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  • A few questions to decide if I give TESO another try

    To be accurate ESO is a level based system with diminishing scaling from level 1 to level 50 cp160.

    Which means?

    First it helps to understand what One Tamriel did to mobs: they were all set to "level 50 cp160". 

    Doesn't mean that all mobs are equal. There are "weaker" mobs, "normal" mobs, "boss" mobs, "pack mobs", "godlike" mobs and so on. Further complicated by some mobs being vulnerable to some stuff but resistant to others.

    By way of analogy think "Predator" (from the 1987 film) a powerful mob mowing through weak folk but ultimately still vulnerable. Different to EQ, WoW in which the power difference between weak and strong is so vast that weak mobs/characters simply cannot harm strong characters/mobs. "Grey" zones are 100% safe. 

    And so to characters:

    With OT all new level 1 characters are buffed (scaled) to level 50 cp160. So a (normal) level 50 cp160 mob won't own them outright.  

    As characters gain experience they "level". Initially from level 1 to level 50 and then to level 50 cp160.

    With each step they gain power - more pronounced from level 1 to level 50 (think growing up in real life, big gains in muscle mass etc. initially) but thereafter the gains become tiny. Accompanied by a decrease in the scaling buff.

    They will also acquire and develop skills which will also make them more powerful. Going from no skills to some skills is a big gain. As there is a limit on how many skills can be used during combat however once a character has a set of skills gaining extra makes the character "more flexible". Like learning extra languages say - you can only use one at once but having more could be useful.

    A word about gear and what OT introduced.

    Gear has 2 key markers: its level and its quality.

    New characters start with level 1-10 gear and as they level better and better gear becomes available. Twelve "level steps" basically. Since the scaling assumes that you will be wearing level appropriate gear however its not so much a case of getting higher level gear when it becomes available but more a case of not getting worse!

    Quality: there are 5 levels each providing a small gain. In theory you can have any quality level at level 1. In reality the rare drops needed to upgrade a level 1-10 item are the same as those needed to upgrade a level 50 cp160 item so .... nah.

    Many new players still don't appreciate the above. And just how hard it is to upgrade gear even to middling (Superior) quality let alone Legendary. Prior to One Tamriel there were complaints: the game sucked. They wanted the "good stuff" they could get in other games. And woe betide a crafter who offered to make them a set basic gear - not understanding that "sets" provide bigger bonuses than those gained through quality. 

    OT made it possible for characters to collect sets of gear from specific zones. Basically bad for crafters but good overall. 

    So finally the new character, after a non-trivial journey in terms of time taken, gets to level 50 cp160. And they have no scaling buff.

    Beyond that development continues.

    With each gain in cp they continue to make tiny gains in power. And eventually they get the set of gear they want and in time Legendary gear for another tiny gain in power.

    The tiny gains all add up though. You will become a Predator but you will never become totally invincible.

    And that, for me, was the real change that One Tamriel brought. The extreme variations of a typical level based system were compressed. There are still easier mobs and harder mobs but they are all "level 50".

  • A few questions to decide if I give TESO another try

    Horusra said:

    In a scaled system there is no sense of progress.  Your character is as weak today as he is tomorrow.  Nothing changes.  You get more flashy skills...whoopee.  You still get owned by the very first creature you ever met in the game.  It makes the world feel static.  

    If you want to think of ESO as having a system in which new characters and mobs (anywhere) start out more or less on a par and characters slowly become more powerful as they gain experience / "levels" that's fine. (Not how the system works but why worry.)

    You would have to give it a try to see that this is the case but if you did you would find that the game is not "static". Just be aware that characters don't race to "max" in a few days. 

    None of the above posters are trying to fool you - or anyone.

  • Star Citizen - Squadron 42 Update

    Doesn't say anything about the state of SQ42 - other than it won't be finished in October! 

    From a promotional perspective it makes no sense to talk about 3.0 and SQ42 at the same time.

    Talking about the two at different times is worth far more free publicity $$$s.
  • So I was playing ESO - captured this screenshot.

    Iselin said:
    Iselin said:
    Iselin said:

    Except in most games it's a 10-15% increase, not a 200fucking% increase in performance.

    50k+ DPS vs 20 at best with a sub-optimal build.  Sorry but that's not "min-max" that's stupid vs performing well.

