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  • Steam Outlines Further Changes to Combat Default Review Display Manipulation - MMORPG.com News

    Torval said:
    DMKano said:
    The whole system is pointless IMO as in many cases it is a popularity bandwagoning score not actual reviews.

    They should let players review games but remove the "composite % score" showing % positive/negative.

    Bottom line - this "popularity score" influences purchasing decisions as many look at it before deciding to spend money on a game, but in reality sometimes its just bandwagoning and not indicative of actual game.

    I also have a concern that their algorithms affect what I see on my store feed. The reviews and comments are fine. Many detailed reviews even caveat their score and I've seen people mention they only rate up or down because Steam requires it.

    Sometimes big companies need to say no even when a lot of customers ask for something. Valve needs to do something simple and practical. This sounds like an over engineered solution that gets the thumbs up on salesforce posts but will accomplish nothing.
    I believe they were going for more sales, so it will definitely help that out. But its dishonest to weed out negative reviews, imo.
  • A few questions to decide if I give TESO another try

    I started up again on the xBox one, and I am enjoying it. It has matured very well. It's a shame it was not in this state when it first launched on PC. On xbox this game is hopping. I get groups instantly, and always see lots of people out and about. 

    Tamriel One does revolutionize the modern MMO. You can play with anyone of any level, and join multiple guilds. Not sure how that is not revolutionary, but you're entitled to your opinion.
  • #10MillionStories Campaign Celebrates 10 Million Unique Players - Elder Scrolls Online - MMORPG.com

    10 million players tried us. Only 50,000 stayed...
  • New Brad McQuiad Interview "I want to make Worlds. Not games."

    Brad has had plenty of platforms. What happened with EQ? It was a world, and he reduced it to a raid game. What happened, little buddy? Was he around for EQ2? Not a world in the least.

    Then we have Vanguard... Lots of potential, but an avalanche has a lot of potential. Never ends well, though.
  • Hidden gems on steam

    Kyleran said:
    My problem with steam...... Once a game is gone off the top of the list its gone unless you type the exact name.  You will not find it by clicking on page after page. 

    This makes it hard if you found a nice game but forget the name...well, good luck in finding it again.

    Let me try and put it another way. Anything older than two months old, it's gone completely unless you type.
    Well, unless of course you save them in your "Wish" or "Followed" lists.

    Put another way, Steam has tools of convenience, use them. 


    Lets just say you never knew about Oblivion, this was a popular game.  By casually scrolling page after page, it's a good chance you wouldn't come across it. 

    This is ONLY an example of my point, infact it may be their..... Still so many good/classics are lost, even newer ones that are only a few months old.
    That's not true. You can easily search different genres, and even select other tags, although, admittedly they could have an advanced search.

    I found Boundel that way. Nice little game. I played for about two weeks. Not bad for .99 cents. I think its actually free now.

    Banished, The Guild, Sid Meier's Pirates, Warlock - are some older titles.

    A new RPG I am enjoying is Fall of Light.

    I wouldn't go into a Steam Indie game expecting Oblivion type game play.