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  • So I was playing ESO - captured this screenshot.

    Iselin said:
    Iselin said:
    Iselin said:

    Except in most games it's a 10-15% increase, not a 200fucking% increase in performance.

    50k+ DPS vs 20 at best with a sub-optimal build.  Sorry but that's not "min-max" that's stupid vs performing well.

    There is an OUTRAGOEUS disparity between meta and non-meta builds in ESO, you cannot deny that unless you just have blinders on.
    Eh... not as unusual as you might think. I remember such imbalance issues coming up even going back to Vanilla WoW days.

    My answer then, and my answer now is the same: So what?

    That stuff only matters to people whom, like yourself (presumably), seem to obsess and build your entire game experience around such things.

    I, and others like me, don't care about such things.

    I play to find builds that fit the playstyle I personally enjoy playing, not to measure up to someone else's ideal of "how I should be playing".

    As long as I'm able to complete content, perform my role in a group adequately, and enjoy myelf, life is good. If I hit a wall where my current build is no longer sufficient, then I'll tend to it and make the improvements necessary to continue playing as I enjoy.

    In my nearly 15 years of MMO gaming, across all the MMOs I've played, I've *never* cared about what was "most optimal". Only what's "most fun for me", while being effective enough to complete the content. Sometimes the two overlapped. Sometimes they didn't. Same difference either way.

    I know that's difficult for many min-maxers to understand. Again, I reference my friend from FFXI who nagged me and sent me links to "optimal guides" for years when we played it, because he could not understand how I was enjoying the game if I (in his words) "wasn't playing it right".

    I got hassled constantly for playing Dragoon in FFXI, because it was widely considered a "weak job". Didn't care. I enjoyed it, so I played it. I got hassled incessantly when Ninja was considered the "must have job" for seemingly everything, but refused to play it myself. Why? Because Ninja wasn't fun to me, and I didn't want to spend my gaming time playing something I didn't enjoy. Despite all that, I always got into groups, completed content, and enjoyed myself, by my own terms.

    So, I don't expect you (or other min-maxers) to understand that difference in mindset... but I do wish you people would at least come to terms with it, and stop trying to bash others over the head with it. And yes, your initial response to me is an example of that.
    That's a lot of words to say you can't raid or do vet content unless you have a meta build......

    Like seriously it is impossible to clear DPS checks with anything other than top-tier setups that are homogenized to death.

    The excuse of "well you can do most content" is a weak cop-out.  In most games you have a meta team comp, but even those simply make it easier, not impossible to clear raids/high-end content.  Zenimax has decided to design AROUND that meta as the standard, and because the disparity is massive in ESO that means there is no options for endgame content.

    The fact that you literally cannot clear content after a certain point without conforming to the meta is a huge black mark.  You can downplay it all you want but it's a design failure.

    Dude... the metas are vet trials builds. You.... do ... not ... need... them for vet dungeons unless you want to cheese the mechanics in a speed run. if everyone ran a 2H/DW build on stamina DPS you could still clear vet dungeons?  Wrong.

    Yup. I could make that work... could you?
    At this point you're just lying to people.  Let them find out for themselves I suppose.  Just go look at the ESO forums and you'll see at least one or two threads a day about it from new players that find out they can't actually run what they want, don't have to take my word for it.
    People whine about all kinds of shit on the ESO forums all the time. I know because I'm there daily.

    What I see is a lot of people whining about the wrong thing and a lot of crappy advice. There are a lot of noobs running around with basic L2P issues who get meta build advice as if that were the solution to their inability to resource manage or thinking that using light attacks from their bow should get them through all content.

    The meta build advice they get from the jaded 660 CP folks is next to useless for their more basic problems. Metas are vet trial builds and yet you have tons of new players thinking that's the solution to all their level 20 normal dungeon problems.
    No @Kajidourden @Iselin is not lying. Same deal with the forum comments. It takes time to not only to "learn" but to level, develop skills, get gear. In that sense ESO is a long road.
  • Intel Coffee Lake 6-core (Out Now)

    Ridelynn said:
    Early reviews:

    No IPC gain over Kaby - just clock bump and core count improvements. Does appear to have more overclock potential though.
    I think it will be an interesting 12 months ahead.