    There is an OUTRAGOEUS disparity between meta and non-meta builds in ESO, you cannot deny that unless you just have blinders on.
    Eh... not as unusual as you might think. I remember such imbalance issues coming up even going back to Vanilla WoW days.

    My answer then, and my answer now is the same: So what?

    That stuff only matters to people whom, like yourself (presumably), seem to obsess and build your entire game experience around such things.

    I, and others like me, don't care about such things.

    I play to find builds that fit the playstyle I personally enjoy playing, not to measure up to someone else's ideal of "how I should be playing".

    As long as I'm able to complete content, perform my role in a group adequately, and enjoy myelf, life is good. If I hit a wall where my current build is no longer sufficient, then I'll tend to it and make the improvements necessary to continue playing as I enjoy.

    In my nearly 15 years of MMO gaming, across all the MMOs I've played, I've *never* cared about what was "most optimal". Only what's "most fun for me", while being effective enough to complete the content. Sometimes the two overlapped. Sometimes they didn't. Same difference either way.

    I know that's difficult for many min-maxers to understand. Again, I reference my friend from FFXI who nagged me and sent me links to "optimal guides" for years when we played it, because he could not understand how I was enjoying the game if I (in his words) "wasn't playing it right".

    I got hassled constantly for playing Dragoon in FFXI, because it was widely considered a "weak job". Didn't care. I enjoyed it, so I played it. I got hassled incessantly when Ninja was considered the "must have job" for seemingly everything, but refused to play it myself. Why? Because Ninja wasn't fun to me, and I didn't want to spend my gaming time playing something I didn't enjoy. Despite all that, I always got into groups, completed content, and enjoyed myself, by my own terms.

    So, I don't expect you (or other min-maxers) to understand that difference in mindset... but I do wish you people would at least come to terms with it, and stop trying to bash others over the head with it. And yes, your initial response to me is an example of that.
    That's a lot of words to say you can't raid or do vet content unless you have a meta build......

    Like seriously it is impossible to clear DPS checks with anything other than top-tier setups that are homogenized to death.

    The excuse of "well you can do most content" is a weak cop-out.  In most games you have a meta team comp, but even those simply make it easier, not impossible to clear raids/high-end content.  Zenimax has decided to design AROUND that meta as the standard, and because the disparity is massive in ESO that means there is no options for endgame content.

    The fact that you literally cannot clear content after a certain point without conforming to the meta is a huge black mark.  You can downplay it all you want but it's a design failure.

    Dude... the metas are vet trials builds. You.... do ... not ... need... them for vet dungeons unless you want to cheese the mechanics in a speed run. if everyone ran a 2H/DW build on stamina DPS you could still clear vet dungeons?  Wrong.

    Yup. I could make that work... could you?
    At this point you're just lying to people.  Let them find out for themselves I suppose.  Just go look at the ESO forums and you'll see at least one or two threads a day about it from new players that find out they can't actually run what they want, don't have to take my word for it.
    People whine about all kinds of shit on the ESO forums all the time. I know because I'm there daily.

    What I see is a lot of people whining about the wrong thing and a lot of crappy advice. There are a lot of noobs running around with basic L2P issues who get meta build advice as if that were the solution to their inability to resource manage or thinking that using light attacks from their bow should get them through all content.

    The meta build advice they get from the jaded 660 CP folks is next to useless for their more basic problems. Metas are vet trial builds and yet you have tons of new players thinking that's the solution to all their level 20 normal dungeon problems.
    No @Kajidourden @Iselin is not lying. Same deal with the forum comments. It takes time to not only to "learn" but to level, develop skills, get gear. In that sense ESO is a long road.
  • #10MillionStories Campaign Celebrates 10 Million Unique Players - Elder Scrolls Online -

    Iselin said:

    Where did that poor guy (I forget his name) that got so much shit for predicting that ESO would reach 10 million? Mind you, he thought they'd do that in a year. It took longer but he wasn't wrong in the end.

    He was talking 10M subscribers of course.

    The (previously announced) 10M sales (+ sales of DLC, optional subs etc.) is still good news though and means that development will continue. "Skyrim" (most of which isn't in game) is sure be to added at some point which should boost numbers further.