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  • When does it become.. Fun?

    The beginning levels are pretty terrible, because you do not have many skills in combat and even if you did you wouldn't know how to use them properly. Plus you could be playing an under-performing class, which makes it worse. Most guides I have read suggest going Magicka build until max, then switching to stamina.

    Getting the hang of combat in ESO is challenging. You have to build your character correctly.

    All I can say is I enjoyed the game immediately. Also, I would not go to any of the DLC unless you just enjoy running quest. They are pretty boring compared to the original zones(limited delves, world bosses, shards and no dolmens). The said the wanted to make the zones bigger. They did that but then halved the content, as well. So its just a ton of empty space.
  • MXM Shutting Down - 'It Came Down to a Matter of Business'

    Maybe they will stop making these cut and paste games? Yeah, I doubt it, too.

    Gorwe said:
    Mardukk said:
    I think the combat and character building are pretty good.  The itemization, endless questing and lack of risk vs reward are the reasons so many find it to be boring.  

    I don't even have anything about good quests(think about zone quests in ESO, 1-50 in SWTOR, Main Story in LoTR:O, practically everything in TSW...), but endless, meaningless quests? Yeah, those SUCK!

    I'd say that beyond the lack of direction, the itemization(gah horrible!) and endless questing are the main culprits of me creating this topic. Itemization is beyond bad(you don't even get armor as part of starter island quests, you rely on RNG world drops etc...wtf is this? 2001?) and serves almost no purpose beyond "there MUST be vertical progression".

    I don't even have that much against open world when it has some purpose behind it. But often it does not. Often it's just the same repeated content, just in different gfx in different locations. And often it's level gated, so what's the point? And often you are not given the tools to explore. And when you are, the whole thing's too easy. Catch 22.

    As for difficulty, there is difficulty in ES:O. You just have to find it and not abuse build system(put 2 healing skills or something). But the average difficulty is disappointing, true. Almost everything sub 20 is either spam or very, very bland rock -> paper -> scissors. But, again, this is mostly brought on by One Tamriel and overall appallingly bad combat system.

    Combat system practically doesn't know what it wants to be! Something modern, something classic...the only thing it does know is that it hates "Tab Target". Meh, fine with me :D
    I am convinced you played this game for a few hours. You could say this about any game if you only played for a few hours. Also, < 20 is literally less than 1% of what your time would be... this is an MMO. Not a single player game.

    The leveling does start out slow. Too slow. But the end game more than makes up for it( I had to lol at the gullible guy who said ESO has no end game). That is really the only legit gripe. The other is nonsense that every other MMO suffers from.

    Darksworm said:
    Vutar said:
    During development they systematically nerfed xp in as many ways as they could except for questing.  They wanted to slow people down as much as possible.  Slow leveling and lots of time sinks is what really destroys a game. 

    Heh, no. Slow leveling does not destroy a game. In fact, fast leveling is what is making so many games be 1 month wonders. Time sinks for the sake of time sinks on the other hand are terrible. 
    Fast leveling is only bad when you have no end-game content - in other words, when your game isn't sufficiently finished, but you're using the leveling process as an artificial time sink so players can pay you while you finish it post-release.

    Slow leveling can often turn a game into a 1 month wonder because people will rush to end-game in all cases and when they get there, they will be turned off if there is insufficient content there.  They will tell the people who are still trudging through your leveling process about it, and those people may quit after one month themselves.

    There are very few games that can attract and keep a player base on the premise of "the leveling is the content."

    People on this forum almost act like everyone has unlimited time to spend years getting to end-game in a "video game."

    People don't play games for a challenge, they play games for entertainment.

    I think you people, ignorantly, have it a bit backwards.

    If you think the game is flawless, but most other players don't, you still end up with a shit game, because it gets niched off and the community is limited in size and growth potential.  You'll more likely than not end up playing on some mega server which throws everyone together in an attempt to make the game look like a bigger hit than it actually is.

    Personally, I found ESO as MMO as The Witcher III.  I played through it, and it was fine, but after I was done with the first Continent's main quest change, I had effectively beaten the game in my mind, because it offered nothing else mildly attractive to me.

    I also didn't find the community any better than any other game's, but that wasn't surprising to me.  A lot of the same people who played other games and made those communities what they were also play or migrated to ESO and brought their attitudes with them.  This forum is a pretty good indicator of that (the people that are awful on this forum are equally if not more awful when logged into ESO, WoW, or any other MMORPG).
    You can level in ESO in less than 2 days hard play to 50. Of course, a new player can't do that - you need resources. But what game can a new player level to max quickly? And... I do agree with you. Leveling faster should be an option in ESO. I do find it tiresome. Buts its the genre.. not the game.

    Also, do not forget. Once at 50 you do not have to regrind CP.

    And if you think a max CP toon should be had quickly.... wow. CP is better than gear in ESO. A naked 660 CP toon is stronger than a max gear CP 160 toon.
  • Old school design flaws... are they real problems !

    There are games out there that are hardcore. I don't understand why you aren't playing them?

    A mega-studio is not going to create a game for a niche market. They are looking to make hundreds of millions. Not a penny less. Blizzard will never make another MMO when it can create these quick, comparatively cheap arena games that crush WoW's revenue even at its height.