    Intel damage limitation:
    1. Reduce prices, get rid of some of the artificial restrictions on Pentiums, i3s etc. 
    2. More price cuts and unusually early announcements about Coffee Lake.
    3. Get Coffee Lake with all the features we can include by Q4. Position as Ryzen equal. 

    Intel warp drive part - so long tic-tac-toe!
    1. Coffee Lake - obviously but this was pretty much happening. 
    2. Cannon Lake - a 10nm Coffee Lake test bed? 8th gen tag suggests this.
    3. Ice Lake. This is the jump to warp and what Intel hope (?) to position as the "Ryzen killer".

    Also expect AMD to maybe accelerate the introduction of Raven Ridge (integrated graphics) as part of their response.

    At the end of the day Intel are a very big company and can - if they choose - "throw money" at things. Clearly - having moved from tick-tock to tic-tac-toe they would prefer not to but Kaby, i9 Slylake, Coffee, Cannon and Ice Lake .... if the latter two release as planned .... is a significant increase in what we had 12 months ago and should herald an exciting 12 months. Maybe not for motherboard m/fs - reports surfacing that they cannot cope which is why we may not be getting backward compatibility.

  • A Growing Subscription Base to Rival WoW's Heyday & F2P 'Could' Happen - Final Fantasy XIV - MMORPG.

    Vrika said:

    The number for FF XIV is 10 million cumulative accounts, with trial accounts included.

    WoW had more than 100 million accounts back in December 2013:

    You should edit the WoW comparison in article accordingly, or remove the comparison completely.
    @Vrika ;What the press release says is 10M cumulative players as of today - which includes those playing using a trial account.
    It doesn't say they have passed 10M total accounts - that number is presumably higher.

    So the comparison with WoW's 12M is accurate-ish. Except FFXIV's includes trial acounts (but as I pointed out in my post above includes at least 6M subs) whereas WoW's 12M doesn't include people on a trial to level 20.

    The equivalent ESO number, for example, would be 7M - as last announced. (Unless someone has seen them give out a higher number).
  • A Growing Subscription Base to Rival WoW's Heyday & F2P 'Could' Happen - Final Fantasy XIV - MMORPG.

    zanfire said:
    From everything I've seen and heard (and I know 2 people who play the game) they sure as he'll don't feel like the game is the biggest its ever been by any stretch. Also the 10m players is not active subs and will never even touch WoWs hight of active subs...likely no game will ever come close.

    I still find it surprising that they are so proud of their "most players ever" yet won't even hint at the actual active number and just push the "player" mark which really means very little to active players.
    FFXIV's growth in numbers has followed its release in China. Same thing happened with WoW. Given the size of the Chinese market - coupled with increased access to tech - I think it premature to say that WoW's 12M won't be surpassed. It might not be as you say and even if it was this would in no way detract from WoW's success especially as FFXIV has a cultural edge when it comes to China.
  • A Growing Subscription Base to Rival WoW's Heyday & F2P 'Could' Happen - Final Fantasy XIV - MMORPG.

    urbanmech said:
    "this number also includes free trial players"

    Then no, your 10 million number doesn't count.
    As per here:

    which gives the actual press release! So it is something to take into account. SE did however say that subs were at "record levels" and since last year they issued: 

     LOS ANGELES (July 19, 2016) – SQUARE ENIX® today announced that the critically-acclaimed,  FINAL FANTASY® XIV has now drawn in over six million cumulative players globally--excluding free trial—in under three years.


    this means they still have over 6M subs. And even if that was only a peak number due to the expansion etc. I am impressed.

    Irrespective of SE's sleight of hand and what exactly is a sub (not always 30 days etc.) pretty safe to assume that FFXIV is ahead of WoW today. And with no WoW expansion announced and FFXIV dropping regular content updates this will probably continue for a while. 

    Edit: Probably worth stressing that the release does say 10M players currently. So even if it only - only! - has 6-7M subscribers that also means it also has 3-4M free trial players. Although how far off 10M subs we don't know.