper education needs to be put in place of teaching young ones that Video Games are just games, which should never be repeated in Real Life, including the gambling / lootbox problem that exists today, I once saw kids trying to repeat actions done by ninjas, and stunt professionals in video games and hurting themselves in school because they thought they could do it.

    And especially with Virtual Reality getting more real do gambling warnings, and warnings about violence for that matter need to be in games. ^ Just one thing that could have been prevented.
  • New Female Character Ran Introduced - Black Desert Online Videos -

    Just more money for kakao

  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    I strongly believe internet should remain free, I was just talking IRL to random people and we were discussing news, politics, and war, or better said taxes and the average people paying over 3,000 USD a year just in taxes paying 3 different taxes, including School Taxes even if you don't have children, or make any modifications to your property how the tax is insane such as putting in a new DriveWay as an American you have to pay for all this.

    Sure here in America generally speaking it's better more civilized, but we are still slaves to the system Net Neutrality is just another step to total anarchy, new world order as right now Americans where they realise it or not at least IMO we're all slaves to the system, and you either pay your Tax, spend Extra Money for entertainment assuming you can afford it, you end up on the streets, and if lucky you get to apply for housing, and food stamp while you are Forced into going to a work force trying to find a job assuming the worst of worst happens to someone.

    The internet needs to remain a free place the way it is today free information, freedom to watch Netflix, or other services without having to pay ISP's or Government additional fees, imagine trying to login to World OF Warcraft, or your favorite game one day and it tells you that you have to pay your ISP $5 to access World OF Warcraft, in addition to your subscription fee, sure a lot of people would likely just do it again giving into the so called American Dream which I believe is all a big joke, but $5 a month while this isn't a lot whhen its just one person imagine if every World OF Warcraft player here in the U.S had to pay $5 a month to access the game.

    Totally Insane, and it's just such a disgrace in my eyes to see things like Net Neutrality... 

    And this isn't the worst of it, over 8 Million Americans could be out of jobs by 2030 due to Robotics, and Computer Advancement it's already been happening for quite some time now, and I love technology, but then where 8 million people have a hard time finding work it's a big issue.