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  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    ScotchUp said:
    ScotchUp said:
    You guys think it's great to have Government regulate internet.

    Bet, you think VA is doing a LOT of good for our Veterans?

    More Government isn't the answer and never will be. But keep spreading the liberal talking points, luckily majority isn't listening.

    The government needs to be investigating the VA more regularly and punishing those cooking the books among other things.
    LOL Government can't investigate itself. I love you guys that debate the topic with thousands of words where it all comes down to "Does the Government run anything well" the answer has always been no.

    One other small point, what they will end up doing is start acting like Facebook, Twitter, Forums, they will only allow what they think is allowed not freedom of speech. I can see it now, liberals going well you broke the rules by posting what Info wars said about Obama....or Hillary......elections will be interesting, only hear what Government wants us to hear. I believe China already does this.
    Get rid of the armed forces surely. Just hire private contractors when there is a war yes? After all the government - your words - is never the answer.

    (Or have something along the lines of (historically) the East India company - that features in Tom Hardy's brilliant TV series Taboo.)

  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    A question for people who do not support net neutrality on the basis of political ideology.

    Do you also believe that all roads (or maybe all future roads) should be toll roads? The principles are the same after all - why should government build roads, shouldn't it be left up to companies (or communities!) to build (if they wish) and charge a toll? Why should someone living in a rural community have miles have miles of roads built to them subsidised - in essence - by those who live in cities?   

    Same deal for electricity, gas and water distribution, sewage collection, telephones, postal services etc. As it used to be in Britain say in the early 19th century at the dawn of the industrial revolution?

    And - in the spirit of true, unfettered capitalism - surely the government should remove all trade barriers and tarrifs and all federal/state/county/city subsidies to companies should be abolished.

    Whats good for the goose is good for the gander afterall.

  • Standing Stone Games & LOTRO Now & Going Into 2018 - Lord of the Rings Online -

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    @Lithuanian ; Mordor now available for points (2495).
  • Curse of Osiris DLC Coming on December 5th - Destiny 2 Videos -

    Phixion13 said:
    This a DLC or full on expansion? Let the milking commence!
    Yep. If they used a subscription model they could hold off releasing this new content for at least 6 months I reckon. Or maybe they should have held off and just pushed out a special Halloween costume, yours for only $X.

    Its a real pain for a developer when they actually have to do something for their money and for those who find they actually have to pay for content as well.
  • CitizenCon 2017 Keynote Address Reveals Planet-Sized Cities & More - Star Citizen Videos -

    Ginaz said:
    More feature creep, how unsurprising. By the time this releases, it will more science fact than science fiction.
    Not sure how a "very big" city represents feature creep it will just be auto-generated after all. 

    Nothing more than a nod to Asimov's Foundation series imo.