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  • Suggestions/ideas for hardware updates.

    Tybost said:
    Buccaneer said:
    If you game on a budget at 1080p I would suggest upgrading the cpu to one of the new Intel G4560 CPU.  Getting a new CPU, motherboard and 8GB of DDR4 ram with set you back £200.  Use the GTX750 until you can afford the GTX1060.  This way it will be easier to slot in a I5 or I7 in the future.

    Edit for links:

    Intel Pentium G4560

    MSI Bazooka Kaby Lake B250 Motherboard

    HyperX FURY 8 GB DDR4 2400 MHz
    Bump... I agree with this build!

    You would benefit more from a strong GPU upgrade first- but this is possibly the worst time to upgrade to a new GPU in the past 1000 days. Upgrading your MOBO/ CPU/ RAM with the quoted components above will only lay down a slick road for you to upgrade to a stronger GPU to nitro past the lag you experience.
    Looks good.

    A lot of positive reviews of the G4560 out there for example,3986.html which was updated at the start of the month.

    There have been some manufacturer's offers on motherboards so may be worth checking - you may be able to get a higher spec one at the same price. Any would represent a sound upgrade.  
  • Destiny 2 - On the Subject of Dedicated PC Servers -

    The concept of "dedicated servers" is outdated.

    Non-dedicated servers simply means that there is a single "large" server farms for XB1, PS4, PC with capacity deployed where it is most needed.

    It may make sense to have regional / geographic servers.

    Fewer server farms means a company can also deploy more powerful switches etc. The issue of peer-to-peer networking is a different matter.
  • What exactly is v3.0?

    Risc1911 said:
    gervaise1 said:
    Risc1911 said:
    So i decided to check up on StarCitizen because i heard a lot of talk about the game changing version update (v3.0) coming. I googled some info and found a lot of contradicting information. 

    There is info from last year saying that there will be Plantes to land on jobs like miner and trader and it will release in December but current version is 2.6.3.

    Couple of general points that should help understanding first:


    Couple of general points first:

    1. Don't try to bullshit me. It's insulting.
    2. See #1

    So "sorry" @Risc1911 if I thought you were asking a genuine question. How silly of me.

    You talked about lots of contradictory info and how you read that 3.0 was to release last December but the current version is 2.6.3.

    So I gave you an answer. And what I described is what happens (in simple terms as there is a lot more to it). In lots of industries. If you think its bullshit then I suggest you stay away from development / design type work.

    And don't let the door hit you on the way out.
  • I thought the switch to Lumberyard was completed in 2 days?

    Its also possible that they would have "discovered" whatever issue they have if they hadn't switched to Lumberyard. Sometimes things get used as whipping posts. See @DMKano 's point above.
  • How would you make your mmo ?

    DMKano said:
    I wouldnt.

    Many have this grand illusion of being game designers.

    If you have never made a game from scratch (like written a MUD, maybe even a board game RPG, or heck even written out a RPG on paper)

    Ever made a game in rpgmaker?

    Ever written any code?

    But you expect to design a MMO?

    Oh and - listing features IS NOT game design.

    Sort of like asking a 5 year old how to build a spaceship, thats what this post is.
    Indeed. Not to mention other mundane details like:

    Business planning and modelling; resource management - advertising and interviewing for staff, holidays, overtime, sickness;  leasing offices; negotiating with suppliers; drawing up contracts - for people, goods and services; ensuring all workplace legal obligations are met; payroll (paying staff); financing, managing finances and delivering financial reports if required; planning and project managing - see also resource management; implementing version controls; security - physical as well as software; disposal protocols; market analysis, market testing, final pricing and marketing of finished product ...... 

    OK you could rewrite the question as: if in charge of a large company with all the infrastructure in place to actually make a game what would you want ...... but if that was the case the word "profitability" would have to feature. And making any old game is not the same as making a profitable game (or film). Even established companies get that wrong.