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  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    ScotchUp said:
    ROFL, any rules Obama put into NN needs to be removed. Nothing Obama and his administration did wasn't good for #America! They are great for the #Democrats because they can ban any Conservative sites. #WakeUpAmerica
    You realise that its net neutrality that stops the type of thing you are alluding to right? Without nn if a provider decides they don't like site X they may decide to ban the site even - or just charge it megabucks.

    No clearly you don't. Sad.
  • What's Daybreak Up To? Job Postings Hint at Multiple Online Games in Development - News

    CrazKanuk said:
    itsover said:
    Dint they lay off bunch to peoples not while ago ? I wouldn’t want to work some where that well known to lay off

    This could be anywhere in the industry. In the games industry alone there are layoffs when a project releases and they ramp down, nevermind when a company is bought out. I think you'd be waiting a while if you were looking for a place with ultimate job security. 
    Sure could.

    My answer to @itsover however would be "No" albeit with a caveat.

    When CN took over SoE there were significant reductions almost right away. No official numbers but given but the suggestions were that staff numbers went - and the exact numbers were in the threads back then - from maybe 450 to maybe 220.

    Technically these reductions were on CN's watch. The fact that they happened as soon as the ink was dry however - and that the severance packages were (reportedly) good all points to things having been sorted out prior to the takeover. Since then there has been nothing "dramatic".

    Contrast that with life before CN took over. After taking over Vanguard and hiring some ex-Sigil staff SoE had 5 "retructurings" in 6 years. Studios were axed, multiple games closed and staff reduced from over 1050 - at first Sony gave out exact numbers - to about 450 at the time CN took over. More than one of these was promoted as "essential to get the company back on to a sound financial footing" etc.

    So .....

    From a near annual re-organisation to a near 2 year period of calm.

    I'm sure staff will have come and gone. I am sure that the staff are under no illusions that if they are working on title X and title X starts to loose money it will probably be closed. You can "cope" with that though.  Its when the next-gen project that is sucking up all the money announces yet another delay and your team, which is turning a profit,  gets cut again. 

    BR though with EQ avatars ..... or H1Z1 with EQ avatars ....... I could see that.

  • Crytek Filing Lawsuit Against CIG

    More thought - as I said in an early post pretty sure the switch to Lumberyard. Forget the fluff nothing has launched yet this is all about "future revenue".

    Typical scenario: developer selects engine; signs licencing deal; pays for engine whilst using it; further monies to game engine company (royalties) when (if!) game releases using said engine.

    Less common scenario: developer selects engine; signs deal, pays whilst using it. SWITCHES to another engine. Not common but it happens.

    The "assets" created will be a mixture or e.g. artwork (not part of the engine) + in some cases calls made to the game engine.

    Switching to a new engine results in work to change the calls, maybe reformat data, redo stuff in a different way if the design of the asset is the result of some "unique" game engine feature. A job of work essentially to "scrub" the old engine. So that when the game releases it uses the new engine and royalties are only paid to the new (often inhouse) engine. 

    What we might have here .........

    RSI started out with Crytek and CryEngine - see typical scenario.

    RSI have changed engines. They are now using Amazon's Lumberyard. So invoke less common scenario.

    In this case though the scrub took .... a couple of days or so. The reason being, of course, that Amazon licenced the same chunk of CryEngine. 


    I think RSI will argue that they paid Crytek for using their engine to develop (some) stuff. Have not used Crytek CryEngine since switch. All asset created prior to switch were fully converted and no longer use Crytek CryEngine. When the game is released they will make use of Lumberyard for which RSI will pay Amazon. (Who - of course - have paid Crytek).

    Crytek I think are arguing that any stuff developed prior to the switch to Lumberyard still make use of CryEngine calls etc. So will still make use of CryEngine post release and so therefore Crytek should be paid.
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    ScotchUp said:
    ScotchUp said:
    You guys think it's great to have Government regulate internet.

    Bet, you think VA is doing a LOT of good for our Veterans?

    More Government isn't the answer and never will be. But keep spreading the liberal talking points, luckily majority isn't listening.

    The government needs to be investigating the VA more regularly and punishing those cooking the books among other things.
    LOL Government can't investigate itself. I love you guys that debate the topic with thousands of words where it all comes down to "Does the Government run anything well" the answer has always been no.

    One other small point, what they will end up doing is start acting like Facebook, Twitter, Forums, they will only allow what they think is allowed not freedom of speech. I can see it now, liberals going well you broke the rules by posting what Info wars said about Obama....or Hillary......elections will be interesting, only hear what Government wants us to hear. I believe China already does this.
    Get rid of the armed forces surely. Just hire private contractors when there is a war yes? After all the government - your words - is never the answer.

    (Or have something along the lines of (historically) the East India company - that features in Tom Hardy's brilliant TV series Taboo.)

  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    A question for people who do not support net neutrality on the basis of political ideology.

    Do you also believe that all roads (or maybe all future roads) should be toll roads? The principles are the same after all - why should government build roads, shouldn't it be left up to companies (or communities!) to build (if they wish) and charge a toll? Why should someone living in a rural community have miles have miles of roads built to them subsidised - in essence - by those who live in cities?   

    Same deal for electricity, gas and water distribution, sewage collection, telephones, postal services etc. As it used to be in Britain say in the early 19th century at the dawn of the industrial revolution?

    And - in the spirit of true, unfettered capitalism - surely the government should remove all trade barriers and tarrifs and all federal/state/county/city subsidies to companies should be abolished.

    Whats good for the goose is good for the gander afterall.