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  • Miri is a Fiery New Hero That'll 'Roast Players, Not Chestnuts This Season' - Vindictus -

    I installed this game to give it another try after all these years and comparing this to Black Desert.

    1.) The game is still un optimized even on a core I7, and 1080ti the game gets sound glitching / lag loading time is too long considering even Black Desert loads much faster.

    2.) The game is still highly Pay 2 Enjoy, you have to spend $55 to make a unique character then you can't freely edit or customize your character any time you want such as dying your outfits and such, even to re-customize your avatars shape you have to pay $10 each time.

    Paying a monthly fee for VIP like in Black Desert should get you unlimited customization perks after unlocking content or costumes to freely edit character at any time and dye outfits.

    As much as I have had dislikes for BDO, Black Desert is better because you only pay for your costume $27 for a costume around $40 or so if you want all the accessories and underwears.'

    Then you buy a subscription or value pack in Black Desert, you can edit your character 20 times a day if you want, change your outfits colors and as long as you keep paying for VIP or $15 a month for the value pack you get to keep your colors its goth both options like vindictus and VIP too something Nexon needs to do and stop being greedy.

    Also rented storage in Vindictus vs BDO you spend like $3 for 8 slots you get to keep these for life, but in vindictus you buy storage and you have to pay every month just for storage.

    Vindictus could be great, but needs optimizations, and fixing offering more for less and average subscription fees, Nexon is also great at having large microtransactions in their Android APP / IOS APP's too with (RNG) and its the reason I will push with the states in votes against Microtransactions involving RNG not all RNG is bad but companies like Nexon its horrid.
  • Favorite video game music composer?

    Back when Lineage 2 was good.

    Darkfall just has that theme to it.

    There is too many to name got a big collection of many games such as Planet Side 1,  The Witcher, Elder Scrolls etc.
  • Microtransactions & the 19-Year-Old Who Spent $13,000 - News

    Also he reminds me of myself on Arche Age, having Several Accounts, even spending $3,000 in a F2P Game that close down within 3-4 year after due to cheaters, and stopped getting updates after 1 year, but after Arche Age I said Never Again, so now I never spend so much money in an online game especially if it requires multiple accounts to compete such as Arche Age, or Game OF War for that matter.
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    Yeah I am against censorship and the Internet being taken over by our Government and ISP, if something bad happens to expect "ANARCHY" & New World Order it's coming, and the rise of crime will be very bad.

  • First Update Brings Territory Battles & GvG Action - ArcheAge Begins -

    Game is pay 2 win though total cash shop around everything.