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  • Pantheon doing level scaling? Seriously?

    Dvora said:
    Iselin said:
    Dvora said:
    You sound like a brainwashed lefty socialist.  
    Lol. A gen worthy of the department of redundancy department.

    The only thing worse than a lefty socialist is that other kind of socialist, whoever they are,
    lol well there are left leaning people that wouldn't call themselves socialists, tho yes all socialists are leftist.  If I said socialist lefty would you still give me shit?  :D  
    Do you have any idea about political theory or have you just been .... brainwashed.

    National Socialists were considered "right wing" - and there are a wide range of "left" and "right" socialist parties in Europe.

    And pretty much all US parties have "socialist" elements since "socialism" simply means some stuff owned by "everyone" or by "some collective" - there is a debate about what but that is it at its most basic.

    Sheesh I remember the uproar from lefty Fort Worth Texans when it was proposed that a  highway be built by a private company who would charge tolls. People - it seemed - thought that the new road should be in public ownership. Along with lots of other stuff ... schools, an army etc. etc.

    And when there is a disaster you would be amazed at how quickly those impacted feel that "the socialist state" should shift into action and come to the rescue. (And hopefully the rescue operation needed in Puerto Rico and other islands impacted will be in high gear soon.)
  • Bungie to Remove Gauntlet that Resembles Hate Group Symbol - Destiny 2 -

    Gorwe said:
    Tsiya said:
    So, this guy has free speech because I agree with him, and that other dude over there has free speech because I agree with him, but because that guy on the other side of the road doesn't agree with us he has to STFU and go home. I deplore the KKK and white supremacists, but you can't deny them their rights because you don't agree. The Constitution either works for all Americans or none.
    "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."
    EXACTLY! AMEN TO THAT! Glad to see some sense around here! <3
    You realise this is a worldwide forum?

    The "right" to "free speech" comes at a cost: simplistically the requirement to show respect. In other words there has to be - lets use the word - "balance". 

    The need to condem hate speech isn't even an issue in many countries - especially those with a history of war; usually centuries and centuries of war. 

    Most companies try hard not to antagonise any of their customers. Companies that have a worldwide bias try even harder - and it is a lot harder for them.

    Blizzard have opted to make a change. I would expect them to do exactly the same if they found an anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim, anti-Hindu, anti-white, black, green with yellow spots, anti-whatever image. And in doing so they may be "to protective" - but they will err on the side of "respect".

    I wish companies wouldn't have to - a wish that's up there with world peace and an end to poverty etc. I am not surprised they do - its good business. I am also happy that they do because what companies do has an impact on those thwy come into contact with. 
  • Alpha 3.0 Production Schedule (updated 13th October)

    Schedule updated  7th July. More stuff finished (Hint System, Physics Serialization, Doors and Airlocks, Item 2.0 Ship Conversion - Part 2 at first glance). Summary:

    "This week, we held our second internal pre-Evocati milestone of Star Citizen Alpha 3.0. As you can see, the main features are done, which have allowed us to use our daily Directors Review to get a comprehensive understanding of how these features are working together. Production have collated the various feedback and reactions to these reviews, we’ve decided that there are optimization and user experience improvements we’d like to complete before releasing to the Evocati."

    Evocati window: 20th July to 3rd August
  • Intel LGA 2066

    Vrika said:
    gervaise1 said:

    Its the price performance ratio at a system level rather than the cpu level. Since the gpu - in most games today - is the bottleneck long before the cpu is the price performance ratio of:

    e.g. an i5-7600K (say) + a higher end gpu

    will probably be higher than

    e.g. a Ryzen / i7 / i9 + a lower end gpu however

    If you limit it cpus then absolutely what you say. 

    Sales figures suggest that "we" are upgrading our cpus less and less however so "we" are thinking system and overall performance not cpu only. Which leads to return on investment questions etc.
    It's much more expensive to buy a cheap CPU and upgrade it + motherboard in a couple of years, than it's to get a cheap GPU and switch it to another in a couple of years. Also switching the GPU takes less time and it's a lot easier to do.

    Also you can change graphic settings to get a game to work on a GPU that's a bit slow, but if your CPU is a bit slow there's not much you can do with settings you must upgrade.
    An i5-7600K is not a "low end" "cheap" cpu though - 4 cores that can be o/clocked to 4.2GHz etc.

    For someone on a budget they could save $200+ dollars over e.g. an i7 and use it on a better gpu. More system bang for the buck. 

    What we are starting to see has happened in many industries and many products. The "high end" is becoming "run of the mill". There are lots of examples - clothing, glasses (on the face or on the table), cars. In computing graphics workstations and soundcards are two obvious examples. Tablets, mobile phones and so on.

    Its somewhat sad imo that many people don't "see" the sophisticated design and manufacturing techniques that create so many products that most accept as mundane but which only used to be available - at high cost - to the few.

    I suggest this is what we are starting to see with cpus however. They are becoming "mundane".
  • A few questions to decide if I give TESO another try

    Hi, I'm thinking about giving ESO a new try, back then at release I was disgusted by some commercial practices for this game.
    So here are a few questions that I hope will get honest answers:

    1) Can you now play an Imperial without buying something special? Are there still races/classes locked behind a purchase, and even worse, one you can't get anymore today?
    2) Do you still need to inject money into the cash shop if you choose to pay a subscription (aka "ESO PLUS") or does the subscription provide everything you need as it should be?
    3) Would you recommend the Morrowind "Digital Collector" or is the normal version more worth it ? Money isn't a problem, but I want to know if the bonuses are worth the price difference.

    Subsidiary question, as a heavy armor wearing melee player, (think "Death Knight" in WoW, or "Warrior" in Guild Wars 2), what would I be more happy with, Dragon Knight or Templar? I'm more Warrior than Paladin usually.


    Regarding 1).
    To play an Imperial you would need the Digital Imperial Edition Upgrade
    To play any race / any alliance the Adventurer pack.

    As far as the any race / any alliance goes this only really kicks in if you PvP. When it comes to PvE since you can now create a character in one alliance and then go to another alliance right away .... 

    Regarding 2)
    No need to spend anything in the cash shop except for account upgrades (DLCs, play an Imperial etc.) It is a fluff shop not a must have to make progress shop.

    No need to subscribe - as a non-subscriber you get everything a subscriber got on day 1.
    By subscribing you are basically signing up to get 1500 crowns each month - so basically supporting the cash shop.
    It is cheaper to buy crowns directly even if they are not available at 50% off.
    Which arguably makes it better value to just buy them.

    Subscriber "benefits". Access to the DLCs - but 4 of the 5 (the main ones) can be bought in a quad pack. The 5th can also be purchased - sometimes at 50% off as well. None are not essential but they add extra content.

    (The Gold Edition also comes with the 4 DLCs but if you have the game it is the upgrade you must get.)
    Sub also adds a crafting bag - but its a red herring. Crafting is not "needed" except for final gear upgrades and the One Tamriel patch introduced sets of gear in every region. So you can gain craft skill slowly over time or blitz it near max level.

    Morrowind is not included with a subscription. Subsequent yearly expansions will not be either. (Multiple threads about the value of sub.)

    As you have the game(?) if you want Morrowind you would want the ESO Morrowind Upgrade  The collectors edition is just extra fluff.

    If you get one of the "full" versions (I assume) you will end up with another account and no access to any available characters, old account unlocks etc. (same as it was with Gold Edition). All the full versions are same except for the fluffy bunnies.

    Of course if the fluff appeals .......

    Regarding your class question: a Dragon Knight would best align with a WoW Death Knight / Warrior. (The class distinctions are not as clear cut however.) Morrowind also introduces the Warden - think WoW Monk rather than LotR Warden